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(NEW VIDEO) Snoop Lion- “No Guns Allowed” (Feat./ Drake and Cori B)

(AllHipHop News) Snoop Lion urges for peace and responsible gun control in the video for “No Guns Allowed”, the 1st single off of his upcoming album Reincarnated. With his daughter, Cori Broadus and Drake lending vocals to this black and white themed video, news clips from the Sandy Hook massacre and other violent events permeate the video.

Reincarnated is slated to be released in three weeks on April 23rd. Check out the video below:

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  • Mike9130

    I could do without the drake verse, but I overall like this song.

  • foh

    WAKKK, good that he tryna be a bit more conscious tho

    • After 20 years of gangsta, self-destruction and devil music? hardly makes up for it.

  • The illuminati keeps Snoop in the spot light even though his light should have faded many, many years ago. I guess these are his just rewards for shutting up about Tupac and that other murder case.

    • Weedras


      • I am not sure what ‘rubbish’ is, but fi you mean BS, then explain why a played out rapper with no hits or appeal (his only thing seems to be weed) hangs with big white celebs who could give a damn about rap music or blacks, newer rapper/actors and always has a TV show of some kind. Maybe you need to look at his “MUrder Was the Case” video then you might understand. When Snoop went through is what Chief Keef is going through now.

      • Weedras

        ‘hangs out’ really!? we’re aren’t in high school anymore ever heard of networking and how do YOU know who gives a damn about rap music? how do you know these people don’t care about whomever you’re talking do you them personally, you don’t even know Snoop personally.. the largest consumer or Rap music are the people many would assume to not give damn… man sometimes ya’ll get up on the soap box and just come with rubbish that isn’t thought through… your arguments are weak bruh… every damn thing seems to be ‘illuminati’ nowadays everyone seems to know abt ‘illuminati’ in the music industry yet on front where shit matters mofos don’t know shit…i’ve ppl in here put together better conspiracy arguments than this nonsense your alluding to bruh…

      • First, you don’t sound like and ‘bruh’ of mine and I don’t care how much you like our shit. That white supremacy still has to seep into it just so that you can feel better about listening to it. I knew neighbors of 71 year old Martha Stewart and from what they told me about her, she certainly would be no rap fan, let alone Snoop Dog! Sean Hannity always mention illuminati Jay-Z and Beyoncé (coincidence?) but you know a stiff like him is no rap fan.
        I only call it the illuminati so that people can relate better to it. If I just said Jews, which is what they are, then people would think something else, usually spin from the Jewish media. In normal circles, a Snoop Dog would not be in the circles of a Martha Stewart in any way possible. It does not matter how much money he has, they are from two different worlds – and age groups. If you know about the area of Stewart’s main home, then you know that a Snoop Dog would have to police called on him while trying to visit her – even in a Rolls! Hell, especially in a Rolls!

      • smh

        You have to understand business is business. Networking is key to gaining entry to any and every circle. The same way that a rapper with little to no acting experience can get a big budget movie role…or a musician knowing nothing about fashion yet getting their own clothing line with major distribution. At the end of the day, if you’re marketable, personable, and network well, the sky is the limit. Snoop is coming out with an album right away, hence his camp will do whatever they can to market him. And chances are Martha Stewart will gain some more viewership from a different audience with Snoop as a guest and he will gain positive publicity being on her show as well. It’s win win. Killer Mike was just on a late night talk show. How’d he get on? Somebody on the show was a fan of his. Plain and simple. I’m sick of the word “illuminati.” It’s almost a fad nowadays. Whether it’s real/fake people attribute anything and everything to it. People watch waaayyy too many youtube videos and forget that they’re created by regular people. It’s ridiculous!

      • Guest

        lol! you use Sean Hannity as a reference? lol! the Jews are the illuminati!?!?! or rather illuminati is a synonym for Jews lol! dude you’re just rambling… i don’t think you know what you’re talking about much less to go around accusing ppl of being apart of your alleged ‘illuminati’… smh

  • Cookie Fox

    I Think The Most Critical People Are Fuckin Losers….

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  • This Album is going to FLOP

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