DMX Reunites With Son; Looks To Fix Life

(AllHipHop News) DMX has been on of the most consistently confounding artists in Hip-Hop history.

He may top his accomplishments with a new show, “Fix My Life,” as he reunites with his son Xavier. The pair have not seen each other in over a year.

The reunion becomes contentious with his son put a no-drugs condition on their reconciling.

“Healthy relationship, can we have that? Clean, completely clean,” Xavier says.

“That’s some bulls**t,” DMX exclaims. “If you gonna put a condition on our relationship, well then I get that’s when you’ll get to see me.”

In the video, host Iyanla Vanzant and DMX clash as well.

The show runs in its entirely tonight on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network.

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51 Responses to “DMX Reunites With Son; Looks To Fix Life”

  1. laurenceriley

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  2. water_ur_seeds

    dmx still on drugs then… dude was biggest star in hip hop at one point, above jay and all them… waste of a talent…

    • 1 Mic

      tell what rapper doesn’t do drugs? DMX problem is his mental health, he’s got bipolar and some other shit, and that is why he is what he is today.

      STFU with that waste of talent shit, talent don’t even sell in hip hop no more, DMX did he is thing, he had a bunch of shady record deals with some snakes and that is probably the main reason he fell off.

      • water_ur_seeds

        its not just taking drugs like pills or sniffing coke what ever, crack is a whole nother level… most rappers dont smoke crack!!! some might of smoked it once or twice, but x was/is a certified crack head, fiening for the schitt… he would of been top 5 rappers doa… hes got alot to talk about if he could just get himself together and put it all in an album…

      • DJ 7

        X was smoking crack way b4 he even had a deal G….like he once said years ago. didn’t give a F about it then….why do you care now?

      • water_ur_seeds

        i know i read his book, i care now as a hip hop fan, and see him wasting talent…

      • hoeyuno

        Agreed… the only time x cares about cleaning himself up is when he’s doing time or facing time.

      • water_ur_seeds

        lol @ you adding more after i left comment… talent sold BACK THEN, and the fans who where fans then who bought records still buy them now, me being one, and everyone routes for x… he never had a shady deal , you dont know what you on about…

        hes the only rapper as far as i know that had TWO multi plat albums in one year, he had the best deal in the game at the time with def jam and had his ruff ryders label with dee & waah and own clothing line, he had the world at his feet literally, he even started bloodline on his own…

        not to mention his acting career!!! he was in great movies and was one of the few rappers that was actually good at acting…

        the only reason he fell off is coz of the drugs…

    • Tall Shon or T.S

      Word, they have to do better when it comes to the write ups on this site. Someone really need to proof read over this mess.

      • Jacquie

        I think you meant, “Someone really needs to proofread this mess.” I agree. We are accepting all kinds of grammatical errors on websites and almost everywhere else. Shame, but that’s the “dumbing down” of America.

    • $42319920

      Oprah has some really good shows on her network….1.) Well come to Sweetie Pies 2.) Unfaithful 3.) The Haves and the Have Nots 4.) Iyanla Fix my life 5.) Blackboard Wars 5. Beverly’s Full Life……etc………you should watch her network, it’s really good programming.

  3. petit la whore

    hopefully things work out with him one day. Sure he’s had so many chances and always fucks it up but he’s the type of person who deserves it I personally think.

  4. Your Dog Needs Training.

    Feel sorry for DMX, we see his situation from the outside in, I hope
    he eventually finds the strength to clean himself up and get back on track.

    Its about time he plays his track ” Slippin” over and over again until he
    gets the meaning.

  5. victoria

    DMX just needs to detox…thats all…..and he will be fine…..a good ole colon cleanse…..he will change so much…his voice will change…his demeanor…..he won’t rap no more….probably even start a Christian Bluegrass Band….it will be great….I wish him well….and once he is all better….he can tell his story and be a role model…it is all possible…remember cleanse that colon….

    • $42319920

      What does a ‘Colon Cleansing” have to do with a serious DRUG addition…DMX needs a DRUG detox NOT a colon cleansing.

  6. $42319920

    DMX still has a chance to recover, however, he has to hit rock bottom, and take responsiblity for his choices and actions and then he can begin the recovery and healing process with himself and then his family(KIds). I still love DMX and I wish him the very best, we all should pray for his recovery…

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