Trayvon Martin

Police Officer Fired For Using Trayvon Martin’s Image For Target Practice

(AllHipHop News) A police sergeant with the Port Canaveral Police Department was practicing his firearm skills, but the targets he was shooting looked just like Trayvon Martin wearing a hoodie.

For his actions, Sgt. Ron King no longer has a job with the police force.

King used the image for target practice, according to the Associated Press.

“Whether it was his stupidity or his hatred, (this is) not acceptable,” said Port Authority interim CEO Jim Walsh.
King was teaching other officers how to use their guns and had the Trayvon-looking posters in his car. Not only did the posters have a faceless figure in a hoodie, but they also had Skittles candy in a pocket and ice tea in a hand.

This is what Trayvon Martin had on his person when he was slain by George Zimmerman in a Florida gated community. Martin was unarmed.

The murder trial of Zimmerman starts in June at press time.

King also offered the posters to other officers.

The Martin family released a statement through their lawyers.

“It is absolutely reprehensible that a high-ranking member of the Port Canaveral Police, sworn to protect and serve Floridians, would use the image of a dead child as target practice,” the statement said.

King tried to plea that he was simply trying to show officers that they need to exercise restraint when using their guns. He owns a company that offers firearm training and coaches people for personal safety, according to the AP.

  • bigdoe6

    The world we live in. Smh.

  • Old School Overdose

    “King tried to plea that he was simply trying to show officers that they need to exercise restraint when using their guns.”

    By shooting the target of an innocent kid that was gunned down? Typical racist southern bullsh*t. Obvious racists like this clown should have their eyeballs gutted out their f*cking heads…so they will forever ‘see’ the world in darkness.

    • thisisafakename

      Hes insulting our intelligence too. Thats the dumbest excuse he tried to use, he must think we are f*cking morons. I think you go farther then just take the eyes, take the nuts off so he cant have kids. We dont need any more racists in this country, we have plenty. Or just get to the point and stab them or hang them from a tree. Weird reversal if we would hang them, like hey you guys loved doing this to black people now we love doing it to your racist ass. And im not talking about breaking necks, pull them off the ground from their necks and let them slowly suffocate. Make it painful as possible. Then leave their useless corpse in that tree for weeks so others can see what we gonna do to them if they want to run with racist shit. If we wanted to end racism we could do it, just get severe with it and murder these fuckers in horrible ways. I think its poetic to use their method of killing black people on them. And let black people do the hanging if they want to. If anyone deserves to have the right to murder a racist it should be black and or latinos. And if wanted to stop rape we would just need to castrate rapists. That would end it right away. Why not? Whats the reason to let them keep their balls when they arent men. Or just drown their ass in urine.

  • hoeyuno



    Racist bitch

  • ulostatlife

    This isn’t shocking in the least.The guy is an NRA member and they hate anything that mandates regulations on their business as a whole such as semi automatic bans and waiting periods for firearm purchases.That is typical of the fascist right wing agenda.

    • thisisafakename

      Yeah im a gun owner/interested in the history of guns. But i would never join the NRA cause they are a group of complete whackos with no restraint. No reason for fully automatic weapons, there is no reason at all for that crap. People who think we need fully auto weapons for any reason need to have their guns taken away and lose any right to own a firearm. Fully auto weapons are used for mass murder thats all. The army for the longest time didnt even have fully automatic m16’s because fully automatic weapons actually are less useful than firing in semi automatic mode. They call it spray and pray, the first shot is on point and everything past the first shot turns the firearm into a anti aircraft gun. You can squeeze the trigger fast enough to dump out a 30 round magazine in under 3 seconds so in every sense full auto is useless and dangerous. There are things you can do to your assault rifle to fake full auto, you put in a trigger that requires less force, do a technique called bump firing where you hold your finger in a certain way and use the recoil of the gun to bounce the gun off your shoulder and forward so it essentially pulls the trigger again without you having to pull the trigger. You can look up bump firing on youtube, ive seen it done in person and it looks exactly like fully automatic firing. It is scary to see cause it really is fully automatic and is pretty accurate. The dude i saw do it put a small grouping in a target at 30 yards (granted 30 yards is nothing for a rifle, most train at 200 + yards) but he put a inch size grouping on full auto bump firing at 30 yards. You dont want to train like that tho, anyone who has guns knows how expensive ammo is and rifle ammo is a bitch. Really the cost of the gun is nothing compared to how much you spend on ammo. A few times at the range and you already spent more money on ammo then on the gun itself. Always buy the lower caliber cheaper shit, like if you got a 5.56 use .223, if you got a .357 (and it takes .38) use .38. Lots of people convert their guns to fire .22 cause you can get a box of 100 for like 10 dollars which is incredibly cheap.

      • You are bugging!

        Support the 2a 100%.

  • infinit221

    And we stay killing each other? I can think of another group of people whose time is coming…

    • thisisafakename

      People are finally going crazy on cops like they should. Here in WA we had a guy who ambushed three cops at a star bucks. Later that month 2 more officers were killed. Now i dont want people to die, and not all police are bad just a majority of them. The reason its taking so long is the government/media is so good at making black people and white people fight/hate each other. Soon as we come together lots of shit will change. Hope it happens in my lifetime, but it will happen soon. Cops have been caught on camera assaulting innocent people, killing unarmed men, and all around abusing their power. Its all about keeping groups in America split up, bring us together and we can get things done. The largest issue is white people, i feel we (white people) are more of a racist group/divisive group than the others. Maybe its just cause im white and am around white people for the most part so i see them for who the yare. The media is what makes us scared/hateful towards black people. The only time black people are on the media is for horror stories of violence and drugs. Come on now the media is irresponsible and needs to quit with this bullshit.

  • thisisafakename

    The story is a police officer was actually fired for doing something wrong. They can kill people on camera and dont get fired. Good this scum needed to get fired, hes trying to play us like we stupid with his explanation, you got caught for being racist and a scumbag so take it like a man if you are one and move on. Great thing is getting fired from the police force pretty much ends your professional life. What skills you got? You can be a body guard but who hires a former police officer who was fired? There are plenty of retired police who were not fired for people to hire for body guard work. Lets hope this guy goes homeless and has to deal with the police like we do.

  • Guest

    That’s not racist, that’s disgusting


    Imagine life on earth without the existence of RACIST White People!
    I bet God is thinking the same thing. Evil Hatred, Manipulation and insecurities

    (just to name a few) all gave birth to these hardcore cowards!!

  • infinit221

    Why don’t you come out behind your screen name? I’ll give you a chance to show me something

    • DJ7

      Had to school this white bread on the Iggy board….this coward just trynna get a rise outta the Gods!!

      • infinit221

        Oh OK…I’m a lil new to the blogs so I’m struggling with handling some of this wild stuff. I really wanted to put my hands on him for a second…back to common senses now.

  • globalhhb

    exactly to the comment below the world coming to an end, racism still alive they just be concealing it” kanye voice

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    Qam Yashalalah!!!!

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  • $11625525

    The poor kids parents must feel like their child has been murdered twice.

    Perhaps more people from Ethnic Minorities need to join the police instead of sitting on the sidelines complaining about what goes on. It needs to be changed internally, over time.

    • Illiam Elton

      I’m so with you!But minorities are less likely to join the police force because of the backlash they would get from their community.I’m in the Army and some associates that still live in the “hood” call me fake or say that i’m a cop for being in the army.SMH We do need more BLACK and LATINO officers.

      • $11625525

        I live in London, there’s serious institutional racism in the force but it didn’t stop more recent migrants coming in and joining. People need to understand that Police are supposed to be a part of the fabric of the community they’re hired to serve, not just a goon with a badge and a uniform.

        I have no issue with Black man joining the Police, so long as he doesn’t develop a bully complex once he’s in, and that takes a very strong mind to maintain composure with all that power in your hands.

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