Hip-Hop Rumors: Kool G Rap Making A Comeback?

Kool G Rap is one of the illest and definitely one of the best of all times. But, the last few years he’s just been hard to find. Well, more recently, he’s been coming out a bit more. Well, I heard that the Queens General is about to set it off in the new era. Why? rumor has it, he had a lot of legal woes that were preventing him from touring and venturing out into certain parts of this fine land. I hear this included his hometown of New York City. That said, he’s rumored to be mounting a major comeback starting with a tour of the Eastern region. After that, I’m hearing there will be recorded work and collaborations that take things to the next level. I don’t have a lot more info, but it may be time to check in with the homey producer Domingo.

Good year for coming back!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.]

Illseed, Out.


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  • Celz

    Ya’ll lil niccas wanna hear punchlines check out some OG Kool G Rap shyt.. This nicca will murk off the new top 10 on a bad day..


    Super head baby daddy need that cash

  • Some proper ‘chet!

  • don king

    this is the type of news i wanna hear!

    • nyceflix

      BFree ft.Tragedy and Kool G Rap NY NY Remix brand new 2013


    One of the illest! looking forward to any new material he’s got, better than a lot of the newer garbage being passed off as hiphop nowadays…

  • Slaughtr

    i bought it’s a demo on wax and burnt it out had to buy a new one the true rhyme master.

  • junMaf*ckn

    Loving This. The Kool Genius Of Rap Returns! Everybody Should Pay Homage. Domingo Got HEAT Too!

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  • holla

    Old nigga Plz

    • God Body

      you youngstas love to troll. you mad bro? LOL

    • Choppa

      I agree.. this old nigga is washed

      • Tony G.

        Washed? but he’ll rap circles around ur favorit rapper..fuckouttahere with that BS youngin…

      • Choppa

        I dont tlk to old niggaz

  • water_ur_seeds

    top 5 doa… glad he never done more than a small mixtape with rick ross… big up g rap…

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  • heard it all before… 3 years ago, Kool G Rap was supposed to release an album that had Havoc doing most of the production.. Even went as far as putting out the album sampler.. joint never came out.. Last year he was supposed to do a Joint Album with Necro… went as far as dropping a mixtape to promote it.. album never came out… so I’ll believe this when I see the shiit in stores…

    • Tony G.

      legal problems are over now

    • DollasTX

      see now this a niggah ^^^ that’s well informed

  • FREEfromslavery

    do it my nigga. these young whipper snappers of today stink like dookie. gets tiring listening to lil boys talk about highschool stuff repeatedly. thats the difference between the legendary men of the 90’s and the young punks of today. MEN vs boys. 90’s rappers please come back and save hip-hop.

    • Choppa

      ” these young whipper snappers of today stink like dookie.”

      Judging by your lingo.. u mad old my nigga lol

  • HipHop

  • i like g-rap he was one of the best , but the music bizz has changed since the south took over the rap game . it’s not about how good your flow is , it’s can you make the ladies shakes their ass . true enough i grew up on ole school hip-hop like rakim , just-ice ,
    mantronics , utfo , mc shan , bdp , public enemy , run-dmc , master ace , marley marl , red alert , super lover cee , t la rock ,

    as you see i know my history , but the game has changed , and don’t hate the south even tho the south has some great rappers :

    hate the major companies who give them distribution deals

  • nyceflix

    Word Life I got some new G Rap dropping today with the kid BFree and Tragedy. Check out NY NY Remix, video coming soon

  • DollasTX

    last few years he’s been hard to find ????

    pussie he just dropped a mixtape 2 years ago – and was on Rick Ross’ mixtape

    that same year 2011

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