Azealia Banks

Hip-Hop Rumors: Harlem Beef! Azealia Banks Outs A$AP Rocky?

What’s this all about?

Mase once said, “Harlem on the rise,” but it looks like the only way is up from here. The chick Azealia Banks is going in on her Harlem homey A$AP Rocky. In a twitter drive by, she went at him calling him everything from gay…well gay. My sources tell me that, while Rocky has a flair for the flamboyant, he’s not gay. But, I’ve got nothing to do with this one. This could get out of control fast. Mase also said, “You don’t want no problems with us guys.” I know A$AP and his crew don’t very much play and they definitely get busy in the streets. Wondering how they deal with beef of the female persuasion. I do know the one pic of him and the other dude has already been proven photoshopped. I’m out.

This is A$AP’s EX….just sayin’


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.]

Illseed, Out.


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  • JerZeBoy

    Damn she is really poppin some $hit, then again her jaws are always flapping….

  • DJ 7

    Google Asap meets Rakim & if there’s still doubt about duke, you may need to check yourself….the saltine broad was just P.R. for them both stop acting like it was anything else

  • TruthSerum

    Maybe he swings both ways, that seems to be par for the course with this fruit loop generation. Just like Wayne, I’m not even hating because I like his music but it wouldnt surprise me to know if he was playing for both teams, he just acts way too feminine for their to not be something going on. This whole era is fruity, the girls all think their tough and the boys all think their pretty, If Azalia Banks and A$ap Rocky got into a fistfight homegirl would mop the floor with him lol, thank god I was a kid in the 90’s man

    • LOL~N

    • BossBeaux

      LOL @ Azelia Banks mopping the floor with ASAP thats funny as hell good one!

      • TruthSerum

        But its true tho lol I wish I was being sarcastic but I’m not If they had a fair one I’d put money on that chick

    • Bman22

      Totally agree. It’s some softies out here nowadays.

      • RMfag

        Oh no, Im hard. Real hard.

    • Old School Overdose

      Agreed. Will never understand this tight jeans, skirt wearin generation.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        its the same as every generation before … they are just seeking attention

    • RMfag

      I knew I liked something about this generation.

  • Doc

    I said this dude was fruity two years ago…seen a video somebody made in their house and this gay looking dude was rapping and them ASAP niggas was all in the video

    • RMfag

      Damn, I missed it!

  • Dick Pimples

    Hahahaha. Illseed is hilarious! Just sayin’…Yeah, sounds like Azealia needs a good dicking down. Which, I’d gladly volunteer to do her for. She don’t want beef. She want the bottom knocked outta that snatch! LoL. Why every diss from a rap chick to a rap dude gotta immediately be that dude is gay? Not when Rocky crackin’ a chick like Iggy, yo. Hahahaha

    • $11625525

      Maybe he was there for the poopy shoot

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      not every just when asap or that odd future dude is involved lol !!

  • She is wack

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  • Negro Peligro

    Come on dawg you don’t have to suck one to be gay. Any man wear a dress outside of an acting job. Is gay. Sorry. Show up to 106 and park in a Elie Tahari nigga you gay. I got love for the gay community do what you will. But don’t try to act like somethings not gay when its gay. Wearing a dress is GAY.

    • Guest

      Actually, there is such a thing as ‘straight’ crossdressers; most of them are into being dominated by women in S&M scenarios, usually.

      No, I’m not into crossdressing or S&M; I used to date a dominatrix who had ‘clients’ like that, though. And no, she wasn’t having sex with them either; that would’ve been a bridge too far for her as well as for me; especially because I would usually be in the next room over making sure her clients paid up and didn’t act up during their $200 an hour sessions…I didn’t watch them engage in their activity, but I could hear them begging for things like nipple clamps and dildos and odd shit like that (as well as for her to piss or shit on them; that required an extra $100 and she made up a special toliet seat that allowed her to do that without falling over on their faces or getting splash back on her. The one time she tried to incorporate S&M into one of our sexual encounters ended quickly after she poured hot wax on my balls. That shit made me rip through the cloth binds on my wrists she had tied tightly to the bed and woke her daughter (who was sleeping two stories above us) up, which was awkward to explain, to say the least.

      Sounds strange, I know; but it paid better than the job she had that required a Master’s degree (it involved working with autistic kids, which is tremendously frustrating) and allowed her to take a three-year hiatus from it. But as time went on and her daughter got older it became too awkward for her to do it at home and she didn’t feel safe traveling to clients’ houses, so she went back to her old job in the end. We broke up years ago under less than ideal circumstances which were my fault (I was letting PTSD drive me crazy at the time and refused to deal with it properly), but I still talk to her ex-husband (baby’s daddy) every once in a while when I see him around (we got along fine; she managed to stay friends with him even though she broke up with him because he got too strung out on coke for a while; she even let him get away with not paying child support, but he was always there for his daughter and did his part to clothe and feed her as well, as well as occasionally taking her out of the house to the mall or something so her mom could do a ‘session’; she wouldn’t see a client while her kid was in the house, of course).

      Her daughter turned out okay too; she’s in college now and seems to have her head on straight for the most part.

      • johnblacksad

        trill story!

    • RMfag

      I think im the expert on whether something is gay or not. Sucking dicc is not gay, my girl does it all the time.

    • Nope. Plenty of people who are full cross-dressers and are completely straight. Care to provide evidence otherwise?

  • A$ap is a fag smh….Illseed you a fag too for condoning a chick arrogance.

    • RMfag

      I dont see the issue.

    • Even if he was, who is it harming? You’re as bad as a racist if you hate someone for that.

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  • norman

    no music his deal better then hers she is a Very Sad bitch and his last bitch would cold or hot shit on that way ass weakerella or whatever she call herself

  • norman

    iggy vs aza…can you say no contest

  • heavyboy

    Not too keen on either one of them but can’t trust a broad when they get heated…. they’ll say any fuckin thing*

  • Blaq_Boi

    So are there hip hop boy and girl bands I don’t know about? Every dude coming out is a A$ap something and the females are some Azealia derivative. Power Rangers making a hip hop comeback?

    • RMfag

      I love power rangers.

  • MuthaFuka Jones

    Been thought dude was suspect

  • Synista

    girl at the bottom oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! asian girl wit ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oh that pic wit two dudes! two dudes should never be that close!

    • RMfag

      I dont see the issue with dudes being close together.

  • trey

    Bitch is tryin to get attention so she can get famous and make money. dumb biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch

  • Teks

    Twitter = talking out the side of your neck

  • sakiru oresanwo

    Are y’all sure that Iggy’s picture wasnt photoshopped? That booty got my pulse racing

    • RMfag


  • MildManneredReporter

    your sources? you mean some article you read on another site or a asap rocky fan?

  • MildManneredReporter

    then again this hoe always got something to say about something…does she even have music out or just nude pics?

    • RMfag

      Not even nude pics, just lip.


    someone put a dick in this bitch mouth and tell her to swallow instead of spittin fuckery.

    • RMfag

      Never works, but its not like Ive tried it before.

  • MrNoName2K

    man i cant stand this Azealia Banks chic..

  • Azelia Banks is a wild chick, wasn’t she the one saying that Drake was gay too?? she wild

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