Hip-Hop Rumors: Look What V-Nasty Went And Did!

This V-Nasty is a trip! she’s got y’all sprung , calls ya n-words and she ain’t even down with the Kreayshawn crew no more. So, here is what has happened. She was dating some rap dude named Magneto Dayo, a Brooklyn rapper. I never heard of him, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a nobody. But, the crazy thing is this dude and she went and got pregnant. He thought he was the father! And dude went around thinking he was the father of the kid….but then had to do the right thing. Get that test!

Guess what?

That’s right. According to this dude, V-Nasty lied to him. She told him that he was the pops and he was not. So, what does he do? He names his album “The Maury Show.” And in true present day mentality form, he praises V-Nasty regardless. “V-Nasty is one of the realest people ever,” he says. “I’ll say that. I’ll do anything for her, that’s my baby. She has a lot of love for people. She loves everybody. She’s a tough cookie at the end of the day as well, but she has a big heart. I love V-Nasty to death.” Source: LA Weekly

He needs to be doing this!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.]

Illseed, Out.


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  • That’s what you all get for letting the doors open to just anybody in Hip-Hop.

    • DJ7

      The doors were blown off the hinges once hip hop started making doe….after that, we og’s had little to no say when it came to who got put on….

      • RMfag

        Still should have been checked anyway. Yall got the females in line, you cant do the same for ratchetness?

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  • Chris

    “I’ll do anything for her, that’s my baby. She has a lot of love for people. She loves everybody. She’s a tough cookie at the end of the day as well, but she has a big heart. I love V-Nasty to death.”

    Kick yourself in the genitals 100 times. SMH.

    • Ravishing Quinc Rude

      In other words, she a hoe

      • RMfag

        Or looking for a come up.

    • Agreed, How is she real when she lied about you being the father. Funny thing is, if it was his baby, they couldve named it Nasty Dayo.

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        Exactly since when is a b*tch lyin 2 u about gettin knocked up by anotha n***a bein real if that’s 1 of the realest he knows I’d hate 2 c his circle.SMDH

      • This goes along with might point on this website of people in this world being confuses with real and down.

  • Escobar

    So he’s not concerned in the slightest to who the baby’s daddy is then? … That probably gets the 2013 Dodge of the Bullet award.

  • JustUs Samuel

    That’s gonna be one ugly baby

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    I thought she was only into vaginas? thanks for reminding me of this broad too illy- sarcasm. thanks to the retard on the Bernard Hopkins post I have to let people know when I’m joking or being sarcastic now. apparently some of you aren’t smart enough to figure it out on your own.

  • TimeWillTellu1

    Who would creampie this human being for trying to act like she has a pair of balls?

    • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

      well, when you put it like that……..

      • >>Raises one eyebrow like Tha Roc!


    niggaz be crazy bout some white vagina

    • Chris

      Trillest sht ever spoken. I was right there at one point in my life, though. She could be average as fck. I was just happy to have a snow bunny on my arm. SMH.


        i got a cousin like that….but he be dating some bad snow bunnies…

      • RMfag

        Thats different tho. We’re talking about any old white girl that looks half as good as any sistah being treated as some rarity.


        that’ s true…most snow bunnies can’ t hold a candle to the Daughters of Zion…

    • DJ7

      No knowledge of self B….if the young G’z don’t receive it…..this is what happens!!

    • Q.

      True story.

      BLACK COONS & WHITE NlGGERS go together like PB & J.

  • Dointer

    I hope M.O.P. come across this fool in Brooklyn and stomp him out.

  • brotha_man

    dude a sucka….and she wouldnt call or say the n-word ’round me, she would get dropped on site

    • DollasTX

      you beating up on white bitches … you gone get that Kanye exile treatment

      • brotha_man

        i dont even fugg wit white broads i wont hit her, but i got some overweight sisters that will. i dont care how “real” she is, times havent changed that much in my neck of the woods, to let a white person say the N word, i hate when we (black folks use it). i hang around too many brothas and sistas to worry about exile…..we already get the exile treament, i aint never been the one to kiss a white persons arse.

      • DollasTX

        imma keep it 100,000 – i had a basketball scholarship to a white school … i’ve smashed plenty of “cave bytches” before the age of 21

        white/black/purple/martian – i wouldnt put hands and feet on a broad unless my life was in danger

        the N word aint that serious to me to break a white broad off (her boyfriend might have to take those lumps) but i will spit on that bytch in a heartbeat

      • brotha_man

        I hear hear you, trust me. when i was in college smashed throw’em it was easy. but cuffing and impregnating a white chick…..oh no not me.

      • DollasTX

        my sentiments exactly


    I feel sorry for the baby coming outta that nasty v…and this Magneto (X-men?) fails on so many levels. “The Maury Show”? smdh

  • Guest

    How is she “one of the realest people ever” if she had you running around thinking the child was yours?

  • marcelr12

    Damnit I was hoping she didn’t breed

    • RMfag

      I thought she breeded asexually?

  • 1hiphophiphop

    Wonder what he would’ve said if she was a black girl

    • brotha_man

      he would have left her hanging. he probably wouldnt even look in a black chicks direction. I live in minneapolis and when i go out I see brothas all in a white girl face all the time, I look in the corner and i see what could be kelly rowlands twin sista getting no play thats when i come in wit my rum and coke and have a decent convo.smh at the beautiful intelligent sistas that get ignored for white chicks like v-nasty

      • RMfag

        Oh well, thats what the women get for aiming low. Why would any women want some v-nasty leftover?

    • RMfag

      Not take the test.

  • emre iren

    A true dumbass he should be thanking god that he dont gotto pay child support to that skank for the next 18 years.

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  • dayleedumped

    what a sucka……………………… she real… but she fucked another nigga behind your back.. real v_NASTY

  • Alex Rudkovsky

    whoa! thats a surprise I thought she was a lesbo fo sho!

  • Kyle Meta4ce

    She looks like most dudes’ white baby mom anyway. Minus the small name chain.

  • bo da butcha

    Nigga need 2 go n listen to soulja slim “soulja life mentality”

  • E McArthur

    he went in it raw…no pity for dude…

    • johnblacksad

      “n!ggaz be dyin from layin on some azz,
      Earvin Magic Johnson got it, then Eazy died,
      and you be wonderin why n!ggas out here smokin frye?!
      I wish that i could tell you i wore a rubber everytime,
      but if i told you that n!gga you know that i’d be lyin
      and i been fcukin puzzy since the tender age of nine”

      R.I.P. Chad Butler!

      • DollasTX

        …it’s becoming a full-time job just to stay alive!

  • dehova

    I give her permission to call that dude the N word.

    • johnblacksad

      underrated post!



  • dehova

    I’m assuming she’s pregnant with a half Nubian child…. so she’ll be calling this child the N Word? SMFH

  • Future Patrick

    That Vagina Nasty!

  • Dan_Tebasco

    I thought she was a lesbian… V-Nasty as a mother, I dunno about that…

  • Quentin Bryant

    The v is for vaginia” vaginia nasty is her stage name

  • Synista

    Does the V in V-nasty stand for VAGINA??

    • RMfag

      Such gross language….

    • Sounds about right.

  • DollasTX

    a lot of niggahs reading this post — would have done the same shyt

    • RMfag

      Not me. Booty free

  • kristin

    Got Brooklyn looking all stupid!

    • RMfag

      Over two idiots? Cmon

  • Hoes run these young niggas.

    • RMfag

      Oh well, he probably aint ish to begin with.

  • YungKizz

    y did he F*** her anyway an u no she looks like a man

    • RMfag

      So thats why I liked her.

  • DollasTX

    IF ?!?!?!? my cuzzo EVER finish his album we going on a promo run to the bay (shoutout that nigga BUENO from Macramento) i might hit one of V-Nasty shows just to try and phuck – not cuz i want to but because i wanna try and clown this bytch AFTERWARDS

  • trlvman357

    fuckin sucker

  • fuknyourgirl2

    wow wat a pushover that pusy must be reallll good but im not da pappy

  • Simp…he’s only saying that because the only reason folks are writing about him is over the situation. He even went as far as to use it as a gimmick to sell his music..artist these days have zero integrity. This dude’s face should be next to the definition of “bi^ch” in the dictionary.

  • George Harrison