Hip-Hop Rumors: Nore and Capone Beefing Again! Snitching Rumors Arise!

Things done changed since “The War Report” was made.

I’m hearing that Noreaga and Capone are beefing again. And this pretty much extends past the rumor and is basically confirmed fact by the streets. But, the wormhole goes much deeper, from what I am hearing. So, you remember Prodigy’s book called “My Infamous Life,” right? Well, that book caused a s**t storm in Queens. More significantly, he said that Capone was a snitch, something that Cap denied. But, I am hearing that in a drunken stupor Capone admitted to Nore that he ratted on Killer Black, as Prodigy charged. Now, it seems people are looking for Cap to simply come clean in order to somehow move forward. Cap is not trying to do that. I heard he’s pissed at P for putting in the book but won’t say a word to P. The source is solid – a Queens OG.

Anyway, Cap has already addressed this and here it is. IF something has changed, we’ll know very soon….

Capone Goes In On Prodigy For Calling Him A Snitch! (Act I)

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Danny BOI


  • Danny BOI

    This is my First Comment on the site and i’ve been coming here since Before the real illseed vanished …..

    • DJ7

      As your first comment you decide to write first…..hmmm….what are you bout 12….13yrs old? Put some meat into the comment for discussion or else you’re just trolling B….you’ve said absolutely nothing

    • Celz

      Vanish like Illseed

  • Eli Pinilla

    A queens og?!?!?! Bet a stack tragedy kadafi hit illseed up with this rumor

    • Bumpy Johnson

      well he is a QB OG tho.

  • JerZeBoy

    well he lied……..

  • a b

    This is a sign of a broke nigga.

  • Doe Boy

    if this is true…nore not stendin next to a snitch…i can understend that

  • foh

    Capone a snake for real, N.O.R.E was only beefing with niggas in QB on Capones’ behalf then when N.O.R.E goes there to do a show, Capone leaves him there all alone. When even your friend calls you a scum bag while defending you, you know you a snake.

  • Nore just said in an interview with Sway last week that him and Capone are working on new material right now… even had Capone on the 3-Way call!! come on Illseed…… please dont tell me I know more about this shit than u and u get paid to know it….

    • Negro Peligro


    • man these dudes are just like mobb deep .. @ the end of the day they are brothers …. so there wil be tension then a week later they will be back grinding together again …. too much history there ….

  • $46937598

    Join us.
    Facebook – EmbodyIlluminati

  • Mike Swiff

    lol these old ass niggas one is like 48 yrs old the other like 52 yrs old talkin about beef amd snitching!

    • No they aint

    • Bumpy Johnson

      unlike now back then rappers came out at 18 19 …so these niggas are really like rick ross n 2chains age bruh!

    • Jase Acevedo

      I take it u dont plan on hitting those ages

  • Oknas

    these so called gangstas snitch all the time, when shit gets real and you about to do that hard time, 8 outta 10 niggas tellin

    • $11625525

      And the other two fools do time

      • Oknas

        i aint going to jail for no nigga if it aint got anything to do with me, id go crazy spending years with a bunch of men for the rest of my life lol

      • $11625525

        I’d tell a fool “You better snitch on yourself”

  • Pedro Matos Jr.

    Damn Queens first C-N-N then Mobb Deep then C-N-N again ain’t no groups stayin 2gether in that borough.SMH

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  • hoeyuno

    Honestly if you have never done time or been up against heavy charges then your in no position to call ppls rats. Cap did 3 years when the war report came out. I’m not saying its ok to rat but Capone really was in that life. Half these kids yelling rat have never had to sit in front of a judge or had to sit in a cell….ijs… Hope this is all bullshit CNN are sick together.

    • The bigger they are….the harder they squeal!

    • RealistTalk

      Real rap, I did 8 yrs myself, didn’t snitch but the people I rode for all ended up snitching for minor time (months), you a rare breed if you don’t snitch but you gonna be on a lonely ass path too.

      • Real Spill, that’s how it goes in the game.
        It’s a business decision. I got a homie in the feds doing 120 months, caught up in a big case, he knew 2 of his 19 co-defendants.

        He was a small fry, yet some of the kingpins got off with probation, so I told him, if he snitched, I wouldn’t hold it against him, but he said Fugg that & stuck to the code.

        Bottom line is he got the most time, while the rats got much less.

        Was it worth it to keep it real?
        He’ll say yes, because he doesn’t have to look over his shoulder for life or serve a life sentence as a rat.

        Best advice I can give is don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time….or even better, simply do do the crime.

        Still, he did what he had to do to provide for his, but in retrospect, college and a job was a better look.

    • $18592567

      U sound crazy

  • Guest

    That’s crazy

  • Indeed04

    That fool looks like Scarface in that first pic

  • ciscoNoDrink

    All rappers do is snitch. If they are not kicking that knowledge then they are probably telling you what they or someone else in the game did or is doing. If rappers had resumes, snitching would be the first bullet.

  • $18592567

    Newsflash: Anybody that’s worth more $$$ free than incarcerated will more than likely tell on you. Anybody that dislikes being away from their family, friends and significant others will more than likely tell on you. Anybody who’s physically, emotionally, or psychologically built for prison will probably snitch. How does any of these rappers not fit most of the above criteria?

    I think 99% of rappers are very very helpful when dealing with police.

    btw I know they said ol’ boy took the cheese before he got on too…