Drake Vs. Chris Brown

Hip-Hop Rumors: Drake Pops Off At Chris Brown! Wow

They sure are dragging this out.

He’s really twisting the knife with this Rihanna stuff. He and Ray-J should do an album! He said the following to Eliot “YN” Wilson:

“His insecurities are the reason I make better music than him. I’m more popping than him…At one point the woman he loves fell into my lap and I did what a real ni**a would do and treated her with respect.”

Drake also said:

“It’s not me and Kendrick, it’s not me and Hov. You’re not gonna get anything out of it. I don’t want to hear that man rap. No one wants to hear me rap against him. I really do this shit. You’re not even going to get anything out of it.”
I guess he’s not taking too greasy, but it sure sound disrespectful even though he’s saying he treated Rihanna with respect.


Looks like Stacey Dash has very little to do these days. She apparently has a major problem with Jay-Z and Beyonce and how they appropriate their funds. Namely, she’s talking about going to Cube and the like. And, while Jay and B are not above criticism, I’m thinking Stacey needs to STFU with her fine a$$. Does she really want to monitor where Jay and B spend their time and money? Well, I’ll do that for her, if her time is with me and her money is one me. Other than that GTFOHWTB, ma.


Lupe Fiasco says he lost endorsements and paper over his Obama comments and criticism.

  • Blaq_Boi

    Pardon my ignorance, but where is Cube?

    • Q.

      Across the way from Sphere..?

    • dehova

      I think it might be in the Transformers movie. Seriously, I think this is an impostor Illseed. The old one would actually put out “Rumors”. This one spreads gossip and is dyslexic.

    • thisisafakename

      Haha i didnt notice that. Wow thats some horrible writing. Who doesnt know how to spell Cuba? Or that Cube is….. well CUBE. I swear you would have a hard time writing so bad like every article on this website is. Its obvious the authors of these piles of shit dont even read their article one time before they post it, how could you and not see that you spelled Cuba as Cube. Maybe Cube is some city in Cuba, well its not but maybe. These fucks would probably spell America wrong somehow. Uhhh how you spell America Illseed? Well you spell it Cube, duh.

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  • Pedro Matos Jr.

    Enough wit this Chris Brown vs. Drake BS if they have that much of a problem wit each other they need 2 knuckle up or STFU they been at the same awards shows & don’t do nuthin wit their soft asses. I would’ve smashed somebody by now that’s what a “real nigga would do” not what Drake is talkin. SMDH

    • Demetruis Jenkins

      lmao thats what you wouldve done lmfao smh

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        Why what would u have done keep passin notes then hide in the bathroom when the shit kicks off like Drake LOL or keep doin dumbass interviews & bars about this sh*t damn near a year after it happened. SMDH

      • RMfag

        Maybe this is pub to make them seem harder or more relevant.
        Even the softest of soft dudes would have popped off by now if this was real.
        Dont believe me? Try and stand between two fems over a butch or a trade then see what happens.

    • RMfag

      I would love to see you smash them both, then smash me.

      Then have all 3 of you take turns smashing me.
      That is, after we scrap first.

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        Damn I shoulda known real music fag would twist my words in2 some sick fantasy of his. SMFH Sorry homie I luv P*SSY!

      • RMfag

        I love puzzy too, but you need to check that bisexuality of yours. You
        sitting around here saying you str8 smashing ninjas. Thats not whats up.
        Im not into men at all and you need to keep that over there bruh.

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        U tellin me 2 check my bisexuality-SMDH- u need 2 check ur own post u said u wanted 2 get smashed by 3 n*ggas. My post neva said a. I wanted 2 smash any man I said smash somebody ur the 1 who thought of a man. b.I wasn’t usin smash in that sense any1 wit some common sense & a luv 4 p*ssy would know that. On that note it’s Saturday night I’mma take a shot of Remy 4 all the p*ssy lovers out there then I’m out 4 the night. Holla!

      • Kelse

        Yet another child of the corn! Demon Seeds are out of their box tonight. Filthy mouth, filthy language, Dumb Azz Hispanics, still polluting the world. When will you people go away, no one wants you, no one needs ya, Do the world a favor and ” ! You should know the ending of the sentence!

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        Your makin this ignorant comment a month after I said somethin at like 4am your a loser while u were typin this BS I was in some p*ssy! Haha and FYI Hispanics will continue 2 multiply while idiots like u will continue 2 hate I’ve made peace with that u should 2.

  • YungKizz

    drake ur late buddy

    • RMfag

      So he’s pregnant with nicki’s baby?

      • YungKizz

        word foreal i wouldnt be suprirse



  • …and then he said

    Drake just told son “I f*cked your girl and your songs are trash…get at me!!!”. Somebody gotta die now…No? Then tell them n*ggas to STFU..

  • Because our country’s ruling class has a political issue with Cuba, we can’t go there? Fu** that. And it’s crazy how conditioned we are as Americans to think that anybody that fux with Cuba must be some kind of misguided hooligan.

    • thisisafakename

      Our country is insane, especially because the communism vs. capitalism (democracy) is the real issue or at least the issue our government uses as to why we dont trade with Cuba. Now the fact they had russian nuclear missiles on their soil was a huge hinderance in any type of diplomacy with Cuba, its a non issue now. Our leaders will never admit that differing forms of government doesnt mean that government is bad or evil. We will stick to this idea that every nation has to be a mirror image of America or they are in the, as that retard Bush JR put it “the axis of evil”. If Cuba were Democratic but still the same in every other aspect, we would love them and treat them like we treat Israel; i.e. a favored ally. It sucks to cause Cuba is a beautiful place, close to America and would be like Las Vegas on steroids. They would be our vacation destination. Everyone would benefit, we would have one less nation that scared/hated us that is so close, and Cuba would have a HUGE economic boost as we would trade with them and America is the market that all nations want access too. But you are correct because of our governments problems with Cuba they make anybody being pro-Cuba into a insane, America hating psycho. They do this through our dumb ass media, who are cowards and no longer are journalists. Until we suffer a shocking setback, or tragedy on a unseen scale we wont see this change. Until China becomes the undisputed world power we wont change because we dont have to, well we do but politicians are reactive not proactive. Its funny Cuba hates us much less than we (our government) hates them. And keep in mind we have tried to invade Cuba twice within the last 100 years, and assassinate Castro multiple times. Theirs evidence JFK’s fascination was a cuban opreation in response to the fact that we were planning to attempt to assasinate Castro within the coming months and many believe the operative we were using was a Cuban double agent. We will never know cause f*cking jack ruby shot Oswald before the FBI/CIA could torture and question him. Jack Ruby did one of the greatest disservaces to our country by shooting Oswald, i know it sounds backwards but you gotta trust me it was such a mistake and if you look at the footage the police look like they knew what was going to happen and essentially jump out of the way to allow Ruby to shoot him. Plus if you had the man who might have shot the president dont you think you would transfer him in body armor, and not allow giant groups of apparently un-checked people to wait for him. The Dallas police allowed for it to happen and in turn f*cked up any chance of understanding why JFK was killed.

    • Old School Overdose

      Truth. One Up like Mario Bros!

  • What’s Stacy’s issue?

    Riding for Dame?

    • thisisafakename

      Does Dame really give a crap if Jay and B are in Cuba? I mean out of the split Dame seemed like the reasonable one and the one who didnt take it so emotionally. Jay came off like a jilted women, and split his ties with Dame for no reason. Hes got no loyalty. I dont really even get stacys point. Whats going to Cuba have to do with anything? Does she get upset when they goto France? Come on now stacy people who spend other peoples money are scum.

  • Chris

    I’ll only respect Drake when he decides to pop that same sht in Breezy’s face, and steals off on him. Until then, FCK…OUTTA…HERE.

    • RMfag

      Ill respect Drake when he pops one in my booty and spills on top of me.

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  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    you know what……stacy fine azz can say whatever she likes.

    • RMfag

      She said enough, ill even give her one of the many diccs I suck off just to stfu.


    Niggaz need to STFU and box already….Drake mad pus*y…

    • RMfag

      Drake does have a mad puzzy, but mines is straight raging.

  • trlvman357

    How many real niggaz duck face in their pictures

    • digitallife


    • RMfag

      Thats whats up, thats how you know they suck your nutsack off.
      I make that face on a daily basis.

  • digitallife

    Talk, talk, talk…they offered you millions to fight the man and you said no while he said lets do this….in my book the other guy won this war.

  • disqus_CDlbQiAmGY

    You really do this shit but didn’t wanna do nothing with Common… no replies to Benie Siegel when he was on camera disrespectin….. but pop shit at Chris Brown, dude is wack and so is allhiphop for entertaining this fairy shit

    • RMfag

      Dont count Chris out, he tried to beat Frank.
      And just because he had sex with one dudes doesnt make him gay or soft.

  • Matt Swan

    Miami. A place that has so many beautiful races, cultures, a vast history, and yet attracts some of the biggest B!TCHES ever put on the face of the earth. How in the hell is Drake’s punk ass gonna pop off on anybody? When did Drake get a ghetto pass and his “official” gangsta/thug card? This dude came on the scene copying Ye, and now since he’s on YMCMB he’s hard? Seiriously? i think those damn sweaters have sweated out his common sense. By no means am I saying that Chris is any harder, but Drake seems to be talkin out the side of his neck a lot lately. Dave said it best: When keepin it real goes wrong……..

    • RMfag

      lol @ this

  • Herb_Bane

    What is that F**k s**t they doin wit they fingers in the top pic?

    • RMfag

      anal signs

  • Dear all hip hop,

    I am one of the fans of your site, but lately I’ve been having a lot of
    problems making sense of many of the articles. This is mainly because
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  • Dick Pimples

    Chris Brown already know Drake aint about that life. Besides, RiRi is obviously sprung on Breezy, or she woulda been done commented on Drake’s D-game. Even if she did let Drake smash. Both these niggas can’t get whatever industry slore they want. So, all this back and forth over a chick is pretty damn gay, yo.

    • RMfag

      So they cant get decent women because they on that prince-but-with-less-talent tip?

  • Dick Pimples

    Stacey Dash is too damn hot to be on one like she is. Queen B might go in on her, on some Super Ugly part 2 ish. LMAO

  • Christopher Wade

    spell check my nig.

  • Celz

    Drake musta forgot Common ethered his ass.. Get that lame shyt outta here..

    • RMfag

      Common can ether my ass anyday

  • greeneyedbandit

    “Trying to come up off of me, you in the clouds hoping.” Tupac~ Everybody trying to come up off of dissin Chris Brown….so sad!

    • RMfag

      It is

    • Demetruis Jenkins

      dope lines but facts speak for itself chris been running round for a week bashing cuz nobody say shit but soon as a nigga respond he trying to gain something even a poodle gone only let you stomp at them for so long before they snap at your ass and gain what man got the most number one single in our era and out sells chris with every first week sells so what does he gain but bad press from the media and chris brown dick riders and fyi you aint gotta be hard to defend yourself nobody wanna sit and let somebody hurt them

  • jondubock

    At least CB can sing…This fool sounds like a annoying naggin woman in his songs…..

    • RMfag

      I dont see the issue

    • Demetruis Jenkins

      yea true but its fifty fifty chris can sing drake cant drake can rap chris damn sure cant but atleast for a rapper the man can write a dope r@b song chris cant write a good rap song

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    who makes better music is subjective … as far as who’s been selling more now that can be answered … lol … but really what does that say about rhianna tho … cats need to start sh*tting on these bandwagon jumping broads and stop acting like they the only girl that exist ……..

  • Taihair Djehuty

    didn’t Chris say he was done with this and then Drake pops up talking trash? I could of swore the Breezy interview said he was done

  • top_flight

    Stacey No Cash Dash, need to sit that ass down and learn how to keep a job. Ol’ broke ass skeezer…but i woud definitely hit

  • MrNoName2K

    Rihanna be somewhere laughing at these 2 clowns…all that damn money these niggas got and all puss being thrown they way, they steady playin grab ass over Rihanna….these 2 need to just slapbox and get it over already

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  • Stacey Dash on that republican right wing agenda, she supported Romney, now she criticizing a trip to Cuba? It’s a “free country” rite? But we can’t travel to Cuba

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