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Rebel Leader Launches Bid For Presidency During Rick Ross Show In Suriname

(AllHipHop News) Miami rapper Rick Ross hosted a controversial performance in Paramaribo, Suriname last night (April 6).

Local pastors in the South American country attempted to organize a boycott of the show, claiming that Rick Ross worship’s Satan, in addition to promoting violence against women.

The pastors also attempted, unsuccessfully, to have Rick Ross’ visa revoked.

But Rick Ross apparently has friends in high places in Suriname, where a former rebel leader in the country announced he would run for President during the rap star’s concert.

Ronnie Brunswijk will run for President in 2015, according to local reports.

Brunswijk is a local politician, who rebelled against a military-controlled government in the 1980’s.

Brunswijk, who has been in politics since the late 90s, also owns a goldmine and several local sports teams, in addition to the promotional company that marketed the Rick Ross show last night at the Andre Kamperveen football stadium.

But Brunswijk’s a controversial figure who is allegedly prone to violent outbursts, and assaults.

Brunswijk was also sentenced, in absentia, for his role in a drug trafficking ring in the Netherlands.

After Ronnie Brunswijk through a fistful of $100 bills into the crowd, Rick Ross co-signed the politician and urged fans to vote for him in the 2015 elections.

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      • infinit221

        Yeah I do, but dude I don’t answer to you. I will tell you a boss is someone that makes sure his team eats, and William got that part covered. He ain’t perfect but I’ll ride with this nigga~

      • Celz

        He doesn’t have a team.. He has leeches.. Ya late teens early 20s are probably the most important part of growing up in the “street life”. This nicca was a CO, his team are police and correctional officers today. His team from those years would arrest you nicca! WTF are you talking about.. So is Ru Paul a boss cuz he makes money and helps some people eat?

        Bein a Boss is about morals, loyalty, respect, knowledge, and honor. ROSS HAS NONE. You have no clue what a Boss is…

      • infinit221

        Spoken like a disrespectful nigga filled with hate and discontent. Ross has helped people become millionaires, more than your bitch ass will ever do. He’s in the community giving more than your bitch ass will ever give. And he has support from the people that know him, not fraud internet gangstas that think they know somebody off of news releases and rumors.

      • Celz

        1. Watch your tone. Don’t speak to me online in a manner that you wouldn’t speak to me in person.

        2. I run a youth sports non-profit that offers low cost sports and mentoring for kids and part-time jobs for college students.

        3. Who has ROSS MADE a millionaire?

        4. If making money was all life was about why are so many celebrities and drug kingpins (real ones not made up ones like Ross) so miserable?

        5. Ross perpetuates negative stereotypes and promotes a fantasy lifestyle to the youth that is impossible to lead for any meaningful amount of time. Money is tool for life, not the point of life. By leading with his pathetic example Ross is steering untold numbers of this current generation down the wrong path and towards a painful adult life. If you can’t see that then he already got you.

        6. It’s obvious you’re not from the streets, stay in school playa..

      • infinit221

        You get what you put out..you came at me, and in person I would step to any man that would call me out and not know me. But that’s what you Ross haters do real well. Ross has a stable of artist, two of which he signed to 4M+ contracts, and has produced both of their albums. He has other artist like Stalley and Rockie Fresh that can be just as successful. And I was born in St. Ann, JA, grew up in Jersey city, who’s not from the streets? I have a beautiful black wife and family, have people that work under me, and own a home and three vehicles, so who doesn’t know what a boss is? Stop talking down to people you don’t know, cause I bet you wouldn’t say shit to William Roberts in person.

      • infinit221

        And you talk about Ross perpetuating a certain life that’s destructive. Yet Ross is not the first or won’t be the last hardcore rapper. I’ll go a step further and say that I grew up listening to more fierce artist than Ross. These artist don’t raise kids, so your point is mute.

  1. Doñrich Sergý Roÿ Isselt-Cairo

    Yes really. He threw $100 bills in the crowd. He also announced that on august 6th we’ll have Rihanna in our country. All this just to get people to vote on him come 2015.

  2. Paul

    This is bullshit!! He is not my favorite guy(Ronnie) … but people always tend to talk bad about Suriname . Come and see for your self how it is here …F.Y.I. Rick Ross his show was a success”…

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