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Another Rapper Becomes A Victim Of Gun Violence In Miami

(AllHipHop News) Over the last several months several high-profile shootings involving rappers have taken place in the Miami area. Last October buzzing rapper Bizzle was shot and killed in Liberty City.

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In February another rising MIA emcee, Young Scrilla, took a bullet to thigh during a video shoot in Overtown.

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Then there was the well publicized January drive-by shooting involving MMG head Rick Ross in Fort Lauderdale.

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The most recent rapper to become a victim of gun violence in South Florida is 20-year-old Kenneth Casilla also known by his rap name Nu Money of Rich Mafia.

Casilla was shot and killed last week in an apartment complex parking lot in Little Haiti.

“He was in a car with somebody he knows and another guy in the back, and my son gets shot and nobody else gets shot,” Kenneth’s mother, Yvette Casilla, told NY1.

Kenneth was originally from Brooklyn, New York, but the young emcee moved to Miami to further his career in music. His mother says that she believes Kenneth was shot because of envy.

“He wasn’t involved in anything,” said Yvette Casilla. “But jealousy, yeah.”

This was very similar to comments made by Young Scrilla’s mother after her son was shot. Quantrel Scott told Miami’s Local 10 that “jealous people” were to blame in Scrilla’s shooting.

Yvette Casilla believes that her son’s murderer is from New York. Miami-Dade police have not identified a motive for Casilla’s killing, and so far no suspects have been named.

A vigil has been created outside of Kenneth’s Brooklyn apartment.

“They took my son. Why?” Yvette Casilla asked. “What did my son do to them to kill him like that?”

No evidence has been presented to suggest that any of these recent shootings are related.

Watch Nu Money’s video for “The Ride (Freestyle)” below.

  • MrNoName2K


    • Guest

      of all places to transfer to he pick lil Haiti and overtown – bad choices.

  • dominicancoke

    rip violence wont ever stop trst nobody


    Dude was kinda nice

  • bigdoe6

    Moved from Brooklyn to Miami and your in Lil Haiti. Not a strategic move if you trying to pursue a rap career. This didn’t have anything to do with jealousy, homie was in the wrong hood and got mixed up with the wrong people.

    • Keith Brickz


      • Guest

        bigdoe6 and Brickz – I agree, And – I believe jealousy was motive TOO. – that’s another difinition of “wrong people”

    • Bumpy Johnson

      niggas think coz they from the hood if they move to another city they gotta go to the hood n fkk with the hood….niggas is on some different shit in different cities, dont get shot where its not your home kids, its just harder on your family.

    • Shaun Robinson

      Im with you on this 1

  • use to be you had to move to new york to get your rap career to pop,….or maybe youngin slid by for that cosignment and never came back, figured he’d flip that twice rep up with his miami connect and become a famous rap star and have the money to pay dudes back before they found him………NP playing Kool G RAP “…..”MUGHSHOTs”

  • ImaFoolBoy

    Mothers of murder victims should never give public statements about what they THINK happened to their son…bcuz they cant possibly look at the situation objectively without placing blame on people who are most likely innocent…In this case, the mom clearly blames the other guys who were in the car with her son bcuz “nobody else got shot”…she should bve happy that nobody else got shot and that no other mothers are grieving the way she is…maybe they didnt get shot bcuz they weren’t the target and her son was…then she goes even further by saying she believes the murderer knows not only knows her son, but knows him from back home in New York??…wtf??

    R.I.P. to this young brother but I get so sick of these mothers acting like their sons are angels, and then u hear their music and its nothin but sex, money,murder and drugs in their raps…these mothers need to grab ahold of these kids when they are younger and instill some morals and values into their character BEFORE it gets to this point…but u cant sit by and let your kids think its ok to be thugs, and then when some thug shit happens to them all of a sudden u cant understand why….smh

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  • Guest

    It would be a Mafia nigga, huh? and His momma got my momma name.

  • Anthony Gutierrez

    R.I.P to him I actually briefly met this group for a moment in Miami and they all seemed like good people however being associated with a gang or a mafia will put you in that position. Tragedy Nonetheless.


    Seems like ‘rapper’ is quickly becoming a dangerous occupation, won’t be long before you see it up there with pilots, loggers and fishermen…smh


    this is a damn shame, homie damn sho could spit some and definitely better than the most of the bullshit that’s on Weezys latest album

  • Eric Emajor Jackson

    Sometime its a matter of who is around you, what your doing with those ppl…what enemies they have (or you) and what girls u fukkin wit…or its some other labels boss thtz into it with your labels boss nd wants to halt the growth of your bosses label by takin his up next….or some jealous niggaz trynna rob you cus yo fake ass homies told em what u wrkin wit and wear yall gon b tonight nd thangz jus got bad…..(Moral) be smart about the moves you make as you make moves

  • Eric Emajor Jackson

    And if you livin tht life…dnt be an easy target…R.I.P lil man

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  • disqus_Km6QKg5oxz

    i know this kid he was a part of a big credit card ring taking people hard earn money and credit and destroying they lively hood… He’s no angle he a thief… and a drug addict… everyone he hangs out with are no good

  • disqus_Km6QKg5oxz

    And it was no one from brooklyn who kill him… his so called friend paid a local to kill him… they pick him up from the home he shared with his illegal business partners(Rich Mafia) and driven to little haiti thinking he was going to pick up some debt cards but turned out to be a set up

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  • skippyKASH

    Dont you know miami iz a grimy azz city, they prey on out of towners who dont know the streets there, its like your food smh.. i know people whose own cousins and family members have set them up to be robbed even killed when coming in from out of town, its been like that for decades.. liberty city, overtown, little haiti, brown sub, north miami and opa locka are some of the worst places to be for locals much less someone from outa town.. guess he learned the hard way smh…

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