Gucci In Court

Gucci Mane Indicted for Aggravated Assault

(AllHipHop News) Atlanta bred rapper, Gucci Mane, was indicted on Tuesday afternoon on one count of aggravated assault according to the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office.

The Zone 6 rapper, born Radric Davis,  is accused of striking a soldier over the head with a bottle of champagne at Atlanta night club, Harlem Nights.

This indictment is not the only potential legal trouble Gucci is facing in the foreseeable future, as a second victim has come forward in recent weeks saying Gucci assaulted him two nights later in Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia man said he approached Gucci Mane after the show when he was suddenly punched in the face.

“I haven’t ever been so humiliated in my life and disrespected,” the Philadelphia victim told Atlanta’s WSBTV.

In the first victim’s case, the victim said that he preemptively asked security if he could take a picture with the Brick Squad 1017 leader before he was assaulted.

“I’m in the military. I wanted to get a picture with Gucci Mane, is it OK?” the soldier is said to have asked the guard.

According to reports the first victim in Atlanta was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital and received 10 stitches.

More news as details emerge.

Gucci Mane's Victim

  • stefahb

    nigga fortunate enough to make it out the hood and get rich then do unneccessary shit to get locked up and get them years. Who in their right mind attacks their own fans? this dude is deranged

  • CHI545


  • Synista

    What the phuck!!!
    All the man wanted was an autograph and got 10 stitches instead,what the hell is going on wit gucci,??.

    • shakirbest

      we dont know if the solidier was disrespectful or not just because he know its gucci he could of provoked that to try to sue him the army dont make any cash they just take guccis innocent till proven guilty

    • Me-go

      Oh you must of been there? shut your ass up lame

      • Synista

        so many keyboard killas on this site!LOL

        ol’ Ralph Tresvant ass ninja.

    • $43624040

      Chalk it up to yet another occurrence of typical n1gger behavior.

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  • sakiru oresanwo

    Didnt these dudes learn from C-Murder? You cant go around bottling or punching your fans or anybody for that matter unless they posed a threat,thats what you have security for.

    • $43624040

      Let them do it, all n1ggers belong in prison for life anyway. From the cage to the grave.

  • Dointer

    Dudes must be playing ten pin bowling in prison! Someone should tell Gucci to try find a better way of smugglin his bowling ball in there! Gaurds will notice that for sure!

    • Brennan


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  • He should be lucky he has fans……I think his music, other than the Jeezy diss…..but fugg it, I’ll include that too, is TRASH!

  • The Undisputed Leader

    Waka musta seen this comin’ kause usually he be the front man in the Free Gucci Campaign but this time they got into beef right before Gucci got locked up.

  • bigdoe6

    They gonna make a example out of this fool. He’s gonna have his baby in jail. SMH.

  • cincytown

    Thats funny i was thinkin the same shit dude music garbage

  • Gucci got lost in his own Sauce! Burrrrr!

  • $43624040

    Damn this n1gger got fat…. too much kfc lol