Lil Wayne On New Album: “It Sucks”; Expected To Push Big Numbers

(AllHipHop Rumors) Lil Wayne either hates or loves his new album.

The rapper conducted an exclusive, heavily circulated interview with Power 106’s DJ Felli Fel and proclaimed his adulation and disdain for his new album, I Am Not a Human Being II.

Of the album, Wayne joked, “Uh, it sucks. [laughs] I hate it. But it’s a new album, it’s for the people. It’s I Am Not a Human Being II. Nah, I’m joking, man. [laughs] I’m proud of everything I do, man. Everything I do and everybody I do. But, um, it’s an awesome album, man. I took my time on it, and, you know me, just the thoughts on the left side of my brain, I just put ’em together and made an album of it. And then, you know, later comes the rest.”

The album is expected to sell very well, according to music industry site Hits Daily Double with expectations ranging between 190,000 and 210,000 for the first week.

The news is not surprising, considering the rapper has been in the news consistently since a near death experience in a Los Angeles.

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    Even though all of his previous effort did 900+ the firstg week him doing 190 – 210 is good. Ya’ll are the most diccriding mufuccaz ever. Thatz terrible for him. But I guess its not good news to say he falling off which he is. People get tired of that fake shit after a while.

    • Sonny Tutimez

      i agree pimpin

    • He’s the best rapper alive J-Smooth. Stop hating and face it.

      • Mitch

        Do you realize how many rappers would need to die, all at once, for Wayne to be the best rapper alive? Nas, Jay-Z, Eminem, Mos Def, Scarface, Redman, Big Daddy Kane, Masta Ace, E-40, Ice Cube, Tash, J-Ro, Devin the Dude, Jadakiss, Styles P, Lloyd Banks, Kool G Rap, Rakim, Beans, Freeway, RZA, Method Man, Black Thought, Wise Intelligent, Talib, Snoop, Kurupt, Tech9, Raekwon, Ghostface, Socrates, Mistah F.A.B, Slick Rick, Andre 3000 and on and on. Shit that kid Astro is light years ahead of Wayne.

      • That all sounds glittery and butterey. But Wayne has done more for Hip Hop than any of those gentlemen you mentioned. Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t. Millions of people have bought into Wayne, which means (with the exception of Eminem) he is immediately more INFLUENTIAL than any of those you mentioned. He’s sold more records than any of them. He’s reached more people. He’s delivered a solid discography and has been more CONSISTENT than any of those mentioned above. If Ghostface had a new album coming out tomorrow, and it was posted here, you wouldn’t even click on the post to read. But you’d probably read it if it said “Lil Wayne Comments on Ghostface’s New Album”. C’mon. Lil Wayne is the BEST RAPPER ALIVE. Let’s leave it at that.

      • Apollo Showtime


      • You’re a comical individual fam, I’ll just leave it at that.

      • numbers dont mean shit. Al gore had more votes in the 2000 election and still lost the presidency.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        if numbers ment something Nelly, Ja rule, Mc Hamma would be part of the greats…..they are not…this is hip hop mothafukker we dont care bout your glitter and gold…n how the fkk is wayne more influential coz he influences lost 13 year olds to act gay???….Wayne hurt hip hop way more than any other mainstream rapper out there thats a KNOWN fact.

      • AfroSwave

        Shakespaeare is worshipped by English professors but JK Rowling (Harry Potter) sold more so at the end of the day the person who got their work out to the most people won . So yes numbers do mean shit. “would you rather be underpaid or overrated?”-JayZ

      • yourgay

        Not more then jay comon dude

      • Mitch

        Most COMMERCIAL RAPPER ALIVE. Wayne will do anything to stay relevant. He became a Blood when Game and Dipset started blowing up and claiming they were Bloods, he become a guitar playing emo rapper when B.o.B and Kid Cudi got attention with that look, he became a skateboarder when the Odd Future kids started getting noticed….Wayne doesn’t know who he is much less his fans, he just wants the pre teen and teen demographic and will do anything to get it for his daddy. The only thing Wayne is sure of is that he kissed another grown man on the mouth and he shot himself. Sales dont equal skills, PERIOD. Using your argument Vanilla Ice, Puff Daddy, MC Hammer, FLO Rida, Soulja Boy, and a bunch of others that sold can claim Best Rapper Alive.

      • Wayne CONSISTENTLY sells. It’s not a one-hit wonder. For you to say he’s copying Tyler, BOB, Cudi, Game, is pure ludicrous. Just because a man decides he wants to try something, doesn’t mean he’s copying. And if he is copying, he’s doing it better than them. Better yet, he’s STEALING and doing it better than all of them. That’s what artists do – from Mozart to Basquiat to Jay-Z. Steal it and make it better. Wayne simply is the BEST RAPPER ALIVE. Read Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon. And anyone, doing any kind of work, should do what it takes to stay relevant. I don’t care if you’re a lawyer, teacher, basketball coach, actor, blogger, filmmaker, store clerk, deli sandwich maker – whatever you do, you better make sure you do what it takes to stay relevant, or else your career isn’t going to go far.

      • ME

        wayne sells because its all the radio pushes down young peoples throats…its all they know…the same 5 fuckin rappers every five minutes on the radio…of course hes gonna sell….are you stupid…that dont mean he doesnt suck..lmfao@you

      • ME

        plus jay z has sold way more then wayne and more consistent for longer

      • Bumpy Johnson

        dont forget me….i don even have a rap song out. but me too.

      • AfroSwave

        You are just stupid. You gave us a list of your personal tastes and that doesnt count for nothing. The world likes lil wayne and the proof is in the sales. Other than Jay, Em, Nas and Andre, you could add up every single record produced by the rest of that list and The Carter series still sold more.

      • ME

        because it was pushed down peoples throats … since hip hop became pop hop…little white girls will buy it more…stfu…sales dont mean shit

      • ME

        i think youre smoking crack….nas is still is most of the wu-tang….so is is busta are most of the dope rappers from the 90’s..not to mention all the underground MCs…wayne is GARBAGE…go kill yaself

    • NYG20

      This is where you’re wrong… The Carter series sell well… I’m not a human being 1 didn’t put those numbers up, or his rock album.. Dude will still sell over 1million on this album.

  • Cntrckt

    Why not comment on Tyler the Creator doing the same thing? Faggots.

    • Celz

      they both suck

    • because tyler is doing that because that is tyler. wayne is doing it because he wants to be tyler. everything he has done since getting out of jail has been a sad attempt to copy and sell the odd future aesthetic to the masses and he just comes across as corny and played out.

      • Oh, you know Tyler?

      • anyone who has listened to OF since the beginning knows that what i am saying is true.

      • yourgay

        you sound real gay right now

  • This dude is trying his hardest to copy everything Odd Future has been doing…They skate, wayne skates. They rap about evil shit, wayne raps about evil shit. Tyler says his album sucks, wayne says his album sucks………

    • Josh Sykes

      At least everybody in OF can say they do what they did on their own, at least they are original. Hence why they get my respect

    • Southcidal

      Odd Future should be copying him. Wayne is about 20 years deep in the game and still relevant. Tyler better hope that he’s still on a label in 20 years.

      • Puppet H

        20 years deep in the game? i just had to laugh at that

      • Jase Acevedo

        Yea g almost twenty years! Youngin

      • you must be a youngin because the block is hot came out when he was 17 and he is 30 now. do your math son.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        that is what i thought. lol..he had his first song at round 16 tho

      • ME

        thats 13 years…i think you need to go back to math class…thats not 20 years…and he was NOT relevant when that came out….SON

      • you are a fcuking moron. I was the one who pointed out that it was 13 years. youre a fool. How wasn’t he relevant when he first started?

      • Bumpy Johnson

        20 years???…wayne was rapping in 93???……the years of freestyles in studios and street corners dont count.

      • ME

        20 years deep..but was never relevant until 2004…get it right dipshit

    • You really think Wayne cares about copying Odd Future? Seriously? Forreal?

      • look at what he has done since he went to prison, and what of has done in the timeframe. youre a fool if you cannot see the parallel

      • ME

        if you are as OG as you say…and you like lil wayne..your either A. from his town or B.a white nerd who dont know shit bout hip hop SON

      • OG? what the fcuk are you talking about? I have been listening to hip hop for over 20 years. Because I am white that means I don’t know shyt about hip hop? Go fcuk yourself.

    • yourgay

      comon dude you think lil wayne is following odd fututre? how retarded does that sound

  • tha OG

    this nigga music is bullshit

  • Super_Villain

    The album sucks, though. No joke.

    • How does it suck though? People loved Wayne when he was trying to get on. Now that the dude sells a few million records, you don’t love him anymore? You love Krit, J Cole and Kendrick Lamar, but if they go multiplatinum, all of a sudden you can’t like them anymore. Y’all kill me with this “this album sucks” stuff. Wayne’s talent has grown, and if you can’t respect that, then you should take a look at your life and the work you do. If you’re the same man or woman you were in 1999, damn, that’s not a life anyone should want to live.

      • Apollo Showtime

        No, the album sounds horrible, it’s the worst Wayne album is his career and that’s including his rock album, I would take that over this album. It’s not people losing love for Wayne, it’s Wayne made a weed plate this go ’round.

      • he hasnt cared about rap since no ceilings. the last good record was carter III and the last great record was carter II. you are a god damn fool if you actually think that IANAHBII is worth a second listen.

      • ME

        nobody ever liked wayne…you need to get of that crack pipe

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  • Cookie Fox

    Cant Wait For The Punchlines….

  • brotha_man

    wayne shit sucks. Papoose album is nice! thats all. im out. have a good muth-fuggin easter

    • john doe

      papoose? nigga no one i s EVER going to be checking for that.

      • Celz

        niccas should be over 90% of the names on here

    • man are you that same cat that has been trolling over at HHDX talking this papoose nonsense?

      • brotha_man

        this is the only website if mess wit. this is first time i mentioned pap.second, this is why real rappers get ignored and wayne who puts out music he doesnt even like sale.

      • nothing against you or pap, but around the same time you posted that there was some troll on HHDX talking about pap, and they have been for a few weeks.

    • Lol.

    • Apollo Showtime

      Papoose PA-POOSE? Hell no! His album sounds like a 30+ year old local artist who can’t get a deal.

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    I know weird people hate everybody that wannabe weird it’s funny the people we laugh at the cool thing now I’m glad I’m old enuff and secure to lane changers like these new niggas

  • i dont listen to any rappers that have ” lil ” in their name, i suggest we start doing that shit

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    hospital didnt help him with sales

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  • It’s crazy how comments on all the websites has turned into 90% hatred

    • Celz

      The nicca sucks @ss.. The truth isn’t hatred.. He has zero lyrical content period.. His songs do not display any underlying human emotions or societal themes. Gangsta/ Party rappers from before had opinions or more than foreign clothes, foreign liquor, foreign cars, guns, drugs, and sex. Flava Flav literally had more relevant content than Lil Wayne..

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  • The only reason why wayne sales more albums is because he has more money and is able to invest millions in advertising campaigns for his work. He is able to buy radio air time for all his singles, no matter how sorry the song sounds, “How to love” for example. Hip hop record sales arent based off album appeal anymore. Its soley based on how much capitol you can put into placing and advertising for the album! Wayne hasnt made a decent album since 2004!

  • The Brain

    F*ck Wayne! #GoHeat!!

  • F*** lil fangs–this Mf’eer has turned to a devil–smh!


    its better than that Carter IV bullshitt

  • Mike Swiff

    “It sucks?” All your cds suck to me bitch!

    • jo

      then why u here?

  • ME

    id probably sucks..just like all the rest of his garbage