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Hip-Hop Rumors: What Former Dipset Member Is Looking At Hard Time?

(Don’t worry, its neither of these dudes)

Oh my god. Times are hard out here and rappers are catching it left and right. Some of them are creating these circumstances are other are creating it too. (That’s not a typo, I promise.) I guess what I am saying is some people have the country’s situation to blame for their problems and others have just themselves to blame. Either way, its on you. OK, I guess that makes no sense. The point I am getting at is that one of Dipset’s former team members is in some real hot water.

The Good folks over at Drank and Dank dropped a heavy bomb this Easter Monday morning ( They are saying that former Dipset first lady Jha Jha is in serious legal trouble. They have busted her for running drugs in Miami. You remember Jha Jha right? Well, she’s gonna need JAH JAH get wriggle out of fed charges. Here is what she used to look like:

Here’s another pic:

Here’s what she looks like now though:

mug-shot-57289721 (1)

According to this report, Jha Jha is looking at 10 years…ironically this is Dipset’s 10 year anniversary. Maybe they will help.

Here is the report from Drank And Dank:

Dipset’s former first lady, Jha Jha, also known as Natoya Handy to the federal government, has fell upon some rough times with the Feds down in Miami.

After what should have been a simple traffic stop for tinted windows on a rental car almost a year ago in Miami, things only got more complicated and shady from then on.

When asked to search the vehicle she was driving, Handy declined, but the Miami Gardens Police took it upon themselves to call the rental car company that owned the vehicle and told them the vehicle was being used for crimes and was having it towed.

Once impounded, the search (which details have not been released) led to Jha Jha’s arrest on 10 charges of fraud and possession of prescription drugs without a prescription.

Things only got worse when the U.S. Marshalls came knocking down Handy’s door six months later on October 9 and then sent her to jail for possession of an access device and intent to defraud. All charges could lead to up to ten years in jail if convicted.

While all the details have yet to come out, sources close to Jha Jha tell Drank and Dank that the Feds offered a plea to lessen her jail time if she would help lead them to another arrest. In relation, there is a lot of belief that these charges were drawn up in order to lead to another arrest by the U.S. Marshalls.

After declining to provide any information, the Feds moved forward with one count of possession and five counts of intent to defraud by using false names. The story does not seem to stick quite yet for the Feds, however, as the IRS has yet to charge Handy for any of the names the U.S. Marshall claims she was using.

Handy has pleaded not guilty to all six charges and is out on a $50,000 bond. Trial is set to begin early next month, Drank and Dank will continue to follow the story and update with any details as we get them.

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  1. Eric Emajor Jackson

    One day yall gone be happy I took the time to comment on yall site…..cus yall sleepin on (Real Talented Nigga)

  2. chippc

    I though she hated Jim. Why she look like him in the mug shot? That first pic is more proof that make up does wonders for some chicks.

    • Guest

      Romia – you black girls don’t think of anything but fightin’ the girls around ya. – (except the ones that don’t get reconized)


    Shit she out faster than some “big time” rappers … Old jimmy twin looking
    Ass . Guess that law suit didn’t help.
    Jimmy went to the p diddy school of screw ya artists both ways

      • $46937598

        Sounds like the intelligence of a very limited brain. Get your BRAIN checked

  4. Alex Rudkovsky

    man talk about hard times! bitch should of used that drug money to get some facials maybe some botox!

  5. Phil The Great

    I’m not even aware of what the NY/NJ Hip Hop scene looks like right now outside of Love and Hip Hop… It was so alive Mid 90’s to Mid 00’s. Dudes strugglin’ right now so they gotta push weight, cuz like Stat Quo once said you can’t just go from being a celebrity to working a job at a store or office.

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