Hip-Hop Rumors: Who Was Jay-Z Calling A Dweeb Though?

“Woulda brought ’em to Brooklyn for free, ‘cept I made a million off you f**kin’ dweebs.”

So, tell me…who is the man talking about? I know this isn’t a rumor, but this is destroying my brain cells!

Bad day for dweebs.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.]

Illseed, Out.


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  • So this is a major headline, for us to fill in the blanks? What’s the point of posting an article if there is no proof? Anyone can grab a Jay-z line and try to blow it out of porportion.

    • Ravi Singh

      can anybody grab a biggie line and blow it out of proportion? ask nas.

      • NEWSKULL


  • mike malarkey


  • This nigga illseed need to be gun-butted repeatedly

    • Pharaoh Corner


    • allenhaft62bf

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      • MuthaFuka Jones

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      • JohnnyQuesst

        My buddy. Nigga my buddy. Shit. Wherever I go, he goes.


    Slow day huh

  • Eli Pinilla

    “I still own the building, I still got my seats”

    If u woulda put the rest of the bars in, it would obviously show he is talkin bout the nets owners. Think he felt like he got played. His shares only came out to 375k. But they had him tap dancin every night at the barklay center………”new wold managment”??? Why would he keep on playing into that illuminati stuff???


      Hey Genius I’m pretty sure he got PAID BIG MONEY for the so called tap dancing you are referring to. I never heard or saw any report’s of fans not having a good time at any of the show’s so what are you talking about.

      • Eli Pinilla

        “Mr Genius”?!?!? Ill take that lol

        He was getting played from the jump. Why u think he sounding bitter now? Why he calling then dweebs?? He was being used for promo. Of course he gonna get paid. But it obviously wasnt what he wanted cuz hes the one thats puttin that out there, not them. Nobody would know that he has a problem with the iwners if he didnt just put it out there….im a huge jay z fan, but I call shit how I see it.

      • Weedras

        it seems more like he’s just speaking on it… because regardless if he wanted to go into sports management he would have to sell his interest in the team, he instead turned it into Equity in the stadium… smart move..

      • Eli Pinilla

        Its all strategy with him….he got into a business that he knew would .make him have to cut ties with the nets…but why call them dweebs? The way the news set it up, it made it seem like it was just business. But its not cuz he wouldnt be name callin if it wasnt somewhat personal. He coulda left amacably but he obviously put that out there cuz he wanted peole to know that wasnt the case… …

      • Weedras

        i don’t think he’s really calling the out the Nets organization either cause in the End the Net’s now has one sole owner everybody else has chump change like what Jay had in the team… i think he was more taking shots at the elitists who got upset he went to Cuba…that’s what he’s upset about not the Nets org… that’s what i got from listening to the track a few times… it doesn’t seem as if it was the nets org he was calling out cause in the end he still has to do business with them being that he’s sold his shares for more stake in the arena..

    • brotha_man

      we already knew he didnt have much stake…..Jamie Foxx pointed that out on SNL. lol. he was just was getting played from the get, but he still paid and some times u gotta take L’s, it will make him a even better business man in the end.

    • NYG20

      No matter what anyone says Jay helped get the Nets to Brooklyn. That alone is a win.

    • Raheem Classick

      You said > His shares = 375K / HOV said > I made a million off you f**kin’ dweebs, I’ll tap dance to for millions of dollars too.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Him tap dancin to a million is equivalent to you tappun for a hundred…with a dress on……he upset, not me lol

      • Raheem Classick

        So says the I,I.

  • Whoever paid him to bring the Nets to Brooklyn?

  • DollasTX

    “obama said chill you gon get me impeached
    you dont need this shyt anyway, chill with me on the beach…

  • brotha_man

    jay-z need more muscle if he wants to claim his true stake in the “big business” world. Robert Di Niro already let him know that ‘ish

    • ll3acdafukup

      wow stop you remember that one eh lol.. most of these cats don’t remember shit…


      For real?… when?

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    If he’s taking shots at anybody it’s all the crab n the barrel ass loser’s on every website who have something negative to say about any & everything he does no matter what it is. Dude’s even commenting on what he wear’s, the been played out “camel” Ish!!! Only our people (Black people) wake up in the morning & go out of their way to shit on something good another one of us accompolishes!!! If he or Oprah gives away a million dollars someone will say “Why didn’t they give more? or “they are only doing it for the exposure” or “to seem nice”. A Black Man actually winning can’t even be looked at as a winner in his own community!!!!

    • DJ7

      Fam, J been out of that barrel that you speak of….took a high yellow broad with him & nailed the top shut, so you really think this guy would waste his time throwing a shot at the crabs now? “Camel” will never play out as long as dude resembles one!! What’s good with you only singling out our people with negativity like no other so called race of people do it….matter of fact, your beloved saltines started that insanity through manipulation….smh @ you right now @ blacks are the only ones hating on everything, man please!!

  • Doc Franchise

    Has to be the russian owner. before dude bought the team Jay had a sizable portion of ownership and had his stock diluted similar to how Zuckerburg did the other creator from Facebook. If he was smart enough to get in on the Barclays center he wins. Even with his diluted ownership stake he was 100% responsible for the rebranding and being the face of that organization and that would entice players as well as other urban business possibilities. In my opinion its a huge loss for the Nets and one they deserve. Russian owner may be a wiz business man but he failed to realize the cultural impact, significance and sway Jay carries with young black ball players in America.

    Russian was def to smart for his own good.

    • Super_Hero

      Jay-Z had .067% of Nets before the Russian took over. It was Ratner that brought Nets to Brooklyn and used Jay-Z as the face to avoid big protest of kicking people out their homes to take their land to build a stadium since Jay-Z is Mr. Brooklyn even though he lives in Manhattan. Ratner started to lose money and sold the project to the Russian. Jay-Z never had more then .067% of Nets.

      • Doc Franchise

        i stand corrected.

  • Keith Brickz

    LOL @ illseed using pictures of himself for the dweebs

  • DollasTX

    Carney: ‘The President Did Not Communicate With Jay-Z’

    youtube it – humorous

  • Boo

    Yo he said DWEEB not dweebs. It’s not even up for debate. Is anyone actually listening to this song?

  • Raheem Classick

    When all said & done it doesn’t matter how small or large the share or stake in the Nets was, All that matters is he’s opening
    more doors for the next man, He made millions off his shares, So I
    congratulate him.

  • Raheem Classick

    Some say HOV got played, His share in the Nets was small, He was the mascot, Etc…..Listen, The man made millions and he has businesses inside of the Barclay’s Center, He’s spent time learning about Sports Agencies, And now he’s setting up his own agency, I can go on & on, I find the actions of Jay-Z to be very desired.