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Hip-Hop Rumors: Who Stole Ace Hood’s Style Part 2?

Well, the results are in and they are not diverse or surprising.

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These are based on emails and comments on this matter. Basically, Ace Hood didn’t say it, but everybody else is. Perhaps Meek Mill was influenced by the young Miami spitter a bit. BUT, here is the catch. I also got quite a few people that told me that Meek has been spitting like he’s spitting for a long time – before Ace Hood. So, maybe its the other way around? I know for a fact that Meek been doing his thing for a long time and bubbled to the top with Rick Ross. But, I remember when Meek was a dirty-looking kid on youtube spitting crazy. As for his style then? I don’t remember. Then he went to T.I. and now Rozay. The rap world is too small for this to pop off as a beef but I guess every has a take on it.Take the poll. There are only three poll answers based on all those people that answered the question.


You Mad At Ross And Wayne, but Not Biggie and Eminem?

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Wesley Snipes got out of jail on tax evasion charges. Good for him.

He’s already got a movie on the way, one that was on the shelf. Here is the trailer!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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    EL_BARK King Flashy TheFirst • 17 hours ago −
    That where your wrong. I not a meek fan. He a fraud like his boss. But meek aint steal his flow. Meek been rapping like that for a long time. & him & ace are cool.
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    & today illcoon post this.
    BUT, here is the catch. I also got quite a few people that told me that Meek has been spitting like he’s spitting for a long time – before Ace Hood

    Your such a fuking fraud i cant believe you look yourself in the mirror in the morning & be proud of what you see. smh your lame ass stay jacking niggas shet & then fronting about it. I know damn well you saw my comment, & now you fronting like your insider hit you up, & told you that. Kill yourself, & everybody at the the AHH office also.
    Fuking lame. I would call u a faggot, but u prolly take it as a compliment

    • DJ7

      He got me like that the other day B….the T-Pain thread…no mention of the cat Future until I mentioned it in the comments & then all of a sudden….. a new T-Pain rumor within minutes of the 1st one asking about his locs (we just seen video evidence in the 1st rumor) but added a Future mention…..So, in conclusion, they stay all up in the comments tryna put together another story for us to comment on so they can piece mill that sh*t together for another 1 later on…..SMH

      • EL_BARK

        Yeah illcoon & and jimmy henchmen right hand man, chuck creekmur (according to chuck) be on that slick shet.
        They stay jacking shey from the posters. Smh

    • actually he hasnt been … but hes still good see my post

  • Severe Thebeneficent

    one cat who “took his flow” is pusha T…for sure! his newest mixtape is littered with that flow…but never mind that, with all the speculation being the case for the almighty “hip hop” media elite…what exactly are yall tryin to prove asking all this? can u actually answer that question or is it just “your job” to ask these questions? I ask because as a “journalist” I find yall are either too lazy, too naive or your completely aware of what your doing when you ask questions like this…no Im not defending nobody, I couldnt tell 1 name of an ace hood song, im talkin about you and the rest of the media going along for the ride everytime and where your place in the overall problem were facing….because you are indeed apart of the problem!!about time you ACCEPT it and let it be known!! Your trying to start some shit! its not just all illegal downloads & fans lets keep it 100! the industry is ran off NUMBERS and beef or drama brings in numbers cmon and say it! educate your readers! yall aint asking ace hood about his newest single or album or nothing positive, your asking who stole his style which incites drama…well…being that nobody really cares about an ace hood, sort to speak, or he hasnt “broke through” yet…what exactly are yall tryin to convey asking ‘who stole his flow’ since Im sure you dont agree?? lol…exactly…I aint here to pull your card(or am I)…just forcing yall hand a little…cause yall are getting away with murder perpetuating beef day in and day out, but turn around and question what happened to the culture and stop the violence pieces like your clueless to whats happening here…
    go on…. get mad…call me whatever…is what it is…right?

    “We are ALL instruments in the orchestra of life…what part do YOU play?” – Sun Ra

    • Ronald Booher

      To some degree Game used a bit of that flow on Jesus piece..but that is kinda Game’s thing and always has been.

      • Naledge77

        Game used everyone’s flow on Jesus Piece, but I did notice he’s been trying to sound like NAS a lot lately. Game got barz tho!

      • lol i was about to say the same …. for game sake its expected .. hey his name is THE GAME lol

  • Ronald Booher

    talib kweli was dead on the money. Chin checked a lot of the internet hip hop community

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  • MuthaFuka Jones

    I would actually have to be an Ace Hood fan or album purchaser to give a fuk

  • Calico Joe

    F*ck you Illseed. Put the rapper on blast that’s allegedly raping his fans you p*ssy.

    • brotha_man

      you wont let this go…..that ish was made up

      • Calico Joe

        Then that coward need to say so. He wrote an article the other day with a chick claiming she got raped and it was the best sex she ever had. Then he comes back and writes that it was a fake story. So why can’t he do the same with this bullsh*t.

      • DJ7

        B/c it’s not a made up story…Seed knows when to fold ’em….he don’t want trouble like that

      • EL_BARK

        Naw that shet was made up. illcoon does that from times to times to get the hits up. At one point we even figure out their pattern of posting BS stories. Everytime the end of the month was approaching or the end of the quarter, they would start posting BS stories knowing people were going to comments, and they would do it for a week then stop….

        Illcoon doesnt have to be scared if anybody he a cartoon character writing under a “pen name” plus jimmy hemchmen & chuck know each other very well. Lol

        Chuck u send jimmy any money while he bidding in MDC???
        Just asking.

      • DJ7

        Peace fam, sure his-story may have been jack leg b.u.t. that claim has been out there for a gooooooood minute. Where there’s smoke there’s fire….no?

      • EL_BARK

        Lol oh if you heard thay before the coon reported it might have dome weight to it.

      • SMDH & LOL~N

        I thought that was Greg?

      • and @ the day his stories are rumors …. so does he ever really need to validate ….?? hes got a catch 22 going here lol

      • Naledge77

        Regardless if it was made up, he wrote the article, made the statement and then said nothing about April Fools or Gotcha!

  • brotha_man

    I been saying meek mill stole ace style they sound just alike on tracks together.

    • Naledge77

      Meek is exactly what he is:

      Quiet, gentle, and easily imposed on; submissive: “the meek compliance of our politicians”.

  • Naledge77

    So Ace got a dope song out now and all sudden media take out is feeding us the latest BS on this cat. CMON NOW REPORT SOME REAL HIP HOP RUMORS!!!!!!!!!!! GTFOH with this BS.

  • Naledge77

    Talib is the only thing that’s hip hip in this article.

  • petit la whore

    He finally decided it was a good idea to pay his taxes?

  • rappers who have used other rappers styles/flows talking about other rappers using there style/flow is pretty stupid . . .

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  • John Kester

    Meek’s biting Peedi Crack if anything.

    • Negro Peligro

      woah. you might of caight something on that one


  • Corey Mac

    Let’s be real here, everybody has used Ace Hood’s flow. But everybody steal everybody flows though.

    • yup since i dont know maybe 2005 its been the cool thing in hip hop to ride whatever is hot its not about being an individual much more …. its all about doing whats going to bring those #s in … video views and hopefully some $$$$$$ even if that means riding someone elses wave ….

      • but also it seems collaboration is helping it somewhat too …. but alot of folks is just biting …. but to save face for guys like meek, ross, french etc… they are also affiliated with the We are The Best Camp which houses ace hood …. so its expected … and i guess its all how ace hood feels … he doesnt mind it …. he just wish folks would i guess give him more recognition for it ………… hey right now with Vado joining the team ……… We The Best is the movement for me personally ….. ive always gave ace his props cause since the begining that kid has went hard with the bars !!

  • The Wesley flick looks decent!

    Congratz to Wesley!

  • Real MC Jemini CEO Of The New LaTex

    Reblogged this on This Is The New LaTex!! and commented:
    Niggas Stealing Rap Styles Now??? Apparently So..According To Ace Hood

  • yes Wesley finally out i thought July he was spose 2 come out i guest he came out because of gd behaveour that gallowalker film is taking forever 2 come out

  • Guest

    A$AP the reason why everybody using that flow though

  • Lamonte Johnson

    I’m glad that man out of jail it’s never good to see anyone go to jail especially for some money shit. I can see if he stole a whole lot n even then im not a judge so I dont feel any way bout it all I kno is thats wussup. Wesley should b strate tho its the day n age were he a go on conan, and all them late nigh shows and get in magazines. All that means bread. Do ya thing. U kno it aint wesley unless he wearing a wild wig lol

  • no!! pre Ace hood … or better yet pre MMG … the only biting meek was doing was lil wayne with that auto tune rapping … yeah tpain was the man with the auto tune around that time but meek was using it more like how wayne was using it vs tpain …. but @ the end of the day … Meek actually started using that ace hood flow when he signed with MMG … imo he was influenced by ross who was influenced by Ace Hood … #facts

  • u wanna hear how meek sounded before MMG or pre Ace hood flow … listen to Rose Red by Meek Mill … thats meek flow … fast flow … pretty much how most dudes spit in philly tho … meek was just one of the first to be able to apply to a song consistently ….

  • Mitchell Patterson

    Ok this flow that everybody is supposedly stealing has been out for years. If anything they all stole it from Pimp C. I know some south-haters are gonna call me ridiculous but you can find the Pimp using this flow 15 years ago.