Hip-Hop Rumors: Who’s Next In Jay-Z’s Athletic Arsenal?

Jay-Z is moving into sports and well, it seems like he’s looking to take over a whole different sort of game. So, you already know the reports, right?

Well, the most recent rumor – per ESPN – is that Jay-Z is looking to sign The NY Giant Victor Cruz. You know, the Salsa Man? Yep. You probably already know that he’s been affiliated with Jay-Z for some time now, throwing up the Roc sign after scoring a touch down. Here is what the report says.

When scoring touchdowns, Cruz not only did his trademark salsa dance but he also started flashing the Roc hand sign (using both hands to form a diamond) last season. The wide receiver politely said he couldn’t talk about it whenever asked, but a source said during the season Cruz was indeed going to eventually be a part of some sort of partnership with Jay-Z, who’s latest sports venture is Roc Nation Sports. Cruz flashing the Roc sign was his way of letting people know he was down with the Roc family and Jay-Z.

While the only thing that has been made official thus far is Cruz joining Creative Artists Agency (CAA), ESPN’s Adam Schefter has confirmed media reports that Cruz will be a part of the new Roc Nation/CAA venture. Cruz recently hired CAA’s Tom Condon to represent him and the expectation is that Condon will negotiate his contract with the Giants. Darren Rovell, ESPN’s sports business reporter, tweeted that Jay-Z has a preliminary agent certification for Major League Baseball but he currently doesn’t have certification for football.

So, there is something there and it was moving last year. Makes sense. A couple hurdles are nothing to Jay these days.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.]

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    “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business maaaaan!”
    Shit, he keep winning with whatever it is he do…gotta respect the hustle

    • Indeed, he’s making power moves!

      • hoeyuno

        Cant hate on hovs hustle. Dudes gonna be around for a very long time.

      • hoeyuno

        You know how many of them brooklyn nets hats I see a day!!!!

      • BernardPerez

        I bet lyor cohen mad af

      • Tony G.

        why would he be

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  • andone

    GIANTS my team, and if it happens jay might win some of my respect back if he can make cruz more money… son yall on that madden too, pass the salsa!

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  • jayz is a mascot you damn well he ant doing any real work lol..

    • churchboy2

      [Darth Vader Voice] “The hate is strong with this one.”

    • Doc Franchise

      he’s getting paid like he’s doing all the work though; thats the sign of a real boss. get other people to do the work, take the credit

    • Tony G.

      It’s a partnership…that’s the point of having CAA in..stop being a crab in the barrel ass dude and just give props

      • yeah thats why CAA is there.. so jay can just be a mascot LOL… you F’in lemming.. “just give props” smfh

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  • Jame Shivar

    Y’all dumb….a lot of players throw that shit up! LBJ too. They ain’t signed with Gay-z! That’s some Devil shit.

    • BossBeaux

      Questiom so does that make Delta Sigma Theta an evil organization while im not denying or confirming the existence ofthe Illumanati I do think we as a society read too much into things
      …sometimes much respect to you fam peace!

      • Tony G.

        ^^..exactly^^..every symbol has to be illuminati or similar related now..these dumb asses are so stupid that they don’t even realize what they are speaking on…I guess I’m in a cult when I give their dumb asses the middle finger too..

    • Tony G.

      Well Jay JUST started Roc Sports..so don’t be surprised..and in case u don’t realize it..Jay and Bron have been close since before Bron got in the league…go to hell with ur devil shyt..its stupid..

  • Rebeka Ricee

    jay dont know shit about baseball. hate the fact hes on the soundtrack for jackie robinson movie -___-

  • BossBeaux

    Jay stay winning mucho respect!

  • Dude is the clear definition of a hustler, get that paper J!