Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Beyonce Go To Cuba On A Diplomatic Mission Of PEACE?

See, you critical, over analytical mofos better be ready to choke on your blog posts after this one! I’m laughing my shirt off, but this it a good rumor. I ain’t even gonna lie to you. THIS IS A REAL REPORT. They are saying that Beyonce and Jay could have been sent to Cuba by President Obama on an international exploration of good will! MAN, this is hilarity, but this is what the Examiner is theorizing, especially since they got permission to go over there. You know, most people are not granted such privilege. Most people are not Jay and B either. It seems like Fidel Castro, who is an enemy of the US Government, had to talk some sense in North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. He was like, “B, if you start this nuclear war stuff, its more than WWIII – ITS A WRAP FOR AT LEAST 70% of the world population. Respect due on the weapons of mass destruction but…CHILL.”


I can’t hate, these two are cooler than a fan in an Alaskan ice storm.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.]

Illseed, Out.


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28 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Beyonce Go To Cuba On A Diplomatic Mission Of PEACE?”

      • Ravi Singh

        the bigger point is, what’s fidel’s say so have anything to do wit us? they gonna cigar us to death? we got a huge marine base sitting right on ntheir island and have for decades. if you take all the money spent by all the nations in the world combined – all the nations – we spend roughly 40% of that pie. even if fidel’s mental prowess is poppin on all cylinders, he can’t do naan. in case you didn’t know, guantanomo sits on cuban land. they ain’t done jack about it in decades.

        but i hope they have a good vacation. the dems sure want those cuban americans shifting the tides in florida in their favor, and jay z is the go to guy for the pres when his poll numbers are low. if there was a real threat we would be doing drills to prepare for nuclear fallout.

        remember – the economy’s numbers that just came out were way off from what the government hoped they would be.

      • allenhaft62bf

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      • Celz

        Why you talking to ya boy’s ex wife? You dirty dog you.. 😉

  1. Michael Thompson II

    People need to stop judging a book by it’s cover. Without realizing the contents of the book can be much deeper than you realize!! Nice post ill seed.

  2. TheOnlyCoop

    Ill Seed in the last few years 400k plus American’s have traveled to Cuba. With the permission of the US Government..

  3. johnblacksad

    Welcome to Havana
    Smoking cubanos with Castro in cabanas
    Viva Mexico, Cubano
    Dominicano, all the plugs that I know
    Driving Benzes, with no benefits
    Not bad huh? for some immigrants
    Build your fences, we diggin tunnels
    Can’t you see? We gettin’ money up under you

  4. Ravi Singh

    well cuba is no threat. that’s laughable. as far as north korea, who knows, i mean it would have made more sense if they went to n. korea. somebody must like their music, if they do. i heard beyonce on piers morgan answer why people should reelect the pres, and you could tell her parents skimped on her tutor. but entertainers do have a lot of power. but n. korea knows that’s a suicide mission. if the government thought it was really a threat we would start going through drills. it probably is more about democrats trying to woo florida’s cubans. 😉

  5. Celz

    China and Russia aren’t gonna risk WW3 over NK.. And Cuba doesn’t have ANY say.. Venezuela is more relevant as far as Commies go.. Sorry it’s a reach.. NK has no juice cuz the Kim Jong’s are nuts

  6. brotha_man

    so I guess communist are supposed to be like ‘oh you’re Jay-z, well i guess i can change after all you do rap about peace.lol this is like that Gangynam style guy telling Obama how to handle diplomatic issues.

      • brotha_man

        not saying neither are dumb im saying maybe try to deal with the issues at home first. blacks killing blacks. white chicks saying N-word. Gangs, drugs, trayvon marting. want to deal with diplomats try controlling and changing the issues that plague black america first. but then his next song will be about keys. (i.e. “open letter)

      • RMfag

        Oh, IDCT.
        I just said Psy was smart, I wasnt checking for that other stuff you said.

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