Universal Music Publishing Group Sued For ‘Massive Marijuana Use’ In Offices, T.I. Implicated

(AllHipHop News) While most Americans are in favor of legalizing marijauana, one 41 year old African American security guard is taking issue. The unnamed security guard is suing Universal Music Group-owned Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG), Universal Protection Services and a variety of other parties for “alleged labor violations, including a hostile work environment” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The unnamed woman worked for Universal Protection Services at UMPG’s complex in Santa Monica, CA and in the lawsuit details the unprofessionally cavalier attitude UMPG and Universal Protection Services exhibited towards marijuana use in the office. In the lawsuit, she alleges her superiors would ignore her written complaint and she was on numerous occasions informed when to “expect blazers” which is a term used to refer to marijuana smokers. At one point she recalls “artists and high-profile celebrities began visiting the premises with drugs in hand and oftentimes offering drugs to Plaintiff, which she refused,” according to the lawsuit.

One particular incident involving a high-profile celebrity is a January 7th altercation with T.I. and his entourage. Besides marijuana odor seeping out the studio T.I. was at with rapper/singer Future, the unnamed Plaintiff alleges that one of T.I.’s body guards refused to move his vehicles to the designated parking lot. According to the suit, his reasoning for refusing was he needed to be readily able to transport T.I. off the premises “if a shootout or something goes down.”

The Plaintiff was denied employment on the premises after being suspended by her operations manager following her written complaint about the January 7th incident.

A spokesman for Universal Music contacted The Hollywood Reporter about the allegations and issued this statement:

“While we cannot comment on the allegations between the plaintiff and her employer, we can say that the allegations as they relate to Universal Music Group are absurd.”

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  • Communist Russia.

    She just looking for a payday Her ass got fired lol

    • Calico Joe

      I bet she bout to get paid like sh*t though.

      • thisisafakename

        Nah i bet a small amount just to shut shit up. But lawyers will take all your money, waste it away re-reading documents and other scumbag tactics. I’d fire this bitch to for complaining about weed, jesus christ how much weed must of there been to need to complain? I thought this was like a building management issue or they scared that TI will void his parole by just being around it/users.

  • holla

    They was smoking weed? Weed? bitch u told about weed? *scrolls back up to make sure it wasnt crack*.. *Nope, it was weed*
    Bitch sit yo renta cop crybaby ass down somewhere

    • RMfag

      It was unprofessional. TI should worry more about shooting up the charts than getting shot up or shooting up weed.

      • Choppa

        Shooting up weed? Nigga im happy u a homo so theres no chance of reproducing for u.. I really wanna beat the shit outta ya parents tho

      • RMfag

        I have children. Because unlike you, I only fukks wit puzzy.
        You want to beat my parent because yours wouldnt accept your “alternative” lifestyle. Beat your own.

      • BeeBeeGun

        You sound silly. . how exactly does one shoot up marijuana???

      • RMfag

        It went with the comment and created conversation.
        Im not brand new.

      • $43624040

        Just goes to show, a n1gger is a n1gger is a n1gger. They’ll never evolve to even a low level of basic humanity.

  • Top Flight Security

    Suuuur!!! Suuuuuuur!!!! you gone have to move that truck Suuuuuuur!!! its a VIOlashun!!! I dont care who you are.. I dont care that I do security for the parking lot of the studio youre going and and that my job is to watch out for your car….so.. you gone have to move it.. or im calling the Police!

    • RMfag

      Assumption much?

  • The Undisputed Leader

    If they were smoking, that’s nothin’ but if she was bein’ treated unfairly, then I understand. But I ain’t runnin’ to the courthouse for nothin’



  • need2morehands2give4thumbsdown

    her fat lame azz was smokin dat ish. dont ask me how i know she was fat…

    • RMfag

      How did you know she was fat?

  • DollasTX

    she must not know she lives in the weed CAPITAL of the UNITED STATES

    • Might be Washington state cuzz.

      • anemia716

        nah, Humboldt County, CA hands down.

      • DollasTX

        that HUMBOLDT CO green – “grams down”

      • Dr Greenthumb

        Htown texas is deffinetly in the running for bein doja smokin capital

      • DollasTX

        thats all that hydroponic – seattle known for –

  • wordonthestreets

    If this happened at Universal in NYC or MIA then this would be a serious liability issue. The fact that it happened in Cali, somebody simply has to produce a medical marijuana card and say they were the ones smoking. A judge is far more likely to rule in favor that Universal is unable to deny an employee medicine they need, before he’d rule on a “hostile” work environment case from a single individual. With that being said, this chick will get a 33/67% split settlement with her attorney. This will NEVER go to court.

  • RMfag

    Ratchet at its best.


    Some people just have no concept of reality. You’re a security guard trying to tell a billion-dollar company how they should run their billion-dollar business!?!! #duh

    • RMfag

      Ima need to see some receipts for the billion dollar comment.
      Where there’s smoke there’s fire. If they are bringing the green in, god knows what else theyll bring in.

  • Mike Swiff

    Wow was she a Christian?…cause they don’t like anything! smirk

  • Silverado

    I don’t smell weed as much as I smell someone who wants a payoff. Why do we cater to clearly the minority here when the majority obviously besides being the majority also rule the day with it’s use and enjoyment of cannabis?? The majority suffers because of one ambulance chaser….

    • RMfag

      Give me a break. What are relevant thing are they doing besides breaking the law?

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  • Slaughtr

    Alot yall niggaz talk some of the stupidist shyt I’ve ever heard.a place of business is a place of business,I like weed myself but to offer it to a security guard come thefck on children grow the fck up.I have smoke in the studio plenty of times but theres a time and place.when you say universal you don’t know when the Bo’s coming through dummy’s and as far as all that rent a cop shyt plenty of rent a cops made your presence secure so don’t fake I know guards with gunz that got their apple peeld so cool it now like New Edition.So what would happen if she got fired for not saying shyt right food line while fake ass celebrities continue the sherade.

    • RMfag

      I would love to agree with this comment if I could understand it.
      No shade but its really sad how many other commentators co-signed having weed in a place of business.

      • Matt Swan


    • holla

      STFU Lame

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  • Lol!!!

  • Frank

    I always wondered how the this would work. It’s legal for medical use in CA, so how can you stop someone? If they have a legit script, then how can you tell them not to? Unless they invoke Fed law. Or just a basic no smoking in the building policy.

  • drac215

    Jesus is our savior!!!

  • digitallife

    You took a job where i’m pretty damn sure your palms were greased on a daily basis and i’m pretty sure you got to eat the best catered free food on top of earning a check and watching celebs come and go…and you want to complain about weed? If they are offering you drugs i’m pretty sure they’ve offered you money and tickets and shhht. Enjoy that security at Kmart which is where she’s gonna end up.

  • People are stupid!

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  • Shugabear

    If you are a security officer that does not like marijuana smoke, why didn’t you just ask to be removed from that site and placed at another? Why involve the police with this matter? That was some dirty s–t! So now, she is playing with people’s freedom over something that will be eventually legalized. I also don’t understand why she would get the police involved with artists who already have dealt with the cj system. That is extra dirty! It was marijuana, not crack, cocaine, or heroine! She must come from a L7 COGIC background. Get your 5 minutes of fame and take a seat!

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  • Cee Hurston

    Drinking, smoking and other drugs fortunate or unfortunately are a part of many artists process to get right before making great music. We would have to rat out Marvin Gaye, Wiz Khalifa, Ray Charles, Jay-Z, and 75% of artists white and black, past and present. Unprofessional? The label wants their artists to be in a zone to make the best music to make money. The security guard should be respected, yes, but the guard is playing victim to get paid, pimpin’ the opportunity more than anything.

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