Hip-Hop Rumors: Chris Brown Turns The Heat Up In Drake Beef

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Chris Brown is smart. He knows you have to know where to fold em and know where to hold em. So, I kind of laughed when I saw Breezy had ended the beef with Frank Ocean.

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I think he had to do that. The powers that be were too strong around that situation. But, that’s not the case with Drake. And, so its on! YO! Riddle me this, why are the soft dudes going so hard? I’m not even mad at them. Seems like the rappers who are supposed to about that life aren’t and those that aren’t are. In the new remix to Young Jeezy’s “RIP,” Breezy sublimes Drake to death.

“Now dearly departed, I bought I plane I departed/ and if you started from the bottom go head and come out the closet.”

“My ni**as kill at will, give you black eyed peas/ and the molly make the white girl look Chinese.”

“You problematic I brought them ratchets and automatics/ clip hold 32, I make you feel the magic” 

Of course this was a response from Drake’s “5 AM In Toronto” freestyle.

Thanks to The Boombox for actually listening to the song, all respect to Jeezy. I sure didn’t. Here it is though:

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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47 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Chris Brown Turns The Heat Up In Drake Beef”

    • Kevin Washington

      since his mixtape with tyga i stop considering breezy as just an rnb singer … which is another reason why i think this breezy vs drake thing is deeper than rhianna lol cause breezy could actually get in drakes lane with the whole rapper / singer thing … now not sure if breezy can get as deep as drake on the rap tip … i know breezy def got the party rap ish down …… not sure if he can go deeper with it tho …..

  1. Banksy

    Chris is corny, that boy has the ability to of been an artist close to (for this generation) MJ’s caliber instead he turned into a druggie, wanna be gangster version of Bobby Brown.

  2. Gamer

    I’d pay $2 for a ppv of these two fighting in a steel cage. My money is on Chris tho…you know you are soft when an r&b dude is ripping into you like this. Just the era we live in I suppose..

  3. EzE

    “You problematic I brought them ratchets and automatics/ clip hold 32, I make you feel the magic” really chris?????? molly make girls look chinese??? wrong drug fool!!

    at least he got the requirements for a rap song in 2013…. bitches, guns and drugs

    • maya

      Quiet as kept. lol His basic conversation gives short-bus-vibe, and we’re supposed to believe he’s got a witty flow…

  4. Lamar Star

    Maybe it’s just me but think chris is on his Kaballa shit “clip hold 32, I make you feel the magic” . Shit was wack but this nigga might be trying to convey a deeper message wich I think is cool

  5. Xcal2k3 Productions

    These f00s aint doin nuthin but blowin kisses at each other. Love taps and shit. Drake, stick to ghost writing, cuz all the shit you say is fake. Chris, stick to pop lockin and smilin like a disney channel actor. #STAMP

  6. Celz

    Kendrick lettin niccas have it… Niccas don’t know bout Suga Free.. YG and Chris sound outta place shoulda stayed home..

  7. MuthaFuka Jones

    Chris Brown………….quit rapping. You suck and act like an emotional cry baby. Cocaine is a hell of a drug. I’m not a big Drake fan, but dude can rap way better than CB. I’m sick of these little emotional coke-heads with their wack diss records or lines. Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

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