NEW MUSIC: Ray J – “I Hit It First” (feat./ Bobby Brackins)

(AllHipHop News) “And if  And if you were to come back to me, girl we’ll make another movie.”-Ray J

Ray J let the haymakers fly on his unabashed R&B record “I Hit It First”. Making obvious allusions to his ex Kim Kardashian, Brandy’s little brother is preparing to release the record April 9th on iTunes through his Knockout Entertainment label.

The single is scheduled to appear on his upcoming album, tentatively entitled I Put Her On.

Check out the song below:

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  • Guest


    • Really childish…and the song is horrible, lol. He could have at least came with some heat.

    • auraseale

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  • $28825362

    Dude missing Kim bad.
    “Hey I wrote a song about it – ya like ta hear it, here it go”
    I hit it – I hit it -I hit it – I hit it – I hit it – I hit it first…

  • Keptitreal

    Damn… While shes “pregnant” too?! Yeezy ain’t going to let this one slide!

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  • leaf215

    yall childish for defending a whore kanye is the real clown here i belive we all gonna wife a whore jus gotta get the least whorish girl aint no more good girls but come on sex tape messed with numerous other celebrities cmon man

  • $18916246

    Kanye….cuffed a socialite/self proclaimed porn star/jump-off, and up until now the industry has respected his choice. If he’s going to stay with ole girl..he needs to handle Brandy’s little brother quick….legal action is the high road, but somethin tells me this n*gga won’t respect nothin but an ass whippin. N*ggas traditionally only respect confrontation. This method done correctly will send a direct message to any male opting to disrespect his choice of woman. Hey and a fare fight is for TV. Kanye, In the street people like this ambulance chaser would be pistol whipped and gun shoved in his bloody mouth…don’t mindlessly take to my reference…I’m just saying….remember Cam’s slick talk song directed at Jay & Be….Cam would later say he felt Jay had him shot in retaliation of Cam’s years of social taunting, something Jay has never had to comment about publicly..and in the words of Jay-Z: ” Same night/same fight/But one of us cats ain’t playing right/ I let you tell it.” (From : “I Love the Dough” Notorious BIG “LIFE AFTER DEATH”) Recorded long before Cam’s shooting ever happened, In other words Cam was warned.


    this for who all hit first

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