Hip-Hop Rumors: What Singer Has Admitted To Being Down With Satan?

Did Kes$ha Admit To Being A Satanist?

At first I thought there was going to be some sort of way to refute this, but this almost seems crystal clear. I was personally sickened by “Die Young” by Ke$ha, but when she revealed the Illuminatit made her do it, I felt pity. Well, they must have made her do a lot more, because this video shows her and a lot of pro-Satan paraphernalia. Like, wow.

Time for some Immortal Technique to balance things out.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.]

Illseed, Out.


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  • TruthSerum

    People who believe in the illuminati probably believe David Blaine really levitates on stage to.

    A Label made her do a song that they thought was gonna make money. That has nothing to do with the devil its a business tactic from a greedy businesman and nothing more. People look for an evil supernatural boogieman to blame for everything that goes wrong in the world. Be accountable for your own actions and use your common sense. If the Illuminati existed they would hunt down people who talk about it and kill them to keep their secret. If they can control politicians and hypnotize the world with pop music, I’m sure they wouldnt have trouble tracking down Immortal Technique

    • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

      wait…….he isn’t levitating?

    • the illuminati is debatable, but the satanic imagery is definite. And if the illuminati does exist, they don’t have to silence anybody. Half the people don’t believe in them, and the majority of the half that believe are misinformed. So even if someone exposed the whole agenda, what can anyone do to stop it?

    • Thank you so much!!!

    • biafra

      “If the Illuminati existed they would hunt down people who talk about it and kill them to keep their secret”. i just landed from mars, what are you talking about?

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    So fukkin what!? It’s a good thing you thought of throwing in Immortal Technique on this non-hiphop rumor page or else you need to find a way to give each reader back the 3 minutes they wasted here

  • binary_star

    This new illseed is a dimwit, straight up.

    • Vinsanity

      Yea she is.

  • Lamar Star

    If all you all of you lame ass illuminati conspiracy theorist were to sit down and do any real reseach on the illuminati you would know that it originally had nothing to do with some fictional organization trying to supress humanity. The word “illuminati” itself means to be illuiminated, having a light which shines forth from within thus having a sense of enlightenment. I would encourage you niggas to pick up a book on chakra meditation asap. Chakras are energy centers within the human body wich are sometimes referred to as wheels of light, and there are 7 major ones just as they’re are 7 bands ( colors) within the light spectrum that when activated facilitate a sense of enlightenment or illumination. It has nothing to do with some psuedo illuminati wich thrives off of evil. Shit good and evil are two opposite ends of the same people in my opinion, and are both an aspect of God who’s charecteristics can be found within nature, and remember nature can be cruel and nurturing at the same time. Some of you niggas would flip and get real pissed if I were to tell you that the Devil and evil are just an aspect of God, but then again this is just based off of my own observation and research you can believe what ever the hell you want.

    • kristin

      You spent time typing this? BOOOOOOOOOO. Even responding to it is stupid!

      • obvious

        sooo….. you’re stupid

      • Lamar Star

        Stupid you just responded, LMAO. But I uderstand for a nigga who’s probably never finished a book in his life this was probably too much for you to deal with

      • Celz

        Hey fam I think Rick Ross dropped dropped a new song designed to appeal to your subconscious, insecurities, and vices.. You best go cop that shyt now.. Fucc intelligent discourse!

    • Herb_Bane

      Thank You.. I’m not here to defend anyone, but too many times people make comments with out properly researching the topic. And i mean READ something not watch 20 youtube videos posted by someone who knows less than the person watching.. its like a revolving door of stupidity..

      • Lamar Star

        Thats another point I wanted to make. People think that watching a couple of videoes on a certain topic makes them an expert in that field, but to me thats a cop out. Its like being told to do a book report, but instead watching a movie based off the book knowing that certain parts in regards to that book are not dipicted in the movie. People dissect information and take from it what they only want to hear instead of takeing the more wholistic aproach .

      • Teks

        And people thinking writing novels on a rumors board makes them automatically correct in what they saying…shut up Darrell.

      • Lamar Star

        No you shut the f*ck up b*tch niggga. Im not trying to show off its just information wich you cannot refute. Until you can disprove my information dont ven bother commenting sensitive ass n*gga

    • Q.

      True, though this is only part of the story.

      The original “Illuminati” were the Black, the enlightened ones….how and why did the Illuminati de-evolve into the current Luciferians/Satanists ?

      • Lamar Star

        Something tells me you know what im about to say already, Judging from you avatar you appear to be conscious, but what makes something good or evil in my opinon is our perception of it. The only thing that has devolved is our perception of lucifer/satan. Lets break down the word lucifer. In Jungian psychology Lucifer is only an aspect of the mind being the subconcious mind, and when you break down the word lucifer you get the words lucid and cipher, so for example if someone were to call you lucifer they would simply be referring to you as someone who is aware( lucid) of his or her own surroundings( cipher) because you are in full control of your own mind, thus being in control of whats around you. In the biblical sense lucifer is used in reference to man, and how he fell from a higher vibrational state or plane of exsitence into the density or gorss matter of the flesh. Isaiah 14:12 , “How art thou fallen from heaven, Oh Lucifer son/ sun of the morning how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations ” .One of the many symbols of lucifer is what most people have come to know as the baphomat/ goat symbol, and when you look at this symbol it has the words solve and coagula meaning to seperate and unite which on many levels is the pre requisite for problem solving. Lucifer in my opinion is only an aspect of god with the intent of testing you so that you may in turn become a vessel through which god can express itself thus allowing you to reach a higher vibrational frequency/heavan/New Jerusalam ( You have to traval through darkness to reach the light at the end of the tunnel). When people choose to go beyond the normal circumstanses of life to get what they desire they unknowingly invoke the luciferian aspect of themselves, or the god within. To get to a more desired state we have to implement the subconcious mind knowingly or unknowingly, and the subconcious is the realm of thought which contain our deepest fears, or things we refuse to aknowledge about ourselves. The subconcious/rational mind (underworld) is sometimes regarded as the lake of fire, and in biblical mythology it is said that the devil stands in the lake of fire bringing forth certain problems that we must deal with in order to successfully pass through the lake of fire ( it only makes us stronger). When trying to get to a better plane, or more desired state of existence we have to get past certain aspects of ourselves wich deem us unworthy of having what we desire, and when you are able to say “get thee behind me Satan” in all truth you have succesfully passed through the lake of fire rational/ subconcious mind, that place which harbors all of our deepest fears, insecurities and some good things as well. When most people think of satan they think of some personified pitch fork wielding charecter living beneath the surface of the earth, our ancestors viewed satan/Lucifer as nothing more than energy or an aspect of the mind. In the egyptian/kemetic pantheon Satan corrosponds to the god set and was worshiped during Egypts pre dynastic era. The perception of Lucifer/ Satan devolved during the inception of psuedo christianity( The first council of Nicaea 325 AD) in order to keep humanity from being in control of they’re own destiny’s, or to keep them from looking within to find light and being Gods unto themselves. I dont know if that answers yur question but if I were to go into further detail I’de be writing a book, but ill leave you with some reference material, or books wich delve more deeply into the subject. Inner work by Robert A. Johnson, Saturn a new look at an old devil by Liz Greene, The science of sciences and Science in Science by African creation energy, Astrological foundations of the Christ myth by Malik H. Jabbar, and though I do encourage people to do they’re own research look into some lectures by Bobby Hemmitt, Rev Phil Valentine and bro panic, these brothers drop alot of knowledge. Peace

      • Q.

        From my understanding, the “lu” in “Lucifer” and “lucid” comes from the Latin root “lux” meaning “light.” Lucifer translates as “the light bearer” and “morning star” referring to the planet Venus, which, in astrology, represents the feminine principle, also corresponding to Eve, often regarded as the first “devil” or weakness in Humanity, as the result of the splitting of Adam/Atom into a dual species. Regarding Set worship in ancient Kemet: after coming into enlightenment, the Mystic pharaoh Akhenaton abolished polytheism and, thusly, Set worship, reaffirming the existence of the ONE true and living Creator, Aten. He re-introduced the Unity principle into a highly advanced society that had become engrossed with idolatry, materialism, and technology (sound familiar?). Shattering the status quo, Akhenaten reformed the nation by establishing a monotheistic society, professing the divine link between Humanity and the Most High, thus dooming the corrupt practices of the priests, who had theretofore abused their positions as mediums between God and Man (sound familiar?). This angered the establishment, and Akhenaten was ultimately assassinated. After his death, Kemet reverted back to polytheism and continued to decline. The inverted star/pentagram (goat) of the Baphomet symbolizes the inversion of Christ consciousness/ALLAH., i.e. the Anti-Christ. The star comes from Moorish science/Islam. the name “Baphomet” is a distortion of the name “Mohammed.” But this is besides the point…

        Lucifer was the bright (intelligent) angel who jealously rebelled against the Most High to prove a point, that point being that he could manipulate God’s children aka Humanity, via seduction and trickery, into rejecting the will of the Most High, and bring it to its ultimate destruction…by means of humans’ own free will, in effect mocking the Creator and Creation itself. In essence, Luciferians are Anti-Human/Anti-Nature; they subscribe to the belief that they can successfully rival Natural Law/Creation. Evidence of this can be found in our modern world: cloning/eugenics, GMOs, nuclear warfare, patriarchal hegemony, slavery, ritual matricide, fratricide, infanticide, genocide, mass-shootings, blood sacrifice, mind control, hedonism, debauchery, rape, torture, pederasty, pedophilia, bestiality, vampirism, cannibalism, necrophilia, technophilia, idol worship, ultra-capitalism, pyramid corporate schemes, fractional reserve banking, FOP/KKK, NWO, OTO, Freemasonry and more are all manifestations of Luciferian philosophy, and have brought the world to the depraved state it’s in today. The Thelemic occultists espouse the mantra “Do as Thou Wilt,” a seductive phrase which glorifies the Luciferian concept. This allure of uninhibited free will may seem empowering to many people, but is misleading. On the surface, the idea of uninhibited free will might seem masterful; but what most people don’t understand is that the Luciferian ulterior motive is to destroy, not improve Humanity.

        Luciferianism represents Duality, a spiritual experiment which the Most High allowed to take course within Creation, so Creation could explore the nature of Itself. In the Most High’s omniscience, although he knew that Duality would ultimately fail, Humanity was allowed Free Will so we would have the opportunity to make the Right decisions, and ultimately return to the Light. The error in Luciferian philosophy is that they believe that they can operate solely in the lower plane/lower Self aspect of existence outside of the bosom of the Creator. They believe the Light of Intelligence/Rationalization can trump the all-encompassing Light/Love of the Most High. In my opinion, what defines Good and Evil is the intent of the practitioner. Simply put, to willfully act in contradiction of Natural Law and Humanity is to commit evil. I believe that due to the misjudgment, missteps of the Original Man, lesser beings were initiated into the Occult and allowed to run rampant with its practices, which, combined with the lesser beings’ destructive nature, has resulted in the total imbalancement of this world. This has resulted in an elite ruling class of Dark occultists who must continually sacrifice/cannibalize everything around them in order to satiate the spiritual void in themselves. But just as the part cannot be greater than the whole, Man’s intelligence will never supersede the Supreme Intelligence of the Most High! Thus, Lucferianism/Satanism is merely a futile exercise of spiritual entrapment. As baby gods, those with active pineal glands possess the ability to attain higher levels of consciousness, self-power, knowledge, self-mastery and thought WITHOUT having to divert to nefarious rituals which debase our divine essence. Ultimately, to stand in the Light/Love of the Creator/The All, one must Know and Love Thy Self…in my opinion. ONE.

      • Lamar Star

        I can honestly say that you’ve taught me something with this post, as the saying goes ” one that thinks he knows somethings knows nothing at all “. You’ve given me alot of work to do, because now I have to go back and reserch this subject on a deeper level. It’s not often that im able to talk to people in regards to subject matters such as this, and at time it makes me feel like an outcast. So I thank you for takeing the time out to respond to my comment. Peace.

      • Q.

        The path of Knowledge can be a long and lonely road, indeed…we’re merely students taking the walk. I feel I know little; I seek only to improve Understanding, my own and others’. But Knowing isn’t for everyone…which is why the ancients created “Mystery” Schools! LOL

        More than glad to build with you, bro. PEACE.

    • Teks

      whatever the heck you want to call it. It still doesn’t discredit an omnious presence within the industry you moron. You’re an idiot to think otherwise

      • Lamar Star

        You havent read sh*t I’ve said. I didnt discredit I’ts pressence within the music industy, and at the end of the daywhat is your lil bitch ass gonna do about it ” assemble your little team of weak ass niggas and put an end to it for once and for all” ?. Stop being a little hyper sensitive quick to jump to conclusions ass b*tch n*gga because you didnt take the time to read. Your dumbass has probably never read two paragraphs out of a book your whole life.Shut the f*ck up and quit gettin your panties in a bunch it’s not like im forcing you to agree with me. Like I’ve already said this is based off of my own observation and research, so do your own, come back and refute my information if not sit back down and shut the f*ck up b*tch boy.

  • This is ridiculous. It’s in a song. Wayne said he’s a Martian. He must be an escapee from Area 51.

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  • Antoine Hart

    isnt the upside cross is the cross of st. peter though..?

  • don king

    this slut is 1 of many proofs, that the mainstream-music-scene is run by greedy satanic bastards. cause who else would sign n invest money into this no talent piece of trash??? she cant sing, write, play any instrument, dance n she looks like a std on 2 legs. booo bitch booo!!!

  • trlvman357

    Satan laughs at bitches like this

  • Eric Emajor Jackson

    The way dude is talkin in the vid….he sounds like he’s on the same team she’s on…cus from what I know/heard/read and believe…..GOD would talk like that

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  • The Undisputed Leader

    Some of yall are educated enough to get people to agree with you about what you say on this topic but most of yall are mixing good knowledge with your own misinformation, therefore blindly tricking the people who agree with you.

    These artists have to sign their name in blood. And they all basically have to promote the satanist agenda by what they say and do. So if you think goin’ to the strip club and makin’ it thunderstorm is what’s poppin’, you are going against God, therefore promoting a satanic activity, regardless if you think so or not. All that Gangster shit that you listen to, where niggaz talk about killin’ other niggaz, gettin’ brain, stuntin on niggaz just to make em hate and make them jealous, stealin’ nigga’z wives and baby mommas and all dat, yeah, that’s satanic.

    • 8683 310


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  • MrNoName2K

    eh…who cares, id still knock her up…oh boyyyyyy

  • Vinsanity

    Its a gimmick just like I.C.P

  • Vinsanity

    Im glad alot people decided to open their eyes on this illuminati bull shit. Illseed your contributing to create a dumb generation on youngsters who will never rise.

  • kristin


  • Vinsanity

    Eazy-e used to say he was down with the devil all the time as a matter of fact he used to say he was related to him, then when he knew he was going to die he admitted to it just being a gimmick, he never once said he was down the illuminati. When i was a kid the big secret that controlled everything was the kkk even had Eazy on their hit list. Funny how both time and rumors change.

    • 8683 310

      every tongue shall confess every knee shall bow..It’s funny how you glorify the devil for years and profit nothing, and you lay on your death bed and you want to tell everyone you were tell God that, not us.

  • gunnstarr

    lol if your down with God in the biblical sense then your down with satan-after all THEY ARE THE SAME ORGANISATION…


  • Synista

    So now pop singers are somehow relevant on a “HIP HOP”site?
    Great journalistic work SYDNEY lace.

  • Bravos Xodus

    i guess he really doesn’t like Ke$ha.

  • 8683 310

    it’s often said that the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist.

  • Bitch it ain’t mine

    Pastor troy had a song “saying I sold my soul to the devil for a small price” but he was talking bout niggas condemning they self to hell by gang banging,selling dope and killing each other but ain’t really getting shit for it

  • MildManneredReporter

    anybody that believes in the Illuminati or listen to any dbag on youtube talking about the subject is simply a retard and shouldn’t have internet access