De La Soul’s Returning With New Single Addressing The “Redundant” State of Hip-Hop

(AllHipHop News) Influential Hip-Hop group De La Soul has not released any official new material as the original trio since 2004’s The Grind Date album. Pos, Dave, and Maseo are now ready to return to recording, and they will be celebrating their 25th anniversary as group this year by releasing a new song every month.

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Rolling Stone is reporting that the first single, entitled “Get Away (feat. the spirit of Wu-Tang),” will be dropping next week. They already shot a video for the song in March which includes a sample of a skit from the Wu-Tang Clan’s Wu-Tang Forever album from 1997.

According to Maseo, “Get Away” will be addressing what he sees as a lack of creativity in Hip-Hop today.

“I think it’s a great record to reintroduce ourselves with,” Maseo told Rolling Stone. “It’s pretty much reflecting on the state of Hip-Hop at this moment. Everything is redundant. Everything sounds the same. No real lyrical content. Everybody’s just doing business, not really creating.”

While the New York-based group’s monthly single release is a go, De La is not in a rush to present their next album Youre Welcome just yet.

“I think putting out those singles would be more impressionable than dropping an album at this present day in music,” said Maseo. “It’s about trying to just creatively have a bunch of songs in the stable. You have to consider a lot from the administrative standpoint in the release of a project.”

With a discography that already includes the Hip-Hop classics 3 Feet High and Rising, De La Soul Is Dead, and Stakes Is High, whenever the Native Tongues collective members decide to produce a full length project there will sure to be plenty of fanfare in the Hip-Hop community.

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Check out the video for De La Soul’s 1989 #1 Rap Song “Me Myself and I” below.

  • Record Pusher

    Legendary…. Greatness…. #Salute to De La Soul.

  • I respect them, but still everyone is fighting for Hip-Hop to remain how it was 20 years ago…..That time has pasted, it’s these so called legends who never cared enough to make sure that Hip-Hop transformed into the greatest thing in the world, are now the ones complaining….Hip-Hop is going into a direction in which ANY rapper will take it…Stop complaining…Point is when you stop making music for 10-15 years and walk away from Hip-Hop you can’t expect it to be the same as you left it.

    • The point is it shouldn’t be going in any direction. It should be growing and diverse. Old heads just want more music that reminds them of how it sounded 20 years ago. There’s room and an audience for both old and new artist

      • I agree, but what I am saying is that the Older heads do nothing but complain, while the younger heads are enjoying and profiting from the craft……Honestly the “Older Heads” do not buy music, they don’t purchase tickets so how are you suppose to play your part in Hip-Hop?

      • Freezamon

        I will say this the Old heads that try to come back do it all wrong…they try to sound like the young dudes or try to hop on their movement..What they need to do is stick to what they know and keep their sound. That is what made us like them in the first place. It can be done. The rock bands never change who they are for sales, they never need to because they know that their audience love their sound. Hip-Hop can do it just like that. Then you will have the variety.

      • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

        True. I listen to the music now and I can’t really tell them apart. There is no variety. We had rappers that didn’t have lyrical skills, Like The Two Live Crew, and Too Short to name a couple but they had their own SOUND. Everyone today uses the same producers or try to produce tracks that sound like the other guys. It also lacks the social aspect that Hip Hop once had. We are in the middle of what is arguably the worst economic disaster since the great depression, and most of the songs are about only about popping bottles and mollies, clubbing and shooting n@ggas. No one wants you to sound like the old school cats but you need to have SOMETHING to say. You have to stand out. That’s why people don’t purchase music anymore.

    • Tony G.

      Ur missing the point…nobody wants hip hop to back track..they want it to continue growing…and with the lack of creativity in the game there’s no GROWTH…all these dumb ass young rappers making records that sound like the last song just to get a radio hit..and dumb ass fans accept because its all u hear so its all u know…de la didn’t stop making music for 10-15 yrs…its just that the young generation didn’t accept it cuz it wasn’t a kick beat with a stupid chant as the hook..or it wasn’t the Dougie or the Stinky Leg…it wasn’t dumbed down so the dummies couldn’t relate..but when ur on here saying shit like “that time had PASTED”..I shouldn’t expect u to understand..

      • What you need to understand is that just like how ” The kids” are being criticized now, is the same way they were criticized back then…….These older Hip-Hop heads were once “Young Idiots” too…..The tight jeans and crazy colors and wacky beats were all a thing of the past as well, the only thing that changed are the artists.

      • maya

        De La Soul were never considered “young idiots” during their time. They were critically acclaimed and well-respected.

        And they VERY MUCH had a hand in bringing respect to Hip Hop and making it the best that it could be.

        Furthermore, I don’t think they are wanting Hip Hop to go backwards. Their point is that CREATIVELY, it’s NOT GOING ANYWHERE.

        De La Soul already did their part – more than MOST will dream of doing. The point is that with all of the technology available, all of the money available – now – cats should be doing some amazing things that have us like, “WOW!” But that’s not the case. All of this youth, technology, money, resources, is being wasted on BS, and the most interesting thing in Hip Hop is the gossip blog. *shrugs*

      • Naledge77

        Maya couldn’t have said it any better. The thing is this, all I hear is rappers rapping……whatever happened to the real MC’s who truly cared about the culture?

      • They weren’t considered young idiots to you but I am sure they were to someone else….First of all, Hip-Hop groups are extinct in Hip-Hop, you are comparing apples and oranges…….Things have changed, De La Soul, did there thing back then, and now there are many other rappers who still respect the integrity of the genre by adding to it. No one group or individual single-handedly controls Hip-Hop…..It’s all about style, creativity, and delivery, which can be defined by the eyes of the beholder, while still holding on to the same core values.

      • Freezamon

        Doir are you being an asshole for the sake of being? First off…The Powers That Be (label Owners/Jews (The Controllers of HIP-HOP don’t get it twisted)) will only push what is profitable now. DeLaSoul are cut from the purist cloth of Hip-Hop ( My Era) which respected the old skool that came before them. Some of these new dudes respect only money….they sold their souls. This is the Generation of ADD…they are hooked on fads they have no concept of growth or growing thus the term ( live fast and die young- (thanks Ross)).

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  • Naledge77

    Hip Hop needs groups like Dela and ATCQ back. So Called “Hip Hop” today really lacks artistry, originality and creativity. Too many rappers saying the same thing.

    • Hip-Hop needs Rap groups period.

      • Naledge77

        Man I couldn’t agree more. We know Wu’s making a comeback. Really wish Phife and Q would squash that BS beef they have together. The music they put out back then, IMO, was the purest form of Hip Hop.

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  • Mike Swiff

    THANK GOD! this southern mumble jumble is horrible ENOUGH! THANK YOU GOD!!

    • dy

      So true! Actually they nailed it over a decade ago when they did Stakes is High. Basically spoke it would get to this point.

  • amccombs

    Young cats are quick to dump on the older groups, but fail to realize that some of their hard work paved the way for them. Just like most youth today, no one has any respect for anything anymore. De La just wants more variety and creativity in hip hop and i agree. You ask niggas to rap about something else besides drugs, cars, guns and women and now it’s a problem. I love the Legends of the MIC tour with LL, Ice Cube, PE and De La. A concert for ANY hip hop fan. There is something for everyone. Political, Gangsta, Conscious and something for the ladies. How cool is that?? But as usual, black people will dismiss them, call them old and say how irrelevant they are, while white artists like the Rolling Stones continue to tour and get nothing but love from their people. But that’s nigga’s for you. De La deserves to be heard and played on the radio just like Jeezy, Ross, Lil Wayne, Drake or whomever, but as we know, they will never get played on black radio stations cuz we consider them old and irrelevant. In my opinion, De La is still one of the best groups in hip hop. Just last year they released new material under the name First Serve and it’s good hip hop music. People need to give other rap music a chance.

    • I disagree, some younger rappers are respectful…Nicki Minaj for example, before she saw mainstream success, she did show respect to Foxy, Kim and Remy among others…..But the minute her mainstream success came into play, it is the SAME older rappers who attacked her for trying to copy, when in fact she was only using respect other female artists as a way to gain her own identity…….Point is older rappers need to stop acting as if after them their will be none, because after any of your favorite artist, there will always be another.

  • bigdoe6

    I want to see ATCQ, The Roots, Geto Boys, WuTang, Mobb Deep, EPMD, Outkast, 8ball and MJG, DeLa Soul, Pharcyde, and Souls of Mischief all go on tour together. Just do it for Hip-Hop.

  • Real MC Jemini CEO Of The New LaTex

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    De La Soul Is Back!!!

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