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Non Hip-Hop Rumors Exclusive: Janet Jackson Quitting?

I haven’t done any pure non Hip-Hop rumors in a minute, but this one is a doozie. Rumor has it Janet Jackson may be quitting the music and entertainment gave for good. The singer is one of the all-time greats. But she recently married a billionaire named Wissam Al Mana
and it seems like that has secured her future til the end. But, quitting the game? I’m not sure where that comes from, but I guess there’s no reason to turn into the Black Madonna when there are others like Minaj and GaGa. The other part of the rumor is that she’s considering a conversion to the Muslim faith as well.

Damn… Janet was the ish. Still is.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.]

Illseed, Out.


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  • 5 bux to the first person that can name Janet’s last hit song…
    she been quit….

    • Romia Blue

      ^^*crickets* BOL!

    • Escobar

      All For You – Janet. I’ll be expecting those $5USD.

      • Tjzoo


      • Technically….that wasn’t a hit….but still worth the 5 Big ones in my book!

      • All For You spent 7 weeks at #1 so technically it was a hit, but to be exact, her last top 25 hit was Feedback in ’07. Last #1 Dance Hit was Make Me in 2009 #janethistory

      • Now that wins the $5!

      • hoeyuno

        Buying 2 40s or a nickel bag???,

      • Can’t get 2 40ozs with $5 anymore.

      • hoeyuno

        Shiiiiit!! The cheapest I ever seen them here was $3.50 probably about 1997… but I have family in Seattle(3 hour drive from Vancouver) and we would get them for $1 99 down there… I feel like my moms talkin about when a chocolate bar was a nickel…

      • Ya’ Heard! i do remember $1.50 Jawnts though!
        Same time frame?

      • hoeyuno

        40oz OE = the fight starta/the trigga pulla/the unexpected baby maka…

      • I have seen Ninjaz take on the whole police force after drinking them ‘chets! (It never ends well for them….but Dayum!)

      • Escobar

        Damn, badmon on point, chief. Tap out, you win.

    • hoeyuno

      Scream. the one with Michael

      • RMfag

        From the 00’s?

      • hoeyuno

        Probably like 99. I remember it cause the 2 of them announced a winner at some award show around that time and mj was like “this is proof that there really is 2 of us”…. haha

      • JonathanJB

        “Scream” was in `1996. It came out on MJ’s HIStory double album.

    • Pedro Matos Jr.

      I was gonna say whatchu mean quit I ain’t know she was still workin.

    • JonathanJB

      What people do for $5. smh

  • Casor_Greener

    She didn’t quit the game, the game quit her

    • Naledge77


  • 2012Industry1

    I respect the fact that she threw in the towel because she isn’t creatively motivated anymore! If she returns, it should be something creatively interesting. Gone are the days where you do something just to feed an audience. Look at Madonna and Prince!

    • Guest

      Hellooo People! – she married a BILLIONAIRE! – she’s enjoyin’ Life – to be bothered with all the people in the music industry would be a STEP DOWN.

  • J Moor

    Wow you guys using that fake photoshopped Janet pic. Great journalism

    • Damn that was photoshopped? I was just getting ready to fap!

      • Janet-Fan

        naah, it wasn’t.. that was the 20 yo era when she lost all the weight….. a video is somewhere on youtube with the photo-shoot, Maxim magazine it was

  • Mike Swiff

    iLLSEED SAID: “Janet Jackson may be quitting the music and entertainment gave for good.” I cant even read the rest yo…Im Good! lol Im Good! SMFR

    • scullyson


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  • Whatever makes her happy is good.

  • Matt Swan

    Yo Ill why don’t you name the last actual hip hop related rumor you’ve made? And you as usual are late on this NON rumor

    • RMfag

      You cute.

  • Dee

    janet went down hill after that super bowl when her nipple came out she dumped jd for a rich arab i tell u these celebrities is nothing but rich hoes hope off one dick to the next

    • Alex Rudkovsky

      I second that! plus she is muslim now and I’m pretty sure muslim wives are not allowed to be singers or celebrities, they are to be at home with kids!

      • JonathanJB

        What a terrible fate to be a muslim woman.

  • Negro Peligro

    yo what is chris brown and rhianna that aint hiphop.

  • Duwaine Walker

    People are funny Janet is the SHIT, bottom line, Who will have a 30 year plus carrer, lets see. Every star has a peak. Beyonce, Rhinna, albums will all be in the lower bin, but will they sell 100 million as a solo artist, Janet has nothing else to prove. Unless she wants an oscar or golden globe. she done televison, movies and music all very well. four number one moveis, Why did I get married , WHy did I get married too, Nutty professor 2 and Poetic justice all went to number one at the box office. Televison. WHo the hell dont know penny from good time. and as a youngster our tounges use to wag over charlene on Diffrent strokes. ANd now Music 10 number ones on the pop charts and over 3o top ten singles. ANd do not mention her R and b hits or dance chart hits. SHe is number 7 over the last 50 years in sales and influecne artist. So yes, Janet has made her mark, even if she never has another hit. The superbowl brought her down, before that she was bullet proof, I respect her artistry, She sold millions before she took of her clothes, as a matter of fact the sexy janet sold less.

  • JonathanJB

    I love it when artists/entertainer disappear and go MIA for like 10 years and THEN come back to say they’re quitting.


    yeah man…quit go live your live and have kids and stay away from this fucked up media……..you deserve it

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  • i agree that the biz & the masses quit her. though her music didn’t sell, it wasn’t as if she didn’t continue to work her ass off. Discipline is a really really good album but people weren’t buying. If some other chick put out that same album at the time it would have gone thru the roof. i hope that this isn’t true but i’d understand if it was. why invest more of your time, energy, and heart when people don’t want it. she found a someone who seems to want it so there it is.