Jojo Gets Jammed Up By Juelz AM

Hip-Hop Rumors: [Video] JoJo Simmons Got The Crips To Address The Juelz Situation?

Hip-Hop Rumors: JoJo Simmons Got The Crips To Address The Juelz Situation?

“I grew up a very good kid,” say JoJo Simmons, but…there’s always a but…he’s got some buddies.

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Hmmmmm……OK….so, JoJo does a video with a lot of Crips and they, uh,….they saying something very different. They talking about the “Blue Umbrella.” Whooooooooooaaaaaa……

Well, JoJo is not with the violence and that’s clear, but somebody in this video…matter of fact, he and the female in the video are the only ones that subscribe to that philosophy of life.

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The pictures are already starting.



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  • MadVillain

    LOOOL those 2 pics killed me

  • Guest

    atleast jojo didnt run his mouth with his boys there.. i give him props.. any other soft MF would of just talked shit like when i see him this n that..atleast jojo stayed true 2 his softness..props

    • dominicancoke

      Lol them some goons he paid to be on camera

      • creg

        the same goons he paid are the same paid goons who kill for him if he wants too.also he comes from a powerful family

      • fabbidavisjr

        Dude he’s not in the Coreleone family, his dad is a old rapper. Yeah he can probably black ball Juelz Santana but he ain’t wacking nobody.

      • it ain’t run, it’s russell. he’s top dog in hip hop, and he can reach out and touch the dude that pulled up on his nephew w.out ever getting his hands dirty – if he wanted to.

      • Carlos

        juelz already blacked balled himself by being a wack rapper. his best song was oh boy and the beat did most of the rapping

      • stealth

        Ease remember Russ is budhist and Run is a reverand.

    • joneslife4

      Aint nothing soft about what JoJo said. He’s being true to himself. I respect that. Be you.

  • Get out the tub and help me dad lmao

  • If this Dumbset, sorry i meant Dipset member had yoked up Tru-Life…. The props would of been massive. For yoking JoJo, I am inclined to watch his video and then turn it off and return to my meaningless life. This is not something that people genuinely will remember once the playoffs start.

    • Weedras

      Tru would probably catch another charge…

      • Ninjaz ain’t fuggin’ with Tru!

    • Pedro Matos Jr.

      I said the same sh*t in a post 4 the 1st article when this happened talk about bein selective n*ggas wasn’t tryin dat sh*t wit Tru Life or no other real n*ggas. SMH no brownie points 4 dat.

  • dominicancoke

    Im not bout that violence umm im about getting money specifically from my dad you may know em as rev run and umm im sorrounding my self around some crip n!ggas so i wont look like the f*ck boy i really am and thank you uncle russle for hiring these crips to back me up and thank you diggy for letting me carry your bags while u had a buzz

  • dominicancoke

    On another note juelz is straight p*ssy where were your goons when cam was getting snuff in the eye by tru? and when jimmy was getting snuff by max b? oh they was shook aight lol

  • Why would anyone want to harm a Simmons?

  • maya

    This is heartbreaking.

    It’s weird, the way some “Hip Hop fans” complain about gay rappers and dressing crazy – yet – seem to be entertained by young black men destroying themselves, and each other. Destroying the community. Not a good look. And then have the nerve to blame it on the white man…

    • “Sometimes I believe the hype man, we mess it up for ourselves & blame the whiteman, but don’t point the finger you Jiggaboo, take a look at yourself you dumb Ni99a you!” Ice Cube ~ US

      • yoooooo. Hit em wit the Death Certificate quote I see! My favorite CD of all-time right there.

      • Str8 Instant Classic!

      • DollasTX

        MINE TOO

  • Chris

    A silver-spoon-@ss-ngga like JoJo should be studying economics at an Ivy league school, not fckin’ off in these streets. FCK…OUTTA…HERE.

    • DollasTX

      you really think JOJO has the intelligence to go to an ivy league school –

      • Chris

        It doesn’t matter if he has the intelligence or not. He’s got the elite pedigree to be doing a lot more than this sht here. George W. Bush wasn’t smart, but his pedigree earned him degrees from Yale and Harvard.

      • DollasTX

        ELITE PEDIGREE – my dude i understand where you going but the Bush’s have cousins, great grand fathers, and uncles who boast Ivy League schools as their alma mater – Simmons family graduated from Def Jam University lol – highly doubt that is the ELITE PEDIGREE that you are referring too

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  • Richard Savage

    So you can send someone for Jojo but you wouldnt mess with Tru Life ??? I fucks wit Juelz heavy but come on dawg some shit you can let slide…. who even LISTENS to JoJo’s music??? why get butt hurt about that?

  • Weedras

    Where’s Tyrese in all of this wasn’t he sending threats the last time when J.cole checked Diggy with that song… this is what Black Ty should get involved in…

  • He should have just shut up!

  • duh boy

    i kno uncle russ laughin his ass off…

  • didnt jim and juelz get pressed out in the UK? heard that was a bad look too. guess juelz wont be dropping an album on defjam… ever

  • so corny, jojo cant rap, cant fight, all he is is runs son and diggys brother, angelas brother and the other sisters brother…. thats it, “all i do is get money and F bitches” how does he get money??? lol gee i wonder

  • the charm on his chain should be silver, a silver spoon. serioulsy he shoulod rock that.

  • that’s some funny a** ish! they got a lot a money in that family, and a lot of connections. a lot of people would love to have that family owe them one. gotta feeling it’s not the end of the story. but that’s a funny a** picture.

  • this dude JOJO plays one role but says non violence. hes gonna get his ass whooped.
    no such thing as a 1/2 way crook..

  • Don’t Tyrese got ties to the “blue umbrella”? I guess the story is only beggining.

    • stealth

      Bingo !!

      • word that’s the first thing that came to mind . . . I guess its black ty time.