Lil Wayne

Hip-Hop Rumors: Lil Waynes New Beef: WITH A PITBULL OF A LAWYER!

David Goldstein says Lil Wayne owes him a lot of money and he plans to get it by any means. Last month, a court awarded Goldstein $1.2 million in legal fees for his client, Quincy Jones III, who won a judgment of $2.2 million in a dispute over a documentary. According to, Goldstein has his eyes on seizing a number of Wayne’s expensive material items in order to settle the debt. In order to do so, Goldstein intends to move the judgement to Florida, per Miami-Dade County records. This is where he can get busy on all of Lil Wayne’s stuff like his $11 million mansion and that Bugatti! The car is valued at $2 million, b. Remember, in November QD3 beat Wayne in court and the judgement kicked in – a total of $3.4 a-milli. That’s nothing to YMCMB.

Here is the document from

The court filing that could give lawyers the green light to go after Lil Wayne's assets


The last dude looks genuinely annoyed like,, “REALLY?”

Nice Eagles hat, 50!


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.]

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  • Eli Pinilla

    Past 2 days been great!!!! New krit tape is classix, ross is dropped from reebok for not apologizing and lil wayne has to pay for thryin qd3 like that….pusha new song aight and jay got called out by the white house for keepin obama name in his raps all the damn time…check out that krit tape!!!

    • don king

      downloaded it already, krit is dope!!!

      • Eli Pinilla

        Hella dope homie…produces all his own music. Abd he sayin somethin

    • thisisafakename

      He got dropped? You just made my day sir. Stupid f*ck let his pride get in the way and wouldnt apologize about rape, deserves to lose his money. Feel another drive by coming on.

  • BossBeaux

    Sad part is wayne broke and dont even know it Baby getting that dude the way he did BG kept him drugged up so he wasnt watching his money!

    • thisisafakename

      LIke 2 pac’s situation. Got paid with cars instead of money, which were less money then what he should of been getting and you cant bank a car or invest a car and make money off it. And cars lose their value at a incredible rate. I bet baby pays wayne in similar ways. Wayne dumb as shit in many ways too so wouldnt be surprised if he was getting f*cked .

      • $43624040

        Yep, it’s a well known fact: n1ggers are fuking stupid.

  • chippc

    Is that a leather T 50 got on? Is that what’s hot??

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      if its leather and its in Cali on a 90 degree day, you bets believe thats Hot

    • thisisafakename

      Leather or like croc or some shit. I mean even if its fake leather its still something you wouldnt want to wear wherever hes at cause it looks hot as balls. I dont get leather shirts, i get jackets (not fonzy ones from the 50’s but nice ones) but the shirt shit confuses me. I mean dont you gotta wear a undershirt all the time or you get stuck to that shit? Always will have love for 50, he may not be overly talented but hes a smart business guy and has never backed down from being “street”. Gunplay, who i have nothing against other than being on MMG, got thrown around like a rag doll and for a quick second 50 was on him, you could also see yayo get on him and went “Yeah N!gga yeah” and was throwing down. Gunplay had to be on that yayo or crack cause he was up quick trying to swing on a 300 pound body guard when he was getting maced by the rent a cops. Horrible 20 seconds for him, lost his chain, got beat down on camera (not fair fight but still), and got maced which might be the worst part cause that hurts so bad. Well getting thrown like he did was most likely the worst but didnt feel that till the next day.

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        Man not trynna argue but I didn’t c 50 anywhere near Gunplay when he was gettin jumped it was Mike Knox & a couple other weed & bag carriers.LOL

      • thisisafakename

        You might be right, and the guy filming it looked like he had alzhemier. I mean its odd anytime someone films something interesting its always shakey or filming some part of the action that doesnt matter. Its tough to tell too cause its a shit phone camera and its hard to make out faces you gotta do it based on clothes. 50 Prolly smart enough not to get involved cause of lawsuits or possible jail time. I did see yayo on him, but only for a second. Was Knox the guy who threw gunplay? Guy is like Heracles Was hilarious i havent seen a dude get thrown like that since rampage smashed some dude back when he was fighting in Japan.

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        Yea I’m pretty sure that was Knox tossin Gunplay dat’s why he was the 1st one Gunplay went after when he got up & started swingin. Yayo only acts tuff when he’s steppin 2 a teenager & he’s got #’s on his side. SMH & u right whoever filmed was shakin so much u woulda thought he was in the scrap.

      • $43624040

        N1ggers always brutalize style. They have no notion of it whatsoever. N1ggers have been known to completely destroy a look, just by doing it. I think that’s because no one wants to be connected to n1ggers by looking like or dressing like the upright apes.

  • EQ

    what the hell kind of shirt fifty wearing?

  • Banksy

    Anytime your lawyers last name ends in “stein” than you already know he doesn’t play when it comes to money!

    • Dorothy Marez

      til I saw the paycheck 4 $8874, I have faith …that…my mother in law had been actually taking home money part-time on their laptop.. there neighbor had bean doing this for only about and just now repaid the morgage on their villa and bourt a new volvo. we looked here, fab22.comCHECK IT OUT

    • thisisafakename

      Yeah 98% of the world hates jews most of the time, cept when it comes to getting a surgeon, doctor or lawyer. Then you looking for the most jewish sounding name possible to do that crap. And take it from experience when you going through a divorce find a FEMALE (believe me you need a woman lawyer) jew. Jews are serious about money and medical shit. My last name ends in berg but im a german christian, i dunno if berg is jewish but to me berg was always a jewish name. I know some white power dude was harassing me about being a jew despite me not being jewish, gotta be my last name.

      • $43624040

        Most of the world hates n1ggers, too.
        Just saying.


    3rd pic Fiddy looks just like Tyler the Creator


    And what a ugly Fuccen shirt he wearing damn.. Not a fan of him obviously but I could have never pictured 50 with a snapback and a plastic bag/ gay leather shirt on

    • Who What Why When

      f*ck snapbacks! kills me how people conform to things once a few people run with something. let the youngins have their thing.

      • I’m Still In My Fitted

      • AK

        that shit is going out of style anyway not only is he in one but hes late -2 negative points for 50

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  • WTF ia 50 wearing?

  • digitallife

    50cent look like he’s wearing Halle Berry’s Vynil dress from the 90’s

    • holla

      U get a deal yet??

      • digitallife


      • holla

        U get a deal yet

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  • Negro Peligro

    what’s up with 50 shirt.

    • negropeligroisahomo

      the shirt prob cost more than your house..or section 8 building

      • thisisafakename

        Still its gay as an ass f*cker.

      • $43624040

        We call it section ape.

  • DMV703

    wtf? is 5-0 the undercover faggot rapper? his female tendencies are slowly comin out.. it all started with that one suspect ass cover of vibe or whatever magazine it was

    • Ronald Booher

      It was Gq. The vibe cover made him look like an angry bumb.

      • thisisafakename

        What was the cover? Gay like the cover of The Massacre? And to DMV i agree, well not that hes a undercover but that shirt is something no straight man should wear or own. Emo white guys dont even wear gay shit like that, and they wear mother f*cking skinny jeans and nail polish.

    • $43624040

      All n1ggers are down low f@ggots, in the sense that they rape each other whenever they realize that they can’t get any of dem White wimminz, gnomesane?

  • MrNoName2K

    lol dude looks like he wanted to snuff 50 and dip

    • thisisafakename

      would love to see that. Is there any doubt that 50 has smacked around every single artist that was on G Unit records? As far as rap i would put money on 50 to be the heavyweight champ of the world (if they boxed, wouldn’t put fake money on him rapping).

    • thisisafakename

      Wait actually dude looks like he has been up for 40 hours straight and wants sleep. Im sure thats a shit job. Only thing that lends cred to snuffing 50 is guy looks like he could be from a former soviet union country, and those people (eastern european or russians to be specific) are the craziest, toughest white people on Earth. Think racist crackers in the south are nutty, Russians are like Australians if aussies could whoop some ass. They arent to funny tho, all business.

      • $43624040

        And we all have at least one thing in common: we ALL hate n1ggers and cannot wait for them to go extinct.

  • i wonder how come 50 cent got his tats removed and then get more in the same place he had his other tats

    • $43624040

      Because n1ggers are all fake.

  • kristin

    50 looks crazy as hell w/them skinny legs and bigger upper body.

    • thisisafakename

      He gym strong, not real strong. Look at NFL players, up until the last decade they were almost all lower body cause thats where you get your power from. Now they need strong arms cause of how popular stripping the ball has become. Running backs need strong arms cause almost all defenses have the first tackler stand up the back and the 2 nd go for the strip. Ravens and Bears the best at forcing fumbles that way.


    That watch is serious

    • thisisafakename

      Yeah 50’s kicks and watch are nice. Thats a proper watch, i mean its for sure on the high end of expensive and almost to much (aka looks like you put to much money/to flashy and its gay). I want that watch, i dont understand chains honestly cause 1.) they have no purpose other than look at me and my money which is dumb, and 2.) the only jewelary a man should ever have on is a watch, anything glse is for women. Put that money into a house, or if you watch to stunt on someone put it on a watch or car. I understand buying nice cars, everyone loves a nice car even people who dont drive. Also chains are so easy to snatch, just grab and run and you could lose half a mil dollars. Like when prodigy got his jewelry stolen from some video in the mid 90s, he reportedly had 600-700 THOUSAND dollars of jewelry taken (this was in NY too which makes it worse). Maybe im hating cause i cant afford a real chain, or maybe its cause im white (yeah its racist but you dont see many white dudes famous or not with chains) but to me chains are a liability and not manly. Again if you want to shine just get a nice watch.

      • holla

        Nigga quit hatin..

      • $43624040

        Only one n1gger in this conversation, and you’re it, chimp.

      • $43624040

        It’snot racist to not want to look like a n1gger, don’t sweat it man. That just means you have good taste.

  • ImaFoolBoy

    LMAO @ 50 giving the paps a taste of their own medicine lol

  • Guest

    lol 50s always been afunny ass dude

  • Lol @ 50,, nigga got a Hello Kitty phone..

  • is he matching lol

    • thisisafakename

      His hat and kicks are. Well the green outline. Only clothes i care about are hats and sneakers. Well nice dress shirts are sick, like a proper button up. Everything else is just make sure it fits and isnt gay.

  • Naman Marion

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  • hypnotic17

    a leather shirt and an eagles hat? and this man dictates fashion to who?