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Hip-Hop Rumors: Will White Women Take Down Rick Ross?

This is really getting interesting, if you really take a look at it. Rick Ross has been accused and really proven to have advocated rape in a song. In my heart of hearts, I’m thinking the man just didn’t know what he was saying, because I cannot imagine the man purposefully promoting rape in a rap song. Rozay ain’t really crazy. That said: there have been protests from the likes of Rosa Clemente on down to editors of JET and Ebony and so on and so forth….and really not a lot changed.

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But, last week something changed – WHITE WOMEN GOT ON THIS TRAIN! Yes, ma’am! Rick Ross must not know! Waka Flocka doesn’t have any issues, because he’s just upset the sistas! Let him say “White women are played out” and see what happens! There is a woman’s rights organization called UltraViolet and they staged a protest outside of Reebok last week. I think Reebok and Rozay thought it was going to just go away….mannnnnnn…they don’t “just go away” on topics like rape!

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They NOT letting this go!

Do you think the White Women will do what 50 Cent, Young Jeezy, Freeway Rick, The Gangster Disciples and even Black Women could not do!? Take down the boss?!

At least they don’t have guns!

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They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.]

Illseed, Out.


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  • therealest1

    Ignorant fat idenity thief shit.

  • Ross been propped up since 50 went for his head. As soon as he becomes bad publicity for his sponsors/investors, he will fall. This whole idea that he’s a huge rap star is a big lie anyway. Rick Ross has NEVER gone beyond gold and he’s not an international star, yet he pretends he’s worth 50 million dollars. FOH.

    • Michael Thompson II

      Your right! Ross hasn’t gone platinum yet I don’t think. Maybe port of Miami has now since its been out for years now.

      • Brian Bradford


      • Keith Brickz

        thats lame spelling nazi

      • Michael Thompson II

        Try again bum

    • Ronald Booher

      gold is new platinum. How many people can do 5 consecutive gold albums in such a short time span? Also I am under the impression that port of miami is platinum now.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        gold will never be the new platinum…..gold is..gold.

      • exactly

      • trilltalk1

        lol you on dope or dog food. platinum is platinum, that’s it know in between.

      • TheInfiniteToker

        Eminem has had 7 platinum albums in a row. Jay’s not that far behind. Ross is irrelevant when it comes to album sales. The only people who listen to Ross anyway are people who think they’re all from the hood and shit. Anyone with a higher intelligence knows his music is pathetic.

      • Ronald Booher

        I was drew into him doing positive records and overcoming less than perfect circumstances. When I hear records like hustlin’ and push it. or Boss.they do nothing for me. Songs like prayer, I’m only human, and Valley of death mean more to me.

    • orlando jackson

      you say what??? dude was in tour in paris geneva and london that was his european tour I live in london and he is more famous than 50 where I live

      • You need to get out your bubble.

      • orlando jackson


    • truknown

      Port of Miami is platnum

      • greenhouse records

        He still Gold pimpin. Ross as manufactured and fake as they come.

      • Ronlg1

        No Sir, Port of Miami is NOT platinum. 750k tops. Look it up. NO Rick Ross ALBUM has ever gone past 750k. I agree with what somebody else said. “Gold is NOT the new Platinum”

    • Lamar Star

      But how many hip hop artist have been able to go platinum lately ?

      • greenhouse records

        Not many, but the promo and push he gets you would think he a platinum artist. I just dont understand why execs keep putting their money behind him.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        its all pretend money…its easy to look like a baller……i got a brand new car, gold in my mouth and neck ….niggas that see me in n out the hood its eaaaasy for’em to think im a young big baller…okay how bout the bill collectors or the WIC office that i sometimes walk to their office looking raggedy in morning clothe with 2 kids they see my address and they think im really broke and shit……….and sometimes i am really broke but i still got what i got so it looks like i got money all the time…its easy to look more paid then u are bro bro.

      • That’s true. It’s called looking like money. I once worked a dude and he said “he’s tired of looking like he has money” he wants it. Meaning you can wear gold chains , medallions, diamond earrings, but don’t have a nickel to your name. Frontin!

      • Bumpy Johnson

        there some people who save their checks just to buy 20s n rent cars for the club… if u dont know them personally u might think they dope boyz of the year lol

      • greenhouse records

        Im not talking about his image. Im talking about all the marketing, advertising, and promotion he gets from his label. Anyway you cut that cost money. He gets the same push as a Lil Wayne or T.I put has sold as much as them ever. Just seems like bad decision making For example, when you consider Ross and Jeezy on the same label and Jeezy is a multiplatinum artists and has sold more records with less albums, but Jeezy hasn’t got the same promo since his TM2

      • Bumpy Johnson

        yea ,i c wachu saying now…i dono bro, maybe the show money, ross might be in more of a deman for shows than jeezy.

      • Ronlg1

        Man even 2 Chainz went gold, it ain’t impossible. Also, the question of what everybody else is doing is irrelevant. The question is, exactly how big of a star is Rick Ross. I say he is no bigger than anybody else going Gold and that includes rappers like 2 Chainz.

      • kristin

        You mean how many HIP HOP artist go platinum. There are several artist going platinum in other genres. AND were talking worldwide.

  • C’MON ILL… “In my heart of hearts, I’m thinking the man just didn’t know what he was saying”??? He a grown azz man, he know what he was saying!! He just a cornball and thought ngz was gonna think that shtt cool . . . thats how cornball ngz be like…. Like I said in the other story, shtt didn’t even go wtf he was saying it had no place in it . . . fraud persona and all, I like a lot of his music but this shtt corny as all fuxx…

    • ^^This

      ** Minus the ” I like a lot of his music” part.

      # I’mJustSayin’


      “shtt didn’t even go wtf he was saying it had no place in it . . . fraud persona and all, but this shtt corny as all fuxx…” << This

      • NEWSKULL

        Re-This… Plus it is not a race issue… what Rick Ross said, can happen to all woman… RBK will drop his ass by the end of the month

      • Edog I’ll be emailing you my videos soon laptop been acting up, Im on here from work and don’t worry ross and I are not on the same music wave lol

      • I know it ain’t, I heard it, I’ll be putting something together for next Saturday, God Willing.

      • Cool, much respect!!

  • Ronald Booher

    Not all of them but as a generalized pattern I have subjectively perceived through my personal experience. White women are stupid.

    • Keith Brickz

      im sure they have similar opinions about you

  • BillyBobJohn

    William brings on all these things himself by his own actions. He made the co situation worse by lying he made the GD situation worse by that stupid interview and he made this worse by saying the listeners are wrong it doesn’t mean that, well what does it mean he still hasn’t said. If for once he just told the truth and dropped the act. can’t feel sorry for this guy. rape is bigger than hip hop so hopefully these woman will do something.

    • antonybriggshale

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      • fabbidavisjr

        your neighbor step sister is a hoe

      • bisolabliss


      • RMfag


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  • YungKizz

    ricky rozay aint worrin bout those white B****** man

  • Troll_E_G

    Once again white people trying pull a brother down and mess with his money…….the song is about things you dont even know so in essence Molly do get slipped in drinks so he actually putting women on game……….further more, no one went hard at Roman Polanski for the pedo charges like they doing Ross…hell Nicki named herself after him

  • The Undisputed Leader

    People can complain all they want too but rappers talk about killin’, drug dealin’, and all types of other shit that should’ve never been accepted in the first place. I don’t care how hard the beat go, or what the street says because the street is really just a place where everybody throws their morals out the window just to survive.

    I don’t support or condone none of these “Gangster Rappers”. I like niggaz like Lil Boosie and Gucci Mane’s music to an extent but Lil Boosie is a nigga that got a heart but he just a thug and Gucci Mane used to be my nigga but he done really let all the bullshit overtake him completely to the point where he ain’t even likeable as an artist.

    Music is like a power and most of these niggaz can’t even produce a beat but they buy these hard ass beats that overtake you when you hear them and then they say unacceptable shit on the beat and that’s why people been goin’ so crazy out here because they can’t separate the beat from the words because it’s all on one track, so since they love the beat, they accept the lyrics that come with it.

    • Too long, I didn’t read.

      • The Undisputed Leader

        Well, You missed some real talk.

    • RBG4Life

      low key, you just exposed the power of music and why the black community has a certain type aimed at them. to accept a certain type of mentality and ideals. when you familiarize people to something repeatedly, it destroys the ability to resist and lessens the shock or outrage, causing acceptance. if you tell a young girl she aint sh!t but a hoe and treat her like one, would you be surprised if she begins to take on the attributes of one as she got older? think about this when we support the music, culture, and mentality we support but then become upset by the circumstances these things give birth to. ignorance is dangerous, peace.

      • greenhouse records

        Real Talk

      • The Undisputed Leader

        Ignorance sure is dangerous and it’s sad that some people understand these things but they keep the knowledge from others who don’t know.

  • Eli Pinilla

    Shit has nothing to do with race. The thing is, these groups stand up for thier agenda. Look at petta, u walk around with a fur and they protest. If a white man says the n word, theres a protest from the naacp. If u talk about gays negatively, u get lgbt protets. Its become an issue cuz of his response to the lyrics and cuz he caught the attention of people who actually take a stand for what they beleive in.

    • Keith Brickz

      well said…now a days everybody wants to get on a soap box and get dramatic and spew sensationalism about race…white this black that…blah ze blah…its becoming so lame

  • JerZeBoy

    I said it before and I will say it again I don’t condone what he said but are people deaf? Have you ever heard Eminem,Necro, geavdiggaz, DMX. They all have said something similar – DMX “If your daughter older then 15 im a rape her, take her right there infront of you then ask u seriously what you want to do, kill me but im a kill you, now watch me f%^k just a little bit longer please will you” Remember that DMX line??? I do. Im not a fan of Ross but come on already find a new topic….something similar has been said many times

    • RichFromBX

      I said the same thing in another post, I think the difference is the time we live in now – this hyper P.C culture and the mob mentality with a need for blood…someone says something you don’t like – eff’em attack until their finished, no apologizes, no explaination…just end them. Look at Rutgers…

      • JerZeBoy

        I hear you. What happens is they start taking away freedom of speech then its something else, then something else.Dont buy his music because they wony play this line on the radio anymore u can bet on that. I just think its time to move on this has been posted twice a week for the past few weeks.Im over it….lol

    • greenhouse records

      I think the big difference is they are (were) playing the Ross song on the radio. The songs everyone bringing up by other artists probably never got play on the nationwide radio stations. Also back then the stations werent all playing the same bs, so now if a song gets approve it has more reach as opposed to being regional like in the 90s and early 00s. So its also a change of the times.

      • JerZeBoy

        I hear you but that’s the problem. Instead of making a standard in the beginning everyone lets it go then when it hits a nerve with them or they hear it with their own ears they want action and guess what, its too far gone. All the murdering,drug dealing drinking and driving is ok. One rape comment(that has been said in other songs a lot more gruesome) people want to crucify him. I don’t condone the line or listen to his music, but this is getting more attention then the big picture.

      • greenhouse records

        True but most song on the radio aint talking about murder and such. They atleast try to clean it up to go over people heads. I think if it would have stayed a mixtape/album cut this wouldnt have made the news. And we are forgetting there was a whole lot of protesting and smashing of cds from groups to politicians in the lates 80s and 90s trying to kill hip-hop.

      • JerZeBoy

        I agree but you now how it is every mc still talks about drugs and killing,etc. they just call it something different until the radio catches on. Hey its not going to change my life as I don’t buy Ross music and im sure its not going to affect his bank account either, but they need to just do something and be done, report some new news, nah mean?

  • PEOPLE THERES A THING CALLED BATTLE RAP they have lyrics about rape all the time, i swear people are MORONS LOL no one is taking ross down or any rapper that mentions rape, its a lyric get over your selves LOL

  • RichFromBX

    seriously, white women will be the demise rick ross? – damn you stupid…

    • Ronlg1

      Oh, you think it can’t happen? The only entities more powerful is the PETA and the Gays. They would shut his whole shit down in a super split second, homie!!!

    • When they put that fire under corporate America’s azz, they will eventually give in.

  • brotha_man

    that at the pool with riffles….. negroes must be trying to gain entrance

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  • Matt Swan

    Ill, are you saying that our black women are substandard, lack morals, and don’t have the strength either by themselves or in numbers to deaden his career? It sounds like you are. As far as a white woman doing it, I wish them well, but I can’t get past the fact that you implied it will take a white woman to fix a black man. This isn’t about sides although when it comes to famous people, you normally side with them, but makes me think you are not proud of what you are(if you are black), insecure of your skin (if you are black), and in the end in my humble mind places you on the same level as Sanuel Jackson’s role in Django Unchained. Wake up! We can take care of our own.

    • Ronlg1

      I don’t think I gathered that Black Women are substandard. And I question your statement of “we can take care of our own”. Can we really? If so, then why aren’t we? It shouldn’t even have come to “white women” having to get involved. WE should have already have taken him down. Also, someone being more powerful then you is not a “put down” or “insult” to you as a person/race/culture. It’s just a fact. Just like we as black people are for the most part better athletes and are more naturally talented, that’s not a knock to anybody else, it’s just a fact. Just like when the plying fields are equal in schools and opportunities we as black people usually excel better than a lot of our counterparts; but If you don’t think those white women are powerful, then you are wrong and i can put it in perspective for you. Majority of those “white women” are married to “white men”. Who has more power and money in this country, white men or black men? If they cause enough uproar do you think something WONT be done? But it could all be solved if WE actually did what you SAID we could do, “take care of our own”; however, that ain’t gonna happen, cause you got people on here DEFENDING Mr. Roberts.

      • Matt Swan

        This is a point where we would agree to disagree. And how can you question my statement? It’s true. There are loads of strong black families in the ghettos and in the suburbs holding it down. There are tons of black women that have broken the “glass ceiling” and made it in the corporate world, and the same goes for men. Look at the white house as an example. We’re not going to see another MLK, Ghandi, Rosa Parks, or Malcom X even though the fight is still on. In some cases the fight is still on becuase we (black people) find it easier to blame others for their situations rather than take ownership to fix it, in that sense I agree with you. I believe there are women of all races that are powerful, and to single out one over another espicially a white one means we are not on equal footing and they are the masters still. No man or woman regardless of race, upbringing, rich or poor is better than me. I’ve earned my place on this world by the hard but legal road (US Army Vet here), and I know without a doubt my role and what I can do.
        A race only has “power” as long as it has those that believe they are in “power”.This has been shown many times over througout history. The Germans were not the first to think they were the “master race”, and it goes back farther than the Egyptians who thought the same thing. Many have come…..ALL have fallen. Take away that belief, enrich your own knowledge and support your woman by any means nessicary, and you will have no choice but to prosper. Rick Ross is a fraud, and that’s well known. But no one race is going to bring him down. No one white woman or coalition of such are going to bring MMG to its knees, BUT a comglorate of women from all walks of life, CAN and WILL bring him down to where he is the one asking forgiveness, and the false bravado and arrorgance he displays will be gone. Much worse than anything 50 cent can do.

  • Q.

    White women are Kryptonite to Black coons. Leonard will fall.

  • Southcidal

    “My man Gutta like to kidnap kids, phuck em in they azz, throw em over the bridge” – Biggie Smalls, Life After Death Album.
    Where was the outcry then?
    Like I always say, if guys like Ross and Wayne were New Yorkers they’d be greatly idolized and would be able to do no wrong. Illseed is the main promoter of this nonsense. It seems as if he has a personal vendetta against the South.
    My main question is, now that he’s apologized exactly what do these female groups want him to do? Rape himself?
    To my man Ross, when you on top everybody aim to knock you off your perch. Keep making that banging Down South shiit and i’m gonna be still rockin with you.
    Phuck niggaz endulge in phuckery.

    • Southcidal

      And what about Eminem? Oh my god!! How many times has he spit shiit way worse than this towards women.

      • Calico Joe

        Nobody ever took Em serious from the beginning. He’s a gimick in my opinion.

    • Calico Joe

      I think Biggie was already dead when that album dropped. Wasn’t much they could do to him.

    • greenhouse records

      I think the big difference is they are (were) playing the Ross song on the radio. The songs everyone bringing up by other artists probably never got play on the nationwide radio stations and were strictly on albums unless it was on a mixshow. Also back then the stations werent all playing the same bs, so now if a song gets approve it has more reach as opposed to being regional like in the 90s and early 00s. So its also a change of the times.

    • True, true. But you also have to remember when you at the top as you say. Everyone’s watching!

  • Ross will go down when the Jews don’t need his fat ass anymore. All protests are staged just like the political ones.

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  • aDayLateAndAdollarShort

    Black women do rally together in solidarity for injustices against us. Just because you don’t use your journalistic skills to research doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

    • PL

      Can you give me an example of that?…I’m too tired to google…

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    Listen guys…its not about Rape lyrics in general, because music is about artistic impression, To bring up eminem and biggie to validate Ross is A.) Disrespectful to actual Lyricism and B.) hip hop ignorant. Em was rhyming cartoons, and would talk about rape on songs like “Kill You” and “Criminal” mostly about him being angry, and inappropriate, and Big did it on “Dead Wrong” which almost goes with out saying,Those two also HURLED insults at themselves constantly. what those two DIDNT do was talk about drugging women in the club on a club song. As most of these rappers would say “club music” content tends to be centered around what you do on a weekend, its not intended to shock, its not meant to provoke thought or debate. Its just supposed to be, Rick Ross is getting heat because ALL rick ross does IS Glamorize his “lifestyle” if he aint endorsing it hes not discussing it, and as the “BOSS” hes saying Bosses drug ladies. #imjustsayin – @theinfamousdot

    • greenhouse records

      Right and those songs werent getting play on the radio either. They were album tracks. Ive heard the ross song numerous times on the radio.

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  • This is ammunition for fiddy who preys on other’s downfall.

    Not got any pity for Ricky since he bought this on himself.

  • ross stupid as hell. do yall still listen to him>> abc rhymes him going uh gtfoh wit dat shit, theres prolly a guy down the street from u who rap better

  • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

    Illseed is a black woman. She is ridin for the sistas and I feel her. Yeah Ross dun fucked up but here is the baffoonery of it all…why don’t people stop taking artists so literally. They ain’t gotta be what they rhyme…we all know Ross is a fictional character. Movies and TV can do what they want. Look at Dexter…that cat is a serial killer. Maybe if Dexter murdered a fictional rapper that rapped about rape that shit would be dope BUT man this is ALL entertainment. Stop taking these rappers so damn literally…they are actors. Ross is the biggest one!

    • greenhouse records

      But they Keeping 100. Keeping it Real. Everything they say is Authentic…lol On the real though this is mostly about the kids and teens who think that shit real. Its like the kid who think he can fly like Superman until he jumps off the roof and breaks his leg.

  • atle fjeldstad

    I wish people would get this worked up by the palestine situation.
    And how your goverment pays a whole lotta money to israel… But William Roberts here should stop and say; i`m sorry! I´m stupid and didn`t realize that putting a molly in her drink is daterape if you hit it..

  • greenhouse records

    Ross and Rocko made a mistake when the took the song to radio and tried to push it as a single. Should have just left is as a mixtape/ album track.The Feds can and gonna sensor the radio stations all day everday.

  • speedy37

    This fake nigga time is up.

  • Ronlg1

    Will the white women take Rick Ross down? I surely hope so. I’m tired of this dudes fakeness. He has gotten to the point where he believes his own lies. He believes he really DID move a million dollars in coke. He believes that he IS Big Meech, Larry Hoover. And I’m tired of y’all fooling yourselves into thinking that you really like his lyrics, when really it’s always been his production and hooks that y’all liked.

  • PL

    Somebody call Ja Rule!

  • D_Ably

    UltraViolet isn’t exclusivly white. Its women in general. illseed you need to get that crack out your system before you type. Silly illy ya smackhead.

  • kristin

    Dick Floss messing up Diddys Ghost Investment Money.

  • Big Crimes


  • andynorthingtonton

    Why didn,t the white bitches boycott Eminem when he talked about raping his wife and mother on about two or three records and you slave house niggas go along with this bullshit there not doing this too there white race.

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    • michelle moore

      great site dude.. awesome

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  • andynorthingtonton

    Why didn,t the white women boycott Eminem when he talked about raping his wife and mother on two too three albums there weren,t saying nothing and black people are still brain washed house slaves and support this crap.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      eminems raps are pure entertainment he dont be in interviews like i really live this ish and when the switch blade come out type stuff etc etc etc etc … lol

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        side note eminem has been protested but he was protested for bashing gay folks ….. and that was soley because that was the only thing eminem rapped that didnt come quite off as entertainment very similar to the situation ross is in now ….

  • Ronlg1

    Also, William Roberts, if you have a whole bunch if white women (or women period for that matter) coming at your head, is “Bitch don’t kill my vibe” really the song that you want to respond to them on???? Who is advising you, dude?

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      kush and alcohol lol

  • brotha_man

    old women? yes. young women? no. if his rape lyrics went unnoticed, white girls would be in the club going dumb to this ish

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