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Hip-Hop Rumors: Kanye West May Have To Fight After This One!

Man, Kanye is a bad man. He’s sticking with Kim Kardashian and has somehow managed to stay above the fray even with a baby on the way. But, Ray-J seems to want to drag him into some mess. I doubt that Kanye will go for it, but then again, a man can only take so much. Ray-J’s new song is called “I Hit It First.” I wonder what he’s trying to say? The crazy thing is, the other song is reportedly called “I Put Her On.” Really?

Not sure what Ray-J is thinking on this one. I guess publicity stunt.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.]

Illseed, Out.


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  • southside4lyfe

    dummmmb shit

    • Naledge77

      Dumb, but at least it’s a good rumor!

      • ant662

        Not really this is actually an old rumor like two or three months i just which i knew what sit i foung it on

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  • dgasfhafsg

    Kanye won`t be the last either…unless she`s changed.Is she the type of chick you brag about?

    • Apollo Showtime

      Uhhh…YES, I would tell everyone Kim K. let me smash too!

  • Anything to sell a record.

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      you ma’am are so gay!

  • pockets_hot_from_pepperoni

    has ray j ever been relevant ?

    • therealest1

      Sure, he has been relevant, for being the younger brother of a successful older sister.

      • Super_Hero

        RJ has been more successful then Brandy since Moeisha got cancelled

      • anthonyward1

        I would argue to say more successful at what, keeping his name out there with coonery and bafoonery?….

      • Super_Hero

        his last album sold more then hers. He was getting endorsement deals while she was faking relationships with married men for publicity and still flopped. then she jumped on Ray J wagon for a reality show and another fake relationship. She has been desperate to keep her name out there. She will be on the next rapper jock real soon.

      • smashing Kim K = success

      • johnblacksad

        that liquid swords gif tho! word!

      • TruthSerum

        I still cant name one Ray J song, all I know the dude for is being Brandys brother and smashing Kim K, nothing else at all

      • He’s a good enough business man to turn that into cash flow though!

      • TruthSerum

        I’m sure theres a guy out there making alot of money selling crystal meth too but that doesnt mean I have to respect it. Why is every response to somebodies foolishness include a statement like this……..”Hey yo dude went on stage smothered in peanut butter and ate a pile of dog crap but he gettin that paper for it son!!!”…….I dont care if he gettin Bill Gates money He’s still a lowlife, and society is full of lowlifes, so it doesnt surprise me he found a way to monetize his coonery. It’s par for the course these days. I bet them nasty chicks from the “2 Girls 1 Cup” video made a decent score off that but I’m not gonna give them a round of applause for it.

      • >>Gags @ thought of 2 girls, 1 cup

        That video is like Ray J’s career.

      • Celz

        Ray J does hustle hard though.. He does more shows in Cali and Vegas than anyone.. Granted he ain’t on the Young Money show money bracket either.. But the 30 and under crowd turn out for Ray J and he makes at least a couple stacks per appearance..

      • When was the last time you heard about Lloyd Banks?
        Lyrically, Banks is way better, but Ray J working hard, and hard work beats talent…when talent doesn’t work hard.

      • Really?

        Cosign on that!

      • You might want to take a listen to Raydiation. DOPE CD actually

      • One Wish!!!

      • anthonyward1


    • anthonyward1


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  • Super_Hero

    Kanye invited this. He got her pregnant on a publicity stunt gone wrong.

  • wordonthestreets

    I thought Damon Thomas hit that first?

  • wordonthestreets

    I thought Damon Thomas hit that first?

    • ant662

      ya right that bitch is been making her rounds since prob since she was in middle school. she prob cant remember who hit it first

  • Oknas

    The only thing i remember Ray J for is his radio conversation he had with breakfast club when that whole Fab beef went down LMAO. That nigga thought he was Pac lol

  • long dong ping pong

    who gives a shit about these to ass-holes

  • granky161

    This is petty. He hit that like a decade ago, she has moved on and is more successful than him now. Ray J can only stay relevant by mentioning Kim.

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  • Tann01

    In related news damon thomas releases a hot new track called “I hit it first too”…

  • jay

    Her 1st husband Damon Thomas hit it 1st. You see he’s still a loser. I would not know that he had an album out if the media didn’t pick on the title which they then attached to Kim and Kanye’s name.

  • Toronto Canada

    This has nothing to do with Ray J being relevant – LMAO….it’s about him letting Kim know to come down from her high horse. He made her and she knows it. If it wasn’t for the tape…would there really be a talentless Kim Kardashian. No! That’s what he’s saying. Stop trying to defend the ho. It’s the truth.

    • jay

      He was her boyfriend of 2yrs. I don’t think she expected what he did to her. Do you in all earnest believe she would want the sex tape leaked? I don’t think so. She did want it stopped but her greedy mother convinced her to just let it go because she was going to make $$$$. I hate her mom more than little Ray J. They both got a nice place in hell. Kim has been abused by Ray J, her family, Ryan Seacrest and E! network. Not one of them takes the brunt of hate that Kim does.

      • Toronto Canada

        Yes I do….people who look for fame will do whatever it takes. Give me a break. Don’t hate on Ray J….he’s in the video as well. As for Ryan Seacrest etc… abusing Kim … give me a damn break…Ryan just played his game right for the right amount of dollars – she accepted it (like a prostitute) – her whole family gave into the devil. They all knew what they were doing so please don’t play the “Kim’s being abused” card. Kim Kardashian knows exactly what she’s doing…..her first husband had a lot to say about that! A fame-ho is a fame-ho….Kim Kardashian = fame-ho. – That’s only my opinion as a woman. If you’re going to walk around like you are the shit, talking like you are smartest thing on the planet and giving terrible advice and excuses…..and you’re putting your damn self out there because you want to be famous…..don’t blame the public when they make honest comments. Deuces…

      • Keith Brickz

        seeing how famous it made her afterwords? yes of course she would release the sex tape again if it was up to her

  • wickedjones

    be your own man, a good friend told me. no man owns no p@ssy. move forward not backwards.

  • well kayne is with a hoe, this is what happens, all you lil marry-a-ho dudes better be prepared for this ish.

  • Eric Emajor Jackson

    Ok how many girls do you thnk Ray J hit first?
    Now ask yourself how many girls could he be talking about?
    Yes he does know what he’s doing with a title like that but….
    You and the media is the ones that are filling in the blanks, not him

  • 30millionrappers

    she gave all them HERPES TMZ done said Kim has Herpes reggie bush herpes kanye herpes and the basketball player herpes

  • LexxBrown

    Let the games begin

  • Real MC Jemini CEO Of The New LaTex

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  • ant662

    for one this came out like two or three months ago on another site and the actually reported a line fired towards kanye which goes something like “I had her head going North and her ass going South But now baby chose to go West.” and second of all why should kanye be mad he knew he got with a ho and like the saying goes ” you cant turn a ho in to a house wife” so he knew what he got himself into when he dropped his seed.

  • haha, you can see the bitch’s body on the cd cover (white chick, blue background/water)

  • trlvman357

    Im not with the whole Kanye and Kim movement, but i’ll smack a bone out dis lor nigga neck if I was Kanye! You don’t play wit a nigga girl dats preg wit his kids at dat!. Brandy’s brother gon say da wrong shit to the wrong dude and his security aint gon be around to save him

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  • RichFromBX

    studio gangstas is at an all time high – it’s one thing to try to say some slick sh!t on wax and have a little battle going like back in the day but even then there was a line and when it was crossed you got checked.

    these days cats don’t get checked enough – I’m not advocating for violence but at some point a check needs to happen and when you want to talk sh!t about the mother of someone’s child you should expect it. Regardless of her past you still don’t disrespect the mother of someone’s child and not get checked.

    Again, not saying that it needs to get violent but at some point you have to go face-to-face to find out what the deal is and find out how far someone is will to go with their slick talk…when you got d-list R&B singers running they mouth it’s check time…

  • YungKizz

    Ray J get em another underrated artist

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  • heavyboy

    That tape is gonna haunt this girl for the rest of her life*

    PS as far as Ray J’s concerned he can forget about being respected long as he keeps this type ish up*

  • Smashit

    Yeah Ray-J might seem bitter & people think he stupid BUT they can look up to Kim and give her TV shows and perfumes and all she did was co-star in this man’s porn movie & then get some rich athletes to keep her in the public view – so he’s not relevant but she is?

  • dina

    Thats embarrassing having a baby momma who has been publicly with soo many men not to mention a porno movie…disgusting!
    KANYE’s a dem fool!

  • EQ

    somebody need to give ray j a good ass whipping,to much bullshit with this dude ever since that fab incident

  • Xavior Feel

    heard this nigga was gay. in a relationship with the original yung buck..just what i heard

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  • $11625525

    Just listened to the song, it’s shite. Comic value but other than that it sounds like some candy pop, certainly not for anyone who is old enough to actually listen to it (based on topic).

    She didn’t look like a virgin to me in that video anyhow…

  • 80s_Reaganomics_kidz

    Hard to respect a man that calls the same woman who carried him for 9 months, delivered him, raised/fed him and washed the stains out his underoos….”SONYA”…

  • 80s_Reaganomics_kidz

    Kanye Need to Request a Damn Apology Letter from TROJAN MAAAAN!

  • 80s_Reaganomics_kidz

    Kanye needs a written formal apology from TROJAN MAAAAAAAN!

  • Mr Marvellous

    lol Ray J is brady’s sister and snoops cousin and still couldn’t make it in the music biz

  • nustradamous


  • Robb Wright

    his career is trash, he needs money, and attention.


    you might have hit it FIRST….which I doubt..lol….but YOU COULDNT MAKE THAT PREGNANT….sorry……fact is fact and u is gay…. ray j…shut up…trying to seek tension


    therealest1…….LOL…..LOL….LOL….LOL…LOL….TELL him to go back to his sister where he got his lil ” ONE WISH”

  • Publicity stunt . . . Lame shttt.