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Martha Stewart Elaborates on Baking Relationship with Snoop

(AllHipHop News) Yesterday (April 1) the world learned more about the budding relationship between iconic West Coast rapper Snoop Lion (formerly Snoop Dogg) and Martha Stewart, home decor queen.

While the two have been rumored to hang out, Martha Stewart told the Today Show that the two have recently gotten together to bake brownies.

In a portion of the show called Take 3: Two Truths and A Lie, Martha surprised viewers about their developing relationship in the kitchen.

“Yeah, I hang out with Snoop, like… he has time for me. We like to bake brownies together,” Martha told the Today Show.

As you can imagine, Snoop adds his special touch to the recipe by including his favorite ingredient and past time.

They are green, they’re green actually” Martha Stewart explained.

Check the dialogue and video below from the Today Show:

Natalie Morales: We know how you and the snoop are tight.
Willie Geist: Do you hang out a lot?
Martha Stewart: Oh yeah, I hang out with Snoop, [like] he has time for me. We, uh, like to bake brownies together.
Willie Geist: I bet you do.
Natalie Morales: What’s in those brownies?
Martha Stewart: They’re green, they’re green actually.

  • Guest


    • Guest

      I wudn’t want snoop cookin’ my food smh

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  • The illuminati keeps Snoop in the spot light even though his light
    should have faded many, many years ago. I guess these are his just
    rewards for shutting up about Tupac and that other murder case amongst other things.

    • Choppa

      Hell yea they give him weed that they grow in the secret fields of the bohemian grove that nobody suppose to know about. The KNOWN “Secret Society” told snoop a long time ago the plans of world domination starting wit rappers. Not water, oil, gold tycoons, but rappers. They can care less about a gazillionaire like Bill Gates homie, they want Snoop and Young Berg. Young Berg has the influence. Not Steve Jobs (Rip) and apple, not Bill and microsoft, shit not even Trump, But the transformer chain Berg Once held has the answers… Co sign pimp, cosign

      See wat I did here?

      • Yeah, I saw what you did. It is call disinformation!

      • Casor_Greener

        You’re a Cornball

      • You’re a meatball.

      • Vinsanity

        Get em choppa

      • Anthonyd Smith

        Whatever city you live in, please let me know so I don’t buy dirt weed there when I visit. I see what it does to minds judging by this post


      Thank you he knew bout PAC n stand silent snake ass nig

    • Q.

      We already know the elite cherry pick who America’s top coons will be. Y’all didn’t think Snoop was still relevant because he can rap good, did you? He’s a cartoon character to white America, literally, their pet DOGG. He’s such a living stereotype that he’s actually considered acceptable to the mainstream. I wouldn’t be surprised if Snoop was lowkey long-stroking that old dust bunny Martha. LOL
      They’re ready to call the police on the average brotha just for showing up to the spot with cornrows, yet they allowed this cat to gangbang, pimp, tote all types of herb, and wear a perm for 20+ years with impunity–that just shows you the game is rigged. LOL Now they got all the spinoffs poppin’: Wiz Khalifa, Trinidad James, et al. I’m not even mad at Snoop though, ’cause I know he’s just trying to stay on the man’s payroll…it is what is is. But the god Bunny Wailer called his azz out for perpetrating as a Rasta.

      • That’s right!

      • Anthonyd Smith

        You obviously have too much time with your conspiracy theory having ass. Have you smoked today? Here, have a brownie, Kunta

      • Q.




  • ImaFoolBoy

    shit I would hang out with Martha Stewart in a heartbeat lol….especially if she smokes weed I bet she does…She seem like she just get high and start baking shit lol

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    snoop is a fag.

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  • iam_nobody

    a baked baker that bakes, niice.

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