Hip-Hop Rumors Exclusive: Who Stole Ace Hood’s Style?

A few days ago, I saw a post where Ace Hood was talking about rappers that were stealing his style. In the interview Ace didn’t say names, but it sparked my interest. Basically, I wondered who the hell Ace Hood was talking about, because nobody really popped up in my head. Then it hit me. Now, I’m not going to say, but I’m interested in what you think and who you think he’s talking about. Based on the comments, tweets (@illseed) emails I get, I’m going to create a poll and then we vote on it. Hit me at

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.]

Illseed, Out.


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  • Taihair Djehuty

    someone stole Ace Hood’s style? Wouldn’t your style have to be original for you to really complain about that? Not a lot of “original” styles out there because whatever it is you’re doing, someone else has most likely done it already.

    • DJ7

      ^10 ……….if not better

    • atlantahiphopshop

      people been doing that crap in Atlanta since they started, Pastor Troy is one, mamasgunz, 8ball mjg etc.

      • timwest1000

        went to a mamasgunz afterparty in the A, saw some of the baddest chicks on the planet. that b*tch is bad. all the ratchet girls be on that hard

  • Chris

    Meek Mill. You mad, Meek?

  • Jason Kritt

    I actually think he’s more of a style thief. He’s always trying to sound like whatever artist is popular at the moment.

  • DJ7

    He On 1…..matter fact he on 2,3,4,5 ect…..

    • Bumpy Johnson

      mollys? crack rocks? or Lean pints??

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  • Delonte West

    what’s the point of asking me a question if you batards aren’t going to answer it? were you asking us, shouldnt you know the answer yourself?

  • disqus_akGJfTpvtS


    • Celz

      Pusha T? Lmao stop it

  • Word meek mill and this dude are similar but meek is just a little better IMO

    • Choppaliss

      Lyrically Ace way better

  • King Flashy TheFirst

    It is obviously Meek. Meek stole his style, and then a whole bunch of rappers are biting Meek so by association, they are stealing Ace’s style.

    • timwest1000

      You high

    • EL_BARK

      That where your wrong. I not a meek fan. He a fraud like his boss. But meek aint steal his flow. Meek been rapping like that for a long time. & him & ace are cool.

      • yeah meek is a fraud and he is still afraid to try and battle Cassidy. What does that say about him?

    • you have no idea what you are talking about.

    • Ronald Booher

      Meek raps just like ace. Ace under Khaled and Meek under Ross and after years I don’t ever see them work together. Not just the screaming or the fast rap but even the subject matter. Little kid Meek didn’t sound like current Meek.
      Ace probably still cool with Meek overall as a person but feels a certain way about the flow but refuses to say any name for the sake of being cordial

      • EL_BARK

        Your wrong meek been rapping like that for ever.
        Since the bloodhound mix tape and his freestyles on headshots dvd. If your not from philly, i see why you said that. If anything meek slow down his flow from when he got on. On tupac back he rapping a lot slower then rose red. & in my bag. He aint byte ace style.

  • timwest1000

    All the new movies are remakes (even down to cartoons) All songs are sampled, looped or stolen and ALL rappers are recycling and stealing other peoples flows, clothes and everything else. This aint no Ace Hood Weak Mills issue, they are both corny as hell. GTFOH

  • Man when musicians write a record to an instrumental sometimes they just go with the flow of the instrumental and ride the beat how they see fit or should I say they almost always do. So with that said, anyone’s style can be jacked any day due to the fact that anything we hear or see gets imprinted somewhere on the brain. Therefore the mind is easily at risk for subconsciously recalling said things and implementing them into something totally original without even realizing it is actually somewhat of a copy.

    • Guest

      Super True.

    • Corey Mac

      I definitely agree.

  • MEEK MILLS!!!!

  • Why would some one steal his style….unless they were going to fix it up & return it!

    • Choppaliss

      lol on point ……….. they got niggas making his style sound better and he mad ?

      • SMDH@These dudes!

        Chet Hanks raps better than him!

  • who would steal a style from someone that looks like a broke ass lil wayne and raps like brick squad reject. If he didn’t have Khaled fronting him money for his last record, and Future on the hook for Bugatti (and the hook is the only good part about that song, and i don’t even like future), no one would care.

    • MrNoName2K

      true that, hook aint all that bad…

    • Choppaliss

      obviously u dont listen to his mixtapes (raps like a bricksquad reject? serious?)……. he just brings out bullshit singles ………. do some research

      • snore. that is the same tired excuse everyone gives in this lame era of a million mixtapes.

    • Corey Mac

      You don’t even know what you’re even talking about. Ace don’t sound like nobody on that shitty ass Brick Squad label. Everybody on that label sounds dumb as hell.

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  • Herb_Bane

    1st: Who is ace hood and why would anyone wanna steal his style? 2nd: Nothing under the sun is new, everything is based on someone else’s ground work. 3rd: ace hood is basura!! get his monkey ass outta here

  • I really did not pay much attention to this song but I just realized that the hook makes absolutely no sense.

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  • Al_Dente_Opa

    EVERYBODY took ace hoods style… i noticed that shit 2 years ago. but i would say Rick Ross was the first one to take his shit, then meek made every song with Aces style. That rap scheme is the standard now for all songs in this shit as rap world

  • Oknas

    he stole 06 waynes style lol. Flow? I dont know

  • disqus_oHthZbuSCk

    Chill wit the Meek shit. Meek been screamin at niggas for the last 6-7 years with the dookie braids.

  • Negro Peligro

    A tree fell and nobody heard ass nigga.

    • MrNoName2K

      lol you a fool for that

  • ace hood trash,, nigga just frustrated with his status,, so niggaz stealing

    • YungKizz

      he waaay better than these wack artist out here


    Ace Hood succz and it is blasphemy to even say he has a style and someone stole it

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  • 1hiphophiphop

    What’s his style exactly??

  • MuthaFuka Jones

    Ace Hood………………………………………..has a distinct style?????

  • Will Phillips ll

    Dont get me wrong I like some of Ace Hoods music, but let’s be honest there is nothing unique about his style. He should focus on making bumping music, money and success will come!

  • GregSki86

    No f*cks were given bout Ace, his style of rap, or rap career

  • Chrisblackusa

    Please……stealing styles aint news…..chuck d going into the hall of fame this month and he stole son of berzerk style…the hank ballard scream…i know ya got soul…hip hop 101….

  • DollasTX

    just like someone stole DRAKE and BIG SEAN style too, right?
    man gtf off them bath salts
    you cant reinvent the wheel and then call it a tire
    aint nobody’s style they style – it’s somebody else’s with a twist
    only mf’s that can say somebody stole they style are the pioneers of rap
    somebody need to tell this niggah he needs NOT to rock the boat
    cuz his career been overboard since WELCOME TO MY HOOD

  • Lexx Brown

    Meek Millz it’s obvious by the way Millz buzz died a lot since Cassidy dealt with him.

  • YungKizz

    ace hood underrated period

    • MrNoName2K

      a lil…not too much

    • Corey Mac

      I agree.

  • mike malarkey

    yea illseed i saw this a few days ago on wshh too nigga cut it out bitch

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  • JerZeBoy

    Meek Mill a little?

  • EAZY

    He probably talkin bout Wale wack ass but ace hood is GARBAGE

  • biafra

    listen to “hustle hard”, everyone has been sounding like that after that track dropped. Something tells me Ace read my comment somewhere before he came up with this claim. Don’t front now ACE.

  • count_210

    who didn’t? name a mc ace hood didn’t influence

  • ‘Then it hit me. Now, I’m not going to say” then stfu.

  • Real MC Jemini CEO Of The New LaTex

    Reblogged this on This Is The New LaTex!! and commented:
    I Woke Up And My Style Was Stolen!!!

  • WideAwake978

    A lot of rappers out right now have his style or i should say ryhme pattern. Go listen to Jewelz Santanas recent mixtape and Ace’s rhyme pattern is all over that hoe. But that doesnt mean it wasnt fire cuz that mixtape is dope. Meek Mill obviously, No name rappers be doing it too and the list goes on… Nowadays these artist new and old are scared to go out the box and be original for fear of being neglected. But he shouldnt be mad he should be flattered. Cuz when Drake first came out people where stealing one of his ryhme patterns to. For example i could say a line like this.. ” Im bout to blow…..TNT ” . Everyone was doing that shit. Most things are never orginal just recycled