The Bronx To Be Honored At The Smithsonian As “Place of Invention” For Hip-Hop Legacy

(AllHipHop News) “Manhattan keeps on making it, Brooklyn keeps on taking it, Bronx keeps creating it,” rapped KRS-One on Boogie Down Production’s classic 1987 song “The Bridge Is Over.”

That line from the scathing diss track aimed at Marley Marl and the Juice Crew was a reminder that The Bronx is the New York City Borough credited as the place Hip-Hop was created.

Now 30+ years after the birth of the culture, The Bronx’s role in originating Hip-Hop is headed to the nation’s premier museum complex.

Daily News reports that the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History will host artifacts that represent Hip-Hop’s technological contributions as part of The Lemelson Center for the Invention & Innovation’s “Place of Invention” exhibit.

A boombox, vinyl records, flyers, and videos will all be included as part of the exhibit. As recognition to the first Hip-Hop DJ’s need to fleece electricity to power their equipment, a lamppost capable of providing energy for the exhibition’s music systems will also be on display.

Visitors can actually step into the role of a Bronx disc jockey by participating in the interactive mixing and scratching portion of the show.

“Modern mixers and a lot of the speakers and sound systems came out of what (early DJs) created,” Laurel Fritzsch, curator of the Bronx section of  “Place of Invention,” told the Daily News.

The Bronx will be joined by Massachusetts’ MIT and California’s Hollywood and Silicon Valley at The Lemelson Center. While the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a world renown research institution, Hollywood is where the film industry’s movie magic was founded, and Silicon Valley is the base for tech companies like Apple, eBay, Google, and Yahoo, The BX’s role in transforming technology is notable as well.

“The Bronx (in the 1970s) is an interesting contrast to Silicon Valley, which is kind of the stereotypical example,” said Fritzsch. “Inventors in the Bronx had a lot of hands-on skills and were able to apply that in ways that led to the creation of these innovative sound systems.”

What started as a cutting edge style of DJing by the legendary DJ Kool Herc four decades ago has gone on to revolutionize all forms of contemporary music from Pop to Rock to Jazz.

The Bronx’s part in transporting Hip-Hop across the globe will now get its due.

“We wanted to show that it’s not just a single inventor who creates something, but really a community that creates the right recipe for an invention,” said Fritzsch.

“The Places of Invention” is scheduled to open in spring 2015. For more information visit

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35 Responses to “The Bronx To Be Honored At The Smithsonian As “Place of Invention” For Hip-Hop Legacy”

    • RAP Music

      Yeah a cool ass museum nice to see hip hop get positive shine that doesnt focus on death or 2pac/big. Sounds like its focusing on the creation of the “IED” (maybe saying homemade would make more sense) style of electricity transporting storage and usage. Patchwork of simple things to make something complex and beautiful.

  1. dominicancoke

    Word up bx stand up mott haven morrisania melrose parkchester hunt point kingsbrige soundview west farms treamont co op city longwood castle hill edenwall high brige and for all those rappers who threw shade at ny lol ya would be dead or working at popeyes chicken’s and this site would be allcountry dot com

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        come to Queens and we will punk ur Spanish ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • RAP Music

      No NY No hip hop easy as that. Im all the way in Seattle WA and i love “east coast” (lets be honest that means NY) hip hop. Wish more artists would show their ass out here cause despite what people think Seattle loves hip hop. Seattle has alot of connection with rock and roll and i guess what you would call alternative music. Most famous being Hendrix aka the best guitarist and slickest mother f*cker to walk the planet earth and most recent and also a huge factor in music during the 90s, Nirvana but really more specifically Kurt Cobain. That bitch courtney love killed his ass, or at least fed him the drugs, shes hated out here like beetles fans hate yoko ono. But other than Sir Mix Alot we have had zero hip hop artists rep the city, and ill tell you why its cause we have the absolute worst hip hop stations in the country. Pick the shittiest state/city (cept maybe all of Oregon outside of Portland) and ill guarantee they got a hip hop station thats better at playing real rap music and attracting artist/tours and promoting them. Our hip hop station is essentially a pop station thats somehow labeled as a hip hop station. Its odd Western WA is a cool ass place thats real liberal/diverse and accepting and than south in Oregon and you have Portland which is the skinhead capital of the nation. Last real rapper to show us love out here was Killer Mike, amazing show he had el-p with him too they did almost all of R.A.P in a really cool venue. Juicy J was here sorta recently too, with Wiz which was cool but just makes me miss three six.

      • dominicancoke

        Cool i dig seatle i heard it rains alot..sir mixalot cool i use to dig my posees on broadway song and put em on the glass that city is way under rated but is a place i would love to visit..u should visit ny hip hop is literally everywhere especially uptown(harlem and the bronx)

  2. Asher "Black Bomb" Sommer

    Respect to the architects.
    I was in the BX in February. Also went to
    1520 Sedgewick Ave. The birthplace of Hip-Hop.
    It’s just under construction now.

    Please AHH. Don’t just copy and paste an
    official statement from the Smithsonian.
    How about to get a bit more in depth of
    what specifically has been invented in the BX.
    No word on all types of DJ Mixers and speaker
    systems, Grandmaster Flash invented as a
    hobby electrician? You should know better.
    There are even older guys on this site who believe
    Hip-Hop was started by 2pac and things were
    always gangsta from the beginning

    • RAP Music

      You know AHH doesnt have the staff with talent to do anything better than plagarize. Its horribly written, spell checked, planned out, and basically ran in every sense of the word. Just more stupid crap, site sucks now should just jump ship but im no Benedict Arnold. Im curious what the average reader thinks the start of hip hop was like/started with like you talk about, cause i dont think you are far off at all. And im not that old, im 27 but i have respect and interest in the history of hip hop while most “fans” are alcoholic club whores. Party songs are fine and great, but 99% of rap being party songs is not fine. Everyone did it without an album now, and is a millioniare with an S on their chest. Cept they aint shit except halfway good liars with a few real individuals (real as people not meaning gangsta). Bitches can kill and tough guys die.

  3. Mike Swiff


    • RAP Music

      the farther we get away from the start the more and more frequent this idea that rap wasnt started in NY will become. Which is bullshit cause NY, and specifically the Bronx deserves recognition for the creation of the global phenom that is known as hip hop, real hip hop not just music for hoes at strip clubs to shake their shit to.

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