EXCLUSIVE: DMX: “Iyanla Didn’t Fix My Life…She Made It Worse”

(AllHipHop News) Ever since the previews of “Iyanla: Fix My Life,” DMX has been the talk of the internet as he showed a volatile interaction between the rapper and inspirational speaker Iyanla Vanzant. DMX is the subject of the season preview of the show, which airs tonight on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network.

But DMX, through his representative Domenick Nati of Nati Celebrity Services, sent an exclusive comment denouncing the show’s effort to fix his life.

“DMX agreed to be a guest on ‘Iyanla: Fix My Life’ with the understanding that she would be helping his relationships with his 10 children,” the statement says. “When he arrived for the taping, most of the content was focused on his struggles with drugs and poor parenting. Iyanla did not ‘fix’ DMX’s life just made his image worse, and does not have DMX’s personal written consent to use the footage.

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DMX’s effort to stop the 90-minute show set for tonight at 9/8c will assuredly prove futile. What other actions DMX may pursue remain to be seen. The rapper is moving forward with his career. Earlier in the week, he played Madision Square Garden hijacking a set during Alicia Keys show.

“What the team does want DMX’s fans to know is that he is working on a new album that will include Swizz Beatz and we hope to also work with Timbaland, Dr. Dre, and Kanye West.,” it said. “Another announcement is his upcoming film ‘Blame It On The Hustle’ Mekhi Phifer and Ving Rhames.”

Click here for the video of DMX and a seemingly contentious interaction with his firstborn son, Xavier.

  • andone

    not to diss X, but how is it that ppl line up to go in on shawty lo for being both a good provider as well as a decent father/parent to ALL his kids… while X(who ironically has also had his own reality show and multiple baby mothers if im not mistaken) gets a pass even tho his drug/legal/personal problems have been more than publicly documented… selective hate perhaps???

    • Celz

      Context context context… Shawty Lo’s show was some BS frontin like his life was in order and he was taking care of his kids when he owes back child support. Kids need medical insurance, if your baby moms is on the county the Tax Payers are helping you pay for your kids period. Shawty Los show was plain niggerish fuccery.. They gave all the baby moms names like the shyt was Flavor of Love get the fucc outta here with that shyt.. (not you the producers lol)

      • andone

        imo shawty seemed very genuine so i beg to differ… to my knowledge none of his kids or baby moms are complaining, dude appears to be keepin everyone happy from my observation… i cant agree wit wat ur sayin, lets not act like hes the only paid person fallin short on their child support if that is in fact the case… hypothetically speakin, there could be a # of reasons why he may happen to be justified in that situation for all we know… also i dont see how his proposed reality show was going to make black ppl look bad when there are plenty of other shows very similar starring “white ppl” and none of those were petitioned before they hit the air… lastly if there is any concern from taxpayers why would u block somthin that would prevent ur tax $$$ goin to them, thats jus @ss backwards… while imma give u credit for catchin onto the show creating ratchet names and such i still dont think it was entirely lo’s fault or idea, more than likely u can thank the producers for that bruh… i jus noticed the double standard and thats why im callin these hypocritical crab in barrel @ss n!gg@s out… either way really my main question was why does X get a pass when we all know dude fv(ked off so much potential and instead baller block the person doing @ the very least semi right by his seeds… ill listen to anyone who can explain!!!

      • Celz

        White shows are always boycotted and banned.. Buckwild was boycotted by congressmen and finally cancelled. Just because you don’t follow up on it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

        The issue with Shawty Los show is HIS TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC are the ones who boycotted and petitioned the show.

        The show was ignorant and full of shyt just like EVERY reality show. But instead of taking a serious look at mistakes and poor decision making Shawty Lo tried to front like he’s the White Family with 19 Kids or whatever when he’s not. He’s not as bad as DMX but he is without a doubt closer to DMX than the Duggar’s or whatever their name is. Havin 10 kids out of wedlock with 9 different women (isn’t it even more than that) is NOT OK. Shawty Lo can’t afford to be the provider for 9 separate families. This is not some Muslim or Mormon ish where everyone lives as one family. It makes zero moral and financial sense. Lil Wayne has WAY less baby moms than Shawty Lo AND HE CAN afford to support them all. It’s different fam, you don’t have to agree with it but his finances prove it.

        Shawty Lo was counting on providing for his family with the proceeds from a show that is about him providing for his family. That’s ass backwards and it needs to be cancelled. If he makes a show like T.I.’s road to redemption where he takes a serious look at his mistakes and tries to help other’s avoid his mistakes then I’ll support that.

      • andone

        granted i might not be completely informed, but why did shawty have to be the scape goat tho… i do recall mtv gettin complaints for a reality show about rich white folks actin a fool in the boondocks recently, however if my memory serves me right lo’s show was the first urban show to be petitioned like it was…

        “The issue with Shawty Los show is HIS TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC are the ones who boycotted and petitioned the show.”

        thats my point exactly, the same ppl who watch love and hip-hop ect. were the same ones hatin on lo… SMH…

        look im not tryin to make excuses for anyone but i seriously dont understand why everyone ignores one mans flaws only to insist on tearing down the other… i cant respect that…

        also t.i wasnt doin nothin positive till he got popped that n!gg@ aint gettin no props for that but im not gonna go out of my way to hate on him either… as far as im concerned lo’s show was jus as valuable and effective as an example on how to take care of urs, im not playin favorites tho homie… so wit all that said it was good choopin it up wit u but its that time, bout to cut to this party ill catch u later… WST!

      • Celz

        Why do you and other people think going against something is hating? Was the civil rights movement hating on racists? We have full rights (kinda) in the legal system now the real fight begins which is exercising our freedoms now that we have the option now too.

        Many people (myself included) believe this show degrades and makes a mockery of the black family unit. Love and Hip-Hop and the Housewife shows ARE NOT ABOUT KIDS. There may be kids there but they aren’t solely based on kids like this show is. This is not an acceptable lifestyle ANYWHERE in the world AT ANYTIME in history.. Some people didn’t like the show and decided to voice their opinion good for them.. Calling CPS is hating, telling an employer not to hire dude for a job is hating, saying that a television program sets a bad example is not hating fam.

      • BOO BOE

        i feel you but if they give you something they can take it away too

      • andone

        whoa man lets not get to far off topic here or start pointing the finger, i wasnt directing nothing towards u personally… im well aware as are u of how the word “hate” gets thrown around loosely, but like u said context context context… i do my best to refrain from using the word altogether, however in this case i seriously mean it… its okay to have a difference of opinion but the “majority” of the ppl who came out the wood works were the same ppl who tune into every other ratchet reality show all day long… for the “most part” it was nothin but self righteous pricks wit nothing better to do than to talk down on lo… i read the comments closely when this initially surfaced a few months back and it was more than obvious, u cant say thats not true…

        either way i still stand by my words, bcuz i dont see how one mans situation was gonna reflect so badly on an entire race to the point ppl needed to line up in order to protect their personal values… thats jus ridiculous if u ask me and a damn shame @ the same time… ppl have their priorities messed up if they really think it was that important to keep this off the air, instead of focusin on bigger problems that could actually make a difference… not to mention u say ppl have rights yet u wanna dictate how this man lives his life as if he has to conform to others beliefs, thats not addin up homie… like i said im not playin favorites and nor did i ever say i liked the show either, its fine if ppl dont want to watch it but bottom line to go out of their way and arrogantly put it down is “HATIN”… as long as he isnt promoting rape in his raps or disrespecting legacy’s like those of emmet till then let the man live and do you, thats all im sayin

        so finally since we’re now past that, my question still remains… why does X get a pass and not the next man wit less flaws than him???

      • Celz

        I agree with most of your points and I respect the ones I don’t because they are well thought out and articulated. But in my opinion X gets a pass because he’s “attempting” to get help on his show..

      • andone

        i salute that… the best part of this lil discussion is that none of the comments got downed, it lets everyone know that were not “hatin” on each other and keepin it civilized… in fact the entire thread dialogue is full of healthy conversations and for a topic like this thats a good sign that some ppl are keepin there noses clean… kinda restores faith in humanity a lil even tho this racist troll decided to show up @ the last min…

        In response to ur dmx comment tho, i think it has to do wit the fact that he has been a hero to a lot of ppl who are now of age and most dont want to publicly bash him due to his former iconic status and achievements… its jus easier to go in on a person like lo and haters need to get their rocks off @ somebody… thats how i call it @ least but watever the case, stay up!

      • lila

        I don’t know anything about the show you are talking about,but I did want to say this. It takes more than financial support to raise a child and raise them in such a way that they are emotionally secure. There are plenty kids from wealthy families that are emotionally stunted because of distant parenting. Phone calls and being able to buy the finest of anything the kids want does not equate to love. I hope that men and women think of the strain they are putting on their children when they do this. every other holiday and summer time parenting should not be the norm. Some relationships just don’t work out sometime, but that is different than setting yourself up for that kind of situation.

      • Celz

        +1 That’s my point having a 9 kids split up between 8 households takes so much time if Shawty Lo hit the lotto and never worked again he STILL couldn’t be a good father. I respect that he’s doin better than some people who only have one kid but he needs to grow and realize that his life choices were not the best. And if he wants to do a reality show solely on his family life it needs to reflect this.

      • IsotopeRose

        Your post is completely inaccurate. Many shows with “white” people have been canceled” > Jersey Shore, Buckwild, and etc. But why in the world does being “white” matter? How about talk about how our people display themselves in foolish ways on Basketball wives, Love & HipHop, and those other shows that “yes” are funny but still display our people in a bad light. I also want you to know that BLACK people petitioned DMX’s show.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        cause they NEED something to justify the cancelation of that bafoonery shawty lo was looking to put out … now i admit i was against it but i wasnt for getting it canceled go get your money but imma def express my opinion … but def not for cancelling a check for anyone trying to get it honest especially when you got a fam to feed … imo thats what shows like that are about … its suppose to open a dialogue and people express thier opinions …. but getting that particular show cancled was something else … and honestly shawty has the internet …. all that did was stop the TV network from distributing the show …….. its got all of this talk and buzz via just a youtube preview …..

      • andone

        to each his own but u lost ur argument wit that first sentence “completely inaccurate”… lol naw man im sure even u can find some truth in my post… and i acknowledged the fact that other shows have come under scrutiny as well in case u missed that part, SMH… and if u actually read wat has been discussed than u would know that i wasnt the one to bring up race in the first place!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        of course shawty sounded geniune lol he was in line to make a boat load of cash off that show lol come on son !! lol you would of sounded genuine too lol

      • andone

        thats deff a possibility, but i dont think it was a complete front… u can go back to earlier interviews and see that lo has always had a very laid back demeanor to his character… also i do believe the show wasnt gonna last very long either, so i dont think the money was ever stretching that far anyways… thats why i give him the benefit of the doubt!

    • notorious

      because lo tried to do a show biggin up his 582134542657885245.5 baby momma’s apples and oranges fam

  • Put him in a cage where he belongs.

    • That’s no place for a cRap “artist,” Bongo! Surely, you meant “Put IT under at least six feet of well-packed dirt where IT belongs!”

  • Matt Swan

    X has always been a religious man. Maybe the help he actually needs isn’t on a television show, but rather in open sessions with his pastor and God. I want the old X back, not this silly screaming semblance of himself. I want the X that would destroy a show with his set, and astound you with his wisdom and religious fire. X is one of the GOATS, but he needs to heal himself, let go of old wounds, be that father, brother, son, he knows he can be and find what made him in the first place.

    • Wow I read your comment, then I viewed your facebook photo’s Hmmm… DMX isn’t the only wounded tainted brother.

      • Matt Swan

        Ok so what are you trying to say?

  • maya

    Grow up.

  • RMfag

    Id suck off X anytime…..
    Im even sure he could destroy my bussy with that rough fire. Gotta love that X.

  • hoeyuno

    Looking forward to the album… hope all is good x!!!

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  • MotivationalMe

    Okay He agreed to go on the show..How is it her fault that he is on drugs??? No accountability people always placing blame where it doesn’t belong. He would actually be able to come back if he took responsibility for his actions and in-actions. WTH

    • You obviously don’t follow his music. DMX been talking & moving that way. The b***h was just trying to get ratings, like you’re trying to get comments. He said the show made his image look worst so don’t air it without him signing the release form. You’re “blaming” him for being on drugs but he wasn’t caught that day with drugs, and I doubt if you hang out with him to know he was high “that day”. Lol

      • Keith

        he does a great job at making his own image worse. look at the videos out there of him. look at the interviews just about hip hop when they sit down and talk to him about rap, weather hes at a preformance or what not. hes either too drunk to talk and slurring his words(more recent video(s) or hes to tweaked out he cant even put together a solid thought with 10 miles of blabber hes putting out. he really ruined his image these past few years that have gone by. the atv wreck too didnt help. just numerious things, were not saints i know that. but as far as im concerned if i was in his condition id be hiding in a freaking room in a closet somewhere and not going out, because hes a mess.. im in recovery so i can pick addicts out of a crowd and if hes not using before the show, his mind is just so frazzled from the constant chemical influx that hes not all there. its very very sad cause hes a very talented artist and really could be doing more to promote his work and really working for a big label and doing what he did before his struggle years. it sucks to see him like this, i dont think they are going for ratings or anything on this show, i just think dmx really needs help and they wanted to try to help him. of course when you go on a show, make an ass out of yourself your going to look bad that dont matter who you are… and if me and you sit down and talk like rational humans no matter the qustions we dont do that right? so we can control our own actions correct? hes lost that ability to do so because of his lifestyle

      • mistahrichy

        That doesn’t make it ok bro.. We are going to lose a legend. Top ten rapper of all time hands down.. Thats what this should be about get your head out of your ass and see the bigger picture bitch ass.

      • VASPLIFF

        The show was supposed to be about fixing his life by mentoring and giving advice not criticizing him about his past and solely judging him dumbass. What she SHOULD have done is break it down in a non-condescending manner and advise him of his faults and missteps in his life and help resolve his issues, not just air em out. Yeah, of course we’re going to lose a legend…. because of negative public shit like this.

        “Instead of tryna help a brotha you destroy a nigga.”

      • Debbie

        I hate the word nigga and I am a white person.Right now on drugs he isn’t the man he can be,He is hurting and in turn he is hurting his son by his actions and words. He has to put it in God’s hand and what will be will be. If it is his death then at the lesson from this is his son took control of his own life and can learn from this that when he has a child or things don’t go the way you want that turning to drugs is not the answer. It had to hurt his son to know his father has actually chosen drugs over seeing and having a relationship with his son.His son is very strong to have stood up to his father and want and deserve to have a real relationship as father and son to be drug free. DMX is so missing out on so much that he could have with his son. He is giving up a son and a relationship that he himself always dreamed of that he wanted with a father he never have. DMX is making the choice not to give to his own son what he missed out on himself.A FATHER. My prayer for him is that he will think about the choices he has made in his life and see all that he is lost from the evil of drugs. Drugs never truly helped anyone have a better life all it has done is destroy lives. God Bless all.

      • NESSA

        Gonja, although I can appreciate your passion, I dont really think Iyanla is a b***h. After watching this show, was she trying to get ratings? Sure, no doubt but, I believe that at some point the SHYT got REAL, (NOT REEL) and that was after looking into the eyes of DMX’s SON. As someone pointed out, this man is a LEGEND and I hope and pray for him and his family. The one thing that IYANLA did do that was good was on several times during the broadcast she asked the public to: #SUPPORTDMX so she gets a kudos from me

    • Negro Peligro

      Come on it was on Oprah Winfrey estrogene network. O cause none of the females that watch it have 1.

    • Lyve Wire

      accountability? why do you think he went on the show? do you have a better way for him to say ‘i need help’? and saying i need help doesnt make the addiction go away.

  • MotivationalMe

    What does religion have to do with him being a man of Iwa Pele? His character is all screwed up and he again isn’t taking responsibility for his life, his choices, his drug use, the choice to go on Iyanla and further more his drug use has been a topic of discussion previously this is nothing new!! We know he smokes weed laced with Crack WTF he admitted it himself. Stand up DMX and get your life together~!

  • Francys Gonzalez

    DMX is a sick man he need help period…

  • Guy Burton

    DMX is a good MC. Earl tried to do the best he could with his son but for your son to look at you Earl and say I want a clean relationship with you and you not give it to him is just plain wrong. We sacifice for our kids. Earl weed and liquor aint going nowhere but your putting your bad habits in front of your son. My advice to you Earl is build a relationship with your son.

    • While it is plain wrong, you’re asking a sick man to do something he is incapable of.

      • lila

        i don’t agree. i have never had a substance addiction, but as long as their is a beating heart in your body and will you can change. like anything the change is gradual. a choice turned into an illness, but unlike a cancer patient, as was used in another example, he has the option to stop his disease with a decision followed by action. it is not an easy move for someone that has been hardcore addicted for 23 years, but it can be done. if his eldest threw in the towel and said dad if it;s good enough for you it’s good enough for me and started the same thing would DMX want him to stop?Of course he would.

      • Debbie

        He is capable of it with drug treatment,Open your eyes girl.

      • My eyes are wide open. He needs to get to drug treatment first.

  • The same people who put the money/music before his obvious broken
    Wounded heart are the same people who will assist him into an early grave. This man is ill!! It is obvious ,by his behavior, that he has a lot of “yes men” around him. It is probably the only thing he can control.

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  • What?

    Dude is a straight up crackhead now. How sad.

  • Dick Pimples

    Gotta lot of love for, X. But, crack and the revolving door to the clink made your life worse, bro! Real Talk!

  • I don’t believe she made it worse. DMX has made the choices in life himself. Anybody knows that w/ therapy you have to bring up the good, bad & ugly in order to get to the root of the problem. She didn’t bring up anything that he & his family hasn’t already put out there before. He did Couples Therapy & all of this stuff was discussed then.

  • BAX

    Performing and making records at this moment should be the very last thing on DMX’ mind. This man needs HELP. For a moment, I thought he was going to hit Iyanla. But, the killer for me was the outright rejection of his son’s request for a clean relationship. DMX has an illness. He needs to be in a treatment center, not on a stage or another tv show.

    • Vinsanity

      i hear what your saying but X man was right cause real love is unconditional.

      • BoteForLalo

        X is only HALF-right.

        Real love can be unconditional (and his son did tell X that he still loved him even after X said he was unwilling to get himself clean to save their relationship). But unconditionally loving someone who is slowly killing themselves with active addiction doesn’t mean you have take a front row seat watch them do it. It’s very immature and manipulative for X to say, “well, I guess you’ll see me at my funeral”. Typical behavior of an addict who doesn’t want to get better; he’s not accepting any responsibility for the actions that have resulted in him being where he is in life right now. And his kid shouldn’t have to sit and watch his father continue to keep making horrible decisions until he finally DOES end up dead. All he can do is offer help and support if X wants to take responsibility and try to change himself for the better. X’s behavior is very emotionally toxic right now, and the kid doesn’t need that kind of father in his life, because in the end, it’s only going to poison him.

        God forbid my son/daughter/mother/father/sister/brother/husband/wife was caught in a self-destructive spiral (drugs, alcohol, jail time, etc.); I would do everything I can to help them and support their efforts to turn their lives around. But after a certain point, I’m not going let someone I love basically commit a slow suicide by continuing to keep doing the same negative things over and over.

        X is a 42 year old man; he’s lived enough and seen enough — and LOST enough — to know that his decision-making has only got him to the point where he is right now. Estranged from family-members, in-and-out of jail, and obviously addicted to substances to the point where he feels okay with saying on television to his firstborn’s face that he chooses weed/drinking/whatever-else-he-does-that-he-didn’t-mention-by-name over his son. And then says, “I GUESS I’LL SEE YOU AT MY FUNERAL”. Real classy.

        I’m just glad the kid is at peace, because he tell his father to his face how he felt about him, and how he wants a relationship with him, but he can’t have a relationship with an unstable father who thinks it’s okay to choose substances over his firstborn son.

        Sad, but it looks like X hasn’t hit bottom yet, because he’s unwilling to even try to change. I guess he hasn’t lost enough yet. He’ll continue to lose relationships with family, and he’ll probably lose relationships with his so-called “friends” and hangers-on” who are drinking and smoking with him right now, because they want to be around when/if he drops another album so they can leech off of his shine. Unfortunately, he’s still getting into scraps with the law, probably owes a ton of child support with all of those kids he has, and is a FORTY-SOMETHING YEAR-OLD RAPPER. Unless you’re taking a page out of Jay-Z’s book and diversifying your assets into other business ventures, the market isn’t great for rappers approaching middle age. Hopefully X will hit bottom soon and realize that he needs help before, as he predicted, the next time we see him will be at his funeral.

      • Debbie

        agree with all of the above. I hope one day he will wake up to what he is doing to himself and everyone around him. My son is drug free for over 3 years and went through hell.I finally said God he is yours I did all that I could and I let go. My prayers were finally answered,Praise God.

      • Debbie

        But it is also being true to himself and that’s what his son was doing. Not allowing all the hurt into his life and being free himself.His son made the right choice,no need for everyone to be in pain. He needed to free himself and not give into something he didn’t believe in,Drugs are wrong no matter how you look at it.

    • she pissed me off. Think about this for a second…DMX is on drugs…he admits it. The one thing he wants more than anything in the world is a relationship with his first born son. You can see and feel how much love he has for him. While his son’s request was valid…any child would want their parent clean, it was unreasonable. DMX won’t come clean overnight. Iyanla should’ve stepped in in that moment and created a win-win negotiation. Remember, she asked his son to look at him as a cancer patient and not judge him…to treat him like a cancer patient. You wouldn’t put a condition on a cancer patient. You would extend lots of love. What would phone calls, texts and emails hurt? That’s really all DMX wants from his son…contact…communication…listen to his songs…etc and that could’ve been negotiated by Iyanla. Perhaps if that door would’ve been kept open, he would now be in rehab or at least thinking about it. The man is incapable of making rational decisions. That’s where Iyanla comes in. If she’s not going to do that, what is the point?

      • Debbie

        If the one thing he wants more then anything is his son then why did he say NO,to me it looks like what he wants more then anything is his drugs. Maybe you are not thinking clearly and have a foggy mind too.

      • He said NO because he’s not capable of saying YES. Remember, he’s an addict. He’s irrational. He can’t process and think like others can.

        In that moment when his son presented that condition, Iyanla should’ve stepped in and explained it to him in a way that would move the relationship forward. Instead, she pissed him off even further and made it about her in the end with her dramatics.

      • NiHi

        DMX was being manipulative when he said “I’ll see ya at the funeral”. He expected his son to get all emotional and say “okay you can keep doing drugs I shouldn’t put conditions on our relationship” His son has the RIGHT to dictate what he will and won’t accept in his life. When Xavier was a child he had no say in what he was subjected to but now he does. The fact that DMX was adamant about continuing his drug use shows he’s not ready for a meaningful relationship with his son. He can’t even hold an intelligent conversation right now. DMX feels his problem is “loving women” (loving them … he doesn’t even LIKE them) shows he’s bats*** crazy and beyond reason right now.

    • Debbie

      I agree the anger is so built up in him,He needs to watch that show himself and ask himself is he happy with himself for the way he acted. How he actually rejected his son,Love is not hurtful and you could plainly see how much pain his son was in that his dad picked drugs over a relationship with him. My heart bleeds for his son and also DMX to be hurting so much

  • TAY


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  • I understand that you are hurt, I also understand that no addiction is easy to cure. You are a father to many children, as well as my father is. My father faces a lot of the same problems and addictions as you do, so I can see where you are coming from, on the other hand I can see where your son is coming from. Please and I mean PLEASE!!!!! consider that your actions affect you AND your son. Please get some for yourself, get into a good bible based church, and continue to seek God but SEEK HIM FIRST, PUT HIM BEFORE EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING. HUMBLE YOURSELF AND ALLOW OTHERS TO HELP YOU. YOU CANNOT AND I REPEAT CANNOT FIGHT THIS BATTLE A L O N E!!!!! My father won’t humble himself, he is the type of person that won’t let anyone tell him anything. He always thinks he is right about everything and thinks that he has the solution to everything. Therefore he cannot be helped. So do yourself a favor and THINK ABOUT IT just think about it, think about how big of a difference you can make, if you just humble yourself and decide that you will do what ever it takes to CHANGE.

    My name is Andre, and I #SupportDMX

  • dee

    idc what none of yall say people saying X get ur life together the nigga made millions being hisself, platinum albums , wrote movies big screen etc drug habit or not u never heard of X going bankrupt

    • Debbie

      he is bankrupt in his life and is losing everything that is important ,FAMILY not money

      • dee

        he have other kids so he has family just that one not working out but i would never try to down my father on national tv to make people think he wasnt there example the house this kid living in , internet service , he was in dmx movie, that guitar he was playing so there was a relationship there and u can tell his mom been in his ear talking bad about X to them i know cause im in the same situation with my father exact same and i know my father tried i forgave him this kid need to grow up cause he really not seeing the blessing X done for him

  • Laydeelovewv

    I think him seeing himself on the show and the love his son has for him to even do the show is enough to make him realize he needs help.

  • Bumpy Johnson

    i guess my man is still “slippin and falling and cant get up”

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  • I agree with @twitter-182326605:disqus I thought the show was ridiculous. DMX knows he’s on drugs and he doesn’t hide it. I’m a TV Producer. I’ve seen other Producers pitch the show one way to get you to agree then switch it up at the taping. It happens every single day. Its what makes great TV. DMX wants a relationship with his son. The condition his son placed on that was unreasonable and Iyanla should’ve explained that to him.

    She should’ve said, “Son, your dad has been on drugs for so many years. Sure we want him clean. You want him clean, I want him clean, his mother wants him clean and he wants to be clean but he’s in so deep that it will take a lot of time. He has to make the decision, we can’t make it for him. He won’t come clean overnight. Since you love him and I can see the love he has for you and you agreed not to judge him and to look at him as a cancer patient, are you open to phone calls, emails and texts in the meantime until he can find his way to rehab or detox?” His son would’ve said yes and it would’ve been a win-win.

    Instead she made it about her in the end with that dramatic explosion. If I were DMX, I would be mad too. DMX apologized to his son for his past actions regarding other women and his wife to his son. His son accepted the apology and now it was time to move forward.

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  • Sandra

    i’m watching the show right now and I think it’s sad. He looks so lost. I think we should (at least I am) going to pray for him. He obviously has some deep seeded issues. That’s not a dig at him, but you can truly see him pouring out his heart. I’m not sure about whether or not it was right for them to air this show or not. All I saw was a cry for help. May God bless him and heal him from his pain. Sometimes when people (DMX) are around someone they think they can trust (Iyania) they will open up and tell all. Regardless of what anyone else says or thinks he has the strength (God will give it to him) to get up dust him self off and move forward. I pray for the restoration of his relationships with his children and family.

  • Junetta Dunn

    I have followed DMX’s musical career and his personal life that was in the media and I can honestly say that I love him for who he is no matter what issues he has…I can see, from the outside looking in that he has issues listening to others tell him anything…his way of thinking is you are not going to tell me what to do no matter what…he justify’s his every thought, every action…even though he knows that he has done wrong, no one can tell him that and he be okay with it….the emotion in him is great…he has a lot of pain bundled up in him and he let’s it out in his music, in his tears, in his anger…it bothers me that he is very much bipolar obviously because he goes from 0 to 60 in 1.5 seconds….and he cant get the help that he so desperately needs because he wont ALLOW it…he is such a beautiful and loving and person but he keeps up his walls no matter what…he is the most stubborn person I have ever encountered in my life except for the father of my child whom I killed in December of 1995….they seem like one in the same person with their ways….I guess that’s why I love him the way I do…I see my baby daddy (excuse the ghetto-ness) in him…wants to love and be loved but just doesn’t quite know how….I will continue to keep DMX in my prayers and thoughts and I sincerely hope that one day, he will just be quiet, quit trying to over talk everyone and just listen for a bit…if he could just be quiet and listen, let someone hug him and love him….it would make a huge difference in his life….he’s a angry and hurt man…God bless him and his ways…he’s only human…and he’s having to live his issues out in the public eye…it’s quite different than you and I….but he’s just a man….let him be that…

  • messias3

    TO me DMX knows … that the God that they offer can’t say him …

  • Lois A

    Ruin ur image.. that’s has to be a joke because your image was already tainted.How many times was this guy in jail smh. She was trying help your ass and you was just cursing her out most of the process and even when your son was trying to talk you wouldn’t even let him finish a sentence.. and it’s crazy how you wouldn’t even change for him and said I guess i’ll see you at my funeral.. like wtf who say that 2 their child.He need prayers because trying to talk to him you will just end up being cursed at ugh.Buh it was a great interview!

  • lila

    I don’t really think that the show worsens his image. It brings a humanity that we often detach from celebrities. If people were so good at diagnosing ourselves and making correction there would not be a need for this show. His pain stems deeper than what he believes and his drug use is a symptom of deeper issues. I pray for him and his family and hope one day that we can reflect on the deeper issues and fix them so that he can heal and enjoy and repair his relationships. It took courage to do the show and face feelings and hear things that he didn’t want to hear. He made some small steps and if he continues the journey he will be fulfilled beyond relief.

  • All problems are foundational and looking to the “root” often times gives indication to way and how the current issue exist. He chose to use drugs and live a wild lifestyle which in essence plays a huge role on parenting. He needs to take responsibility instead of being embarrassed.

  • Hakim Callier

    PPL dont seem to understand! that is m*fn DMX. If you have ever worked with him… you would see how really stupid and exploitative the business angle of this particular segment really is… booooo to Xavier.

    • Debbie

      oh so what that gives him reason to do drugs. Then get out of the business if it is destroying his life and health. The people all around him working for him is just enabling him cause they want to keep their jobs,they need to talk to him and try to make him understand he is destorying his own life

  • Old School Overdose

    X don’t need jail. X don’t need a recording studio. X needs substance treatment and real guidance, but most importantly, X needs to take responsibilities for his actions and decisions.

    • $43624040

      N1gger needs a noose.

  • When you dig at one deep issue—others may also surface. Hope he truly gets down and tackles them one day. He’s already let too many happy life moments go by due to him living in the dark. Unfortunately, there are many people out there like DMX and don’t realize happiness even if it’s in front of their face.

  • kissmylisp

    Accountability. He is responsible for his own addiction.

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  • All that anger from DMX last night was just a secondary emotion; it’s a byproduct of hurt. I appreciate what Iyanla tried to do last night with X. She caused him to have some introspective moments and it was then that you saw him explode in anger. The hardest person to see is yourself. The key to our brothers healing is something that I didn’t hear mentioned at all on the show and it is a key DMX holds himself……..forgiveness. I really pray that X sees himself and comes to understand that God has given him a key to unlock him from all the hurt and pain that has become a security blanket and a wall around his heart. “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”

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  • his album flopped last yr and now he is workin with big producers 4 his nx album

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  • nikita harris

    I saw the show dmx is in denial about his messed life. the lady tried to help him. he was very disrespectful and high off of drugs. you could just look at him and tell he was high. he wouldn’t even look her straight in the eye, I pray this brother get it together and leave drugs alone .

  • nikita harris

    all dmx son wants is his dad back and own up to his mistakes as a father. but he wouldn’t. please dmx go to rehab and get some help. another brother lost to drugs

  • Pingback: DMX Claims Iyanla Made His Life Worse; Son Says X Is Playing Victim! | Carlton Jordan()

  • IsotopeRose

    DMX is an addict. He needs to get help and for anyone who watched that show last night should KNOW he’s an addict/needs to be put into detox. He proved what his son was saying in that interview. He was very disrespectful to Iyanla in front of his own son. His son confronted him about his nasty past and he didn’t even own up to it until the end of the interview. Near the end he even sarcastically said to his son “Well I’ll see you at my funeral” He has sooo much anger and he needs to GET HELP. Stop making excuses for addicts people. I find it hilarious this article came out before the show aired because the show proved this man is trouble. The main issue with DMX is that he doesn’t LISTEN..and no addict can get help if they DON’T listen! He claimed at the beginning of the interview he wanted to see his son and didn’t understand why…if he cared about his son he would have acted right but he couldn’t because he’s clearly an addict! His son even said near the end of the interview he wanted a relationship with DMX IF he also got himself clean but DMX refused because *drum roll* he’s addicted to drugs and wont “listen” in order to get the help he needs. DMX disrespect to “women” is such a huge issue in the black community and it’s sad what was displayed last night and even Iyanla on her OWN show stopped talking so DMX could talk to his son. Soooo many chances were giving to him during that interview but he refused to listen.

  • cRap “artist” bucks asking for life-coaching from sheboons? Yeah, that’ll help! Bwahahahaha!

  • Ann-Marie Smith

    She didn’t fix your life because you don’t want to give up your nasty drugs…period!

  • Sophia Roberts

    i think if “DMX agreed to be a guest on ‘Iyanla: Fix My Life’ with the understanding that she would be helping his relationships with his 10 children, the thats what it shld have been about, …. not his drug habits, …. everybody smokes && drinks, .. && idnt know what happens behind close doors, … but on the outside looking in DMX seems to be a good man, ….&& seem to mean good, .. && idnt think God shlda been brought up that was sooo poorly did of her, .. when God comes back, .. the only sin hes lookin for is unbelief cause he has ALREADY died for our sins, .. so we will only be judge on disbelief but i know that will go over some of yal heads so i wnt get into that but over all it shlda been where it was #SupportDMX

  • MusicMade4love

    His addiction is the reason why he doesn’t have a relationship with his kids. So, in order to deal with that his drug addiction was going to have to be mentioned.

  • How could he expect to go on a show called FIX MY LIFE and think the aim is to pursue otherwise, his family contacted HER, not the other way around. Iyanla is good.
    His family know the real man and want that back, clearly. Iyanla is skilled at life and educated, and if the aim is to fix his relationship with his 10 CHILDREN then why wouldn’t what ever is blocking that be discussed? He wanted her to wave a wand and get things right within the perimetres that he wanted, life is not like that. He is messed up and unfocused and even told his kid I don’t see you because of the way you are, that is disgusting. He did not want to address his issues and barked at Iyanla as she defended his son. DMX is a smug, arrogant, delusional and yes we all know he is talented but he is his own worst enemy. He is ungrateful He needs Iyanla much more than she needs him. The instigators around him should continue keeping him high as they can extort him even better. He is their resident n*gro.

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  • DJ

    Iyanlya is a charlatan. She knew she wasn’t going to be able to help DMX with his relationship with his children because DMX is mentally ill-bipolar and possibly schizophrenic. The drugs are a secondary illness that he has used to self-medicate for over 20 years. She never touched on it because that would make the whole show moot. You can’t ‘talk’ out a chemical imbalance in a 90 minute show and it’s clear that his needs go far beyond Iyanlya’s capabilities. The easiest path would be to focus on the drugs. I think DMX felt blind-sided when he realized she wasn’t there to help him, but to ‘coach’ Xavier to deliver an ultimatum for their relationship going forward. Why she felt the need to bow down to him after basically writing off his father is beyond comprehension. I also find it interesting that Xavier just so happens to be a singer/songwriter, has a song to sing on the show and is currently on twitter promoting his songs. Reality TV is the devil…

    • @DJ I agree with you 100%. Saw this comment on another blog and it sums up how I feel about the whole thing:

      “This should’ve never happened on TV. DMX needs credentialed doctors,
      clinicians, drug abuse counselors and therapists NOT a life coach. : We
      need less Sister Iyanla, OCO (Oprah Certified and Ordained) and more
      “Dr. _____, Psy.D/DO/LMHC”

      Reality TV is the DEVIL. He would’ve had a much better outcome with Dr. Phil.

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  • Iyanla didn’t make his life worse. She helped DMX’s son to forgive him, which is a part of fixing his life.I still love & respect DMX. I just wish he could have made the commitment to his son. I know DMX love his son, but he gotta know that the only way to show true love is to be your true self & that’s for ALL family members who are substance abusers! I believe that DMX can & will be that representation of change. I know it won’t be easy, but its not impossible. Praying for DMX & his family.

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  • $43624040

    Another n1gger who has ruined his life by bad decisions, drug usage, producing like cockroaches, and of course, shrugging off the responsibility while the filthy little n1glets barely survive on welfare and food stamps.

    I think about 8 or 9 out of 10 n1ggers follow this same exact path. There is no hope for them, why do we still pay to keep these worthless parasitic animals alive?

  • andone

    gthoh wit ur dumb @ss!!!

  • texasredgirl

    It’s just time for the man to own up and get on his grown man. To talk, sang, or rap christian music maybe popular today but if you walk out the Word and seek ye first the kingdom of GOD and HIS righteousness…..etc.. There’s power in prayer D and the word is powerful #workitintoworkitout Praying for you DMX and your family! MUCH LOVE

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  • Keri

    DMX is clearly a “man,” and I use that term EXTREMELY loosely, who can’t find fault in himself. Ever. He might seem like he cops to his shortcomings, but he doesn’t. I watched the episode, and yes that doesn’t tell a person’s whole life. But a snapshot is sometimes enough to see certain issues and he absolutely does not take responsibility for his poor actions. When his son told him he would speak to him in certain ways, instead of listening to him, he tried to force him to give him an example KNOWING his son wouldn’t be able to do so on the spot. Basically, to discount his son’s claims and remove him from any wrongdoing. In another instance, he gave Iyanla a pseudo-apology, saying he’s “never had to” speak to a woman that way. Not that he’s NEVER brought himself to speak to a woman that way, but essentially implying that no woman has ever MADE HIM HAVE TO take that route. Instead of seeing his actions as wrong, he puts it on someone else to explain why he acted that way in the first place. And then there’s this post. She didn’t fix his life, SHE made it worse. Not years of infidelity, drug use, womanizing, crime committing, etc. In a few hours, she somehow took all of that blame. His life was already in shambles – any way it got worse was because of actions he furthered. He could have derailed the crazy train that is his life by choice, even if she allegedly “made it worse.” He could have made it better. One person can’t change the course of your entire life in one second, good or bad, if you don’t allow them to. He wasn’t going to allow her to change it for the better either, so how would she change it for the worse? The whole premise of her show is not that she’s a miracle-worker, but she shows her guests that they have control over their life and anything that does or doesn’t happen is because of what they do and how they react. DMX, not being able to ever be responsible for himself, was never going to work on this show because all of the methods she uses relies on that one concept. A concept he, by the content of this very post alone, can’t grasp.

    By the way, I am absolutely a fan of his despite how this might sound. I just know how to separate being a fan and being a fool.

    • Matt Swan

      I agree with you to a point. I watched the show also and the thing that struck me as odd was the constant look at the camera “at the right times”. I’m totaly with you on X and have commented as such. But knowing your audience, she should’ve known this isn’t a quick fix, how he would react, and through his track record, his overall mentality. I’m glad that his son got to find himself,I really am, but having him have to do that on national tv, with a father who is very sick, to me wasn’t the way to go. X is his own personal homewrecker, his own personal drug dealer, and his own personal pimp. He is lost and must find his way alone with some guidance from Jesus, Not from anyone trying to sell a show on a station that is one step in the grave. BTW before this whole X episode, honestly how many of us knew the show existed? This isn’t a new show, but if I am wrong someone please correct me.

      • Keri

        Yea I know that she wasn’t going to be the one to turn his life around in one episode. I also agree those sensitive topics shouldn’t have been addressed on TV. But she wants to show she’s a great healer, and it’s valid to note that she’s just someone who Oprah knows and can preach in a way that’s convincing to someone who is broken. With that said, DMX wasn’t going to try very hard either and that was evident.

        Anyway, regarding the show’s popularity, I watched it when Evelyn Lozada had her big thing with her divorce air. Ev was also retweeting things/live tweeting the episode to give it more coverage, presumably as a favor to Iyanla for what she did for her when she was down and out. I checked online last night and there are other episodes with regular people in this series…but yea no one really cares about those if we’re being honest.

  • Celz

    So you’re illiterate, insecure, with no self-purpose.. Sounds like you came from a roach nest.. Let me guess, all of your problems and short comings in life were caused by strangers that look different than you..

    Lol pathetic.. You’re the only n!gger in this discussion and you’re too ignorant to realize it.. Enjoy your shallow life!

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  • 10 kids??? clap, clap, clap.

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  • NiHi

    How sad that DMX blames Iyalna instead of himself? His brain is damaged and until his drug addiction and mental illness is handled, he can’t be helped. It’s obvious Tashera has done a great job with their children because Xavier seems to be a wonderful young man.

  • NiHi

    Am I the ONLY one that had a problem with the disrespect DMX showed Iyanla?

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  • Brother is in so much pain and cant see no one can fix his life if he don’t address the main issue which is his addiction, and its just not drugs he has issues with self. and the drugs are just a part of his problems

  • Both Shawty Lo and DMX make their ancestors shudder in their graves!!! Stop being apologists for these cats and their FUCKERY!!!So what you may like their songs….as you know musical talent does not always translate into you being a QUALITY INDIVIDUAL in ALL aspects of your life so C’MON ALREADY!!! It is not about HATE…it’s about not supporting COONERY…PERIOD!!!!Hope both those Dudes gets it together……LEAVING THE TELEVISION OPS TO THE SIDE!!

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  • Mike Swiff

    Gold all in my chain
    Gold all in my ring
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    Don’t believe me jus’ watch
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    Nigga Nigga Nigga…

  • Mike Swiff

    Crack. Is. WACK! smirk.

  • tyjomika

    didn’t hurt his image one bit. i actually felt for him. i came away w/ a knowing that he loved his son dearly, but too broken to impact his son in a more positive way. i think there was overwhelming sympathy for him and his son. X, needs to put ego aside and drugs away so he can actually LISTEN.

  • Vernetta Keith Nuriddin

    DMX on Iyanla’s Fix My Life. Thought it was interesting that Iyanla advised DMX’s son to look at DMX as a diseased man comparing his addiction to cancer. Then, in the very next segment she co-signed on Xavier giving DMX an ultimatum in order to have a relationship with him. With her logic, could Xavier say to DMX stop having cancer. CLEAR CONTRADICTION. She seems like another loud mouth know-it-all who talks too much. Her response to DMX’s obvious cry for help was amateurish and nonproductive. She acted like she had known DMX forever making broad statements about DMX, his wife and son. She did not follow her own advice and treat DMX as a man with a diseased mind. Even if we set aside the hypocrisy, Iyanla didn’t recognize that he was in a manic state nor did she touch on his obvious mental issues, labeled behavioral problems, that started back as young as 7. Here’s a news flash, you can’t send a woman to fix two men. She taught Xavier that relationships are not a compromise. Is that sound relationship advice? My way or the highway…its sickening. Xavier could have asked DMX not to use when they are together or going to be together. He could have set clear boundaries for future interactions. The show was a joke. It was not good television…it was just plan ole sensationalism.

  • kingkeylion

    I hear so often about people who wanna fix sh!it without taking a good, hard look at what the sh!t is, or realizing that THEY are the sh!t that needs fixing! I like X a lot, but that brother has MAJOR issues that HE needs to deal with before trying to reconnect with his children.

  • kingkeylion

    Btw, if you’re gonna have sympathy, have it for HIS CHILDREN!

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  • cubanflowers

    oh MY!… He’s a dope fiend….

    nobody can help him but HIM!… He chooses to be a junkie over being a parent…

    it is my opinion that he should just kill himself…

    i am a strong advocate for mercy killings so if he doesn’t have the balls to kill himself somebody in his family should take mercy on him and just put him out of his misery…

    he is with an odor worse than the of a bum living underground in the ny mta train station…

    how the fnck he can pollinate this planet 10 times and still not give enough of a sh…it to get sober… stick around and watch his seeds grow is just too incredible for me!… and i just DON’T UNDERSTAND!!…

    again… someone needs to do a mercy killing….. but first make sure there is a life insurance policy in place….

    he isn’t worth a got dmmmn shi..t to his children while he is on this planet taking up precious oxygen…

    so maybe he should just kill himself or a family member should do it for the sake of his kids…

    that way they will at least have money for higher education and other necessities of life!…

    and fyi… i don’t care for iyanla either… she chats too much..

    be blessed ..

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  • Kendrick L. Moorer

    DMX told his son that he was most important ahead of the music, drugs, and addition. However, when he son asked him to choose him over the drugs he refused. I have to admit I feel it would be tough to talk with a 3rd person ringing in every sentence. However, it’s your son, and he has said he knows you love him but now wants to take it to the next level. As long as your still the same person you were while he was a child your will never see him as an adult. DMX, Step up to the next level with your son.

  • X Looking like looney Lou. Some cats just don’t get it… It’s probably a good idea to shut up and listen to someone else besides himself. Because clearly his way is not working.

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  • I think it’s important to note that X has an issue and needs male help. A woman cannot coach a man on how to be a father. X said repeatedly that he didn’t know how to be a father and no one he knew had a father. So his issue is currently being recycled and plaguing his son. DMX needs some help specifically from a man who has accepted Jesus as his Saviour and a father. Not to bible thump him, but allow him to see what being a father is all about.

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  • Lyanla
    has DMX slightly misplaced. She was trying to cure a man whom she perceived as
    having normal addict behavior. Well, she may have solidified the issue with the
    son, but she left DMX out on the curve like everyone else has. She didn’t
    listen to him close enough to know DMX IS special like his grandma says he is.
    Grandma was probably the only one that knows DMX has mental challenges and
    that’s what old ppl call it (Special). Rewind the show again and pay close
    attention. He’s telling you in this one show what is wrong with him. Any
    Psychologist would be able to tell you what DMX diag is from this display. DMX
    displays erratic behavior, lots of frustration, and aggression. He told you he
    hears voices and is paranoid, which should have rang a bell with Lyanla. While
    DMX was pouring out his soul about this she overlooked it like it was some ol Gangster
    Rap artist shit. DMX – Dark Man X He struggles to figure out who the hell he is
    and why he’s this way. Every time you point out he’s some thug or irrational
    person he shuts down and shows you his street anger which he’s hiding behind to
    protect his mental illness. No one ever bothered to get him help in this manor,
    but only want him to quit the drugs. DMX is self-medicating on illegal drugs to
    stop the voices and demons from his mind. This situation is addiction
    medicating psychosis. Everyone around him is making money off of him and probably don’t want to see him get any real help where he has to be hospitalized for a
    long period of time or so medicated he can’t be the same artist he is today. Black parents
    tend to ignore when these special illnesses happen to our kids and push it off
    like they are just plain bad. Now days it’s so easy for kids to hide behind the
    thuggish behavior that our blk culture tends to accept as mostly normal. Lyanla
    got so upset because DMX called her a bitch. One rule in psychology – never
    fuel patients with the same negative energy that they display. She obviously
    failed, because she thinks he’s normal. I hope someone steps up and offer DMX the proper help that he can relate to and not just focus on the addiction behavior. If you listen DMX is crying out to you.

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  • DMX is a spoiled child of a man who cries when he can’t get HIS way simple as that. Everything he said during that interview he contradicted himself 3 seconds later. I’m so proud of Iyanla and his son for being the adults in that room. When his son first walked in DMX claimed to love his son over his addiction, yet something as simple as a reunion with him with the SIMPLE condition that he get off of drugs, he could’t sacrifice because his son wasn’t important enough. No he couldn’t do that overnight but he COULD at least have agreed to TRY but this fool shut his OWN SON down without batting an eye for some weed. That’s a weak mfer, who needs help and Jesus. Don’t tatoo it on your arm if you’re not serious. He wanted some kind of cryfest about his poor childhood so he could sell more albums but when Iyanla kept it real with him, he couldn’t stand it. Now I see why his son and family members say he’s controlling. His son barely got two words in during the meeting with his father. The only person whose feelings DMX is concerned with is his own, all he talked about was his own feelings and tried to gloss over everything else. He even tried to tell Iyanla it was HER fault that he yelled at her like that because it was the “FIRST time” he ever yelled at a woman like that, but his own wife even says he cursed her out and yells at her in public on several occassions. THAT was a woman he claimed to “love”. I can ony imagine how many countless women he’s done that to that like Iyanla he barely knew. I hope he gets it together but clean or not if he doesn’t learn how to take personal responsibility and accountability for his own actions and choices, he won’t change because he’s set in a horrible pattern of habits that at this point he’s content with because he hates himself.

  • She didn’t help and wasn’t trying to help. She exacerbated the
    situation. This is proven by her actions on the show. She got behind
    DMX’s son like a little devil on his shoulder and she kept telling him,
    ‘do this, do that’. She pretty much forced an ultimatum on DMX through
    his son and even had the audacity to tell the son to not hug his father.
    That just isn’t right. DMX freaking out was great for her because it’s
    exactly what she expected and exactly what she wanted which is great for
    her bullshit ‘Ruin My Life’ show. This lady isn’t stupid and she knows
    he is on drugs and she knew if she pushed the right buttons she would
    get him to freak out. High or not, DMX is right about this lady. Yeah he
    has problems but no one is perfect. And trying to fix someone’s
    problems on t.v. using your family members to give you ultimatums isn’t
    how you fix a relationship. It’s how you ruin one. This lady isn’t a professional. DMX needs to see a professional. We should all know by now the media doesn’t help our celebrities fix their problems. They only speed up their destruction.

    • jeffrey Jones

      What did you expect? X should know better than do crap like that.

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  • Pingback: 10 Things You Shouldn't Have Missed About DMX's "Fix My Life" Episode! (VIDEO) | Global Grind [oomph-vip]()

  • Pingback: 10 Things You Shouldn't Have Missed About DMX's "Fix My Life" Episode! (VIDEO) | Global Grind [oomph-vip]()

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