Hip-Hop Rumors Exclusive: A 50 Cent Sex Tape? You Won’t Believe With Who.

I do hope its not true.

Aw Come On!



I’m going to assume this rumor is new, but there is a possibility that its not. And, I just didn’t want to know. There is a rumor that there is a 50 Cent sex tape out in circulation. Now, people may ask, “Why hasn’t this come out?” I’m hearing the tape was a part of a legal proceeding. “What legal proceeding?” Deion and Pilar Sanders. I’ve only lightly been keeping up with that. But there has been one question that burned. “How did he get custody of the kids?”

That’s where this 50 Cent sex tape rumor comes in. The word I am getting is that because of the sex tape, Deion was able to get some form of legal advantage over her. Seems like it was pure and simple adultery.

Additionally, the rumor is she’s dating SLIM from Cash Money now. Just yesterday it was up for grabs (Baby or Slim), but now the rumors have narrowed it down to Slim.

After a long week of lame rumors, this one stands on its own two feet.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.]

Illseed, Out.


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  • Michael Thompson II

    What does those pics have to do with a sex tape?

    • exactly

      • saraannbrewin

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      • saraannbrewin

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      • powblenmg

        my bitch makes 100 dollar an hour in the stripclub, she was a hoe.

    • hoeyuno

      Maybe French filmed the sex tape like he filmed that that vid of what’s his names mom… That we the best paki Dj.

    • Sonny Tutimez

      nthn its a separate rumor..he didn’t have too many facts on it but its more appealing than french and t taylor so thats y he said after a week full of lame rumors this stands on its on..

  • Eli Pinilla

    Ay fif, get it how u live! Prolly fake though…dont think he slip up like that

    • Guest

      Primetime has fell off – bald, old, tryin’ ta swagga’ like his jerry curl days make it look like he need money – now his women proven to Have Been suckin’ d##k behind his back – find yo rockin’ chair Prime, it’s a better look.

  • MrNoName2K

    Gottdamn man sounds like this Pilar chic was definitely the “round the way girl”
    *footnote* I dont know what “Ted” has to do with the topic but i cant lie, that was one funny ass movie…quote the raven

  • Romia Blue

    he had custody of the two boys and joint of the girl. and then suddenly he had custody of all three…something ain’t right lol

  • Mike Swiff


    • Mike Swiff

      AHH gets all of their exclusicves from MTO

  • Soooo..nothing? My guess would have been Oprah

    • RAP Music

      That would be funny shit.

  • Celz

    Hey man.. Credit MTO they have their watermarks all over the damn picture.. I’ve seen AHH credited on a few Yahoo articles recently.. Take ya ish serious real talk..

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  • Donovan C. Bradley

    Man… And I thought the article was about a Porno Sale… Disapointed.

  • RAP Music

    better title: “50 cent sex tape, you wont care with who”

    • Chris Brock


  • andone

    fv(k wat u heard illseed…. SMSpro going for the W, thats wats really good!!!

  • DollasTX

    on mama’s – i seen deion and pilar at my nephews youth football game when they played deion’s son’s team – and she got that “i like to get down” look about her – on mama’s i was feeling like i bet not ever catch you at wal-mart slipping lol

    • lol #damnhomey!! #50centvoice lol

    • @ the end of the day just like its hard to trust an athelete its still hard to trust some of these athelete wives .. most of them were out to get caught by an athlete meaning they are there with a motive to gain …. not just to find a good mate to build a family with … cause she would have a history of dating guys outside entertainment … you go from Deon to 50 to baby/slim …. theres a motive here ….. and its not real love lol 😉

      • DollasTX

        i feel you but in their defense (athletes/athletes wives/entertainers,etc) it’s hard to phuck with somebody wit money and then go back to doing it all for “The Love” as well – i think once you pervert the concept of LOVE with is it beneficial monetarily than it’s hard turning back from that

        im broke by an athletes standards but i dont want no broke bytch either myG lol

  • somya

    Very spectacular post, I actually love this website, keep on working on it!

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