Jim Jones Speaks On Upcoming Projects, Shuts Down King of Diamonds [VIDEO]

(AllHipHop News) Jim Jones recently shut down Miami’s King of Diamonds as he partied with Bay area rapper Philthy Rich.

The two are currently working on a East/West Coast collaborative EP due later this year. In between partying, Jim Jones took a moment to speak with AllHipHop.com about his upcoming releases and the latest with the Dipset camp.

“I got a couple deals pending, well not pending, a couple deals I’m thinking about signing,” Jim Jones told AllHipHop.com. “The music’s been pretty good, studio’s been pretty good, I been feeling good lately. It’s a good thing when I’m feeling good, the music still reflects everyday life, whether it’s my everyday life or your everyday life.”

Jim Jones also touched on the upcoming projects he’s working on.

“I’m working on a mixtape right now for the streets, working on a EP with Philthy Rich an Oakland/Harlem joint. I’m working on my album I won’t put that out till the Fall, the mixtape is viscous,” Jim Jones revealed exclusively to AllHipHop.com.

Check Out the Exclusive Footage of Jim Jones and Philthy Rich Vampin in Miami Here :

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  • foh

    Jim Jones career is a flop just like him and his bitches reality show.

  • Tre C

    Jim can’t rap though so how’s he putting out all this music?

  • Jones always working ..respect!

  • This guy thinks that he is so great…Yeah okay.


    WOW!!! the new music is “viscous”!!!! Either you guy’s really need an editor or Jimmy’s as dumb as he acts!!!

  • brotha_man

    so let me get this str8. ASAP has a houston type flow/influence. fat joe went to Miami, this brotha going cali. i guess all NY has left is Nas and Wu-tang to hold it down.

    West coast ish is dope i still bump:

    Spice 1 – spice 1/1990-sick
    c-bo- gas chamber/tales from the crypt/ autopsy

    celly cell
    mc eight
    dj quick
    e 40
    too short

    • n n

      Nah there is Sean price and masta ace and mf doom

    • Bumpy Johnson

      E 40 new shit is sooo california damn…i fukks wit it.

  • bigdoe6

    Yo Jimmy call up the Heatmakerz and get some real NY beats. Stop rapping like you from the south homie.

  • trlvman357

    Niggaz been in da game dis long and still putting out mix tapes. Meanwhile Jay-Z in Cuba!

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