Juelz Santana

Hip-Hop Rumors: Juelz’s Dude That Jacked Up JoJo Simmons Speaks!

I hope you tuned in over the weekend, because it was quite a lot going on!

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So, this dude Hynief is down with Juelz Santana and is apparently a big deal out in these streets. He raps and is in the Skull Gang. Nief jacked up Juelz, instagrammed it and also had a colorful commentary. But he’s got something for you people and your comments! .

This is wrong, but there is rumored to be a video. Click here for the full back story.
Jojo Gets Jammed Up By Juelz AM

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.]

Illseed, Out.


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  • Six

    “Nief jacked up Juelz” smh

    • MuthaFuka Jones

      MAN!! Do they proof read any damn thing?!?!

      • RMfag

        Thats right actually, but this story is about someone being jacked up outside of the bedroom.

    • RMfag

      Im totally surprised, Id never take Juelz for a bottom.
      But Hynief looks like he can smash anything to smithereens…….

  • Da Ledgendary

    This dude still dumb as hell for putting it on Instagram

    • RMfag

      Good, let his ass get it.

    • Escobar

      At least he put a filter.

      • vaughn holloway


      • Celz

        Check this out lil nicca.. We gon do this one of two ways.. Pastel OR Sepia.. Pick one muthaf%^a..

      • Q.

        F’in hilarious.

      • Escobar

        DEAD! LOL! DONE’D!

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  • MrNoName2K

    JoJo a bubble gum rapper so it shouldve never went that far…then to make it worse, dude instagrams a pic doin the deed…he’ll be in cuffs soon

    • RMfag

      He looks cute from the side tho.
      And didnt this start because of Juelz? How you gonna make a diss line then get mad when someone makes one back?
      I still would love to suck Juelz off but wow…….

      • Guest

        juelz didnt even make a diss tho.. he just said my money is russell simmons yours like jojo.. pretty much sayin hes ppls fathers in the rap game and his money is grown upp and yours is on kids level..thats not even a diss..

      • RMfag

        Lets be real…..that was pure shade.
        Why even put Jojo’s name in it?

      • $11625525

        That’s a good analogy: I have a lot of money which I earned through hard work, you are only financially wealthy through your blood ties.

  • MuthaFuka Jones

    Everybody “runs their mouth” in hip hop bruh. Lol, truthful hip hop records don’t sell. Dafukutalknbout???

  • Dude is softer than JoJo.

    “Every little ninjah you see around me, hold a g** big enough to fuggin hold Shaq down!”..Fifty “Back Down”


    He’ll probably be apologizing soon

  • RMfag

    Id suck both of them off. Jojo for obvious reasons and Hynief for telling me to do so. I like dudes who can take charge.

    • Guest

      your a faggot fer real. so somewhere with ur gay shit

      • RMfag

        Im only into women over here. I honestly could careless about what type of gay stuff you enjoy on your own time, but keep that over there GayC.

  • Soulgasm

    “Nief jacked up Juelz, instagrammed it and also had a colorful commentary.” Good writing, illseed! You are truly a diamond in the rough. Smh…

    • RMfag

      Nief smashed Juelz, uploaded a photo online and described the smashing in graphic detail.
      Illseed is just fagging-out…..

  • maya

    Picking out an easy target. Not impressed.

    • Calico Joe

      That’s what f*ck niggas do.

      • RMfag

        Too much of that around tbh


  • DollasTX

    hilarious – accountability at it’s finest!!!

  • and this guy is using this as publicity because i c he has a video on world star

  • Blaq_Boi

    Shit like this makes me miss The Boondocks…

  • n n

    The last person that had a problem with a Simmons is dead.i think it is fake but Julez Santana not ever coming out if it is true.


    Damn had to raise up from the underground to comment …..shitt aint gone never change…always gotta be a niggga that learn the hard way…ask that yung mazi niggga what happens to niggaaz that do dumb shitt like this…he needed a bullet in the head to come to his senses…its whole lotta gangstas til shit get real…then you hear a niggga…yeah man i found the Lord…I gotta be here for my kids…fuck the streets…haha…shit is he-larry-us…but pay me no mind…carry on.

  • tra mo

    Is it just me or does he have crook tattooed on his wrist oh the irony haha

  • trlvman357

    AInt no way a light skin nigga in a white du rag gon jack me up and put dat shit on twitter. He probably had a gun to Jo Jo and everything. Niggaz don’t get no points for dat!

    • Guest

      assuming u know what ur talkin about. and not just makin up ur own facts…

      • trlvman357

        Nigga you know what probably mean

    • So Juelz is supposed to let just anybody shit on him? Yeah right. Don’t cry victim after you jump in feet first.

  • RichFromBX

    well, you were going to have to kill me – no way any man is going to make me get on a phone and apologize to any one…even if I’m wrong as fvck, no man is making me do some sh!t like that…you pick one of the softest targets in the game to flex on you fvckin’ coward – when these dudes gonna learn real cats move in silence and let the streets talk for them, not twitter and instagram…

    • $11625525

      It depends what you have to lose and if you have a back up plan.

      He could have been 50 deep for all we know. JoJo did the smart thing, live to exact revenge another day, another way.

      One thing no one has mentioned is, Russell has so much clout he can ensure this fool never gets one iota of airplay. He could shut his career down before it even starts.

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  • AfricanSoul

    Way to self-incriminate lol I hope Rev Run drags dude to court for assault.

  • digitallife

    You reap what you sow son..all them gang signs and colors he throws up in his videos do not make him super human. Just look at his youtube videos, he doesn’t even have hand game. Needs 5 dudes to beat up one cat? Oh and you rest your head in Simmons territory…I hope Juelz for both their sakes reaches out and squashes this because it’s not going to end well for this cat.

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  • dehova

    This is the first time I heard skull gang in a sentence since …. oh boy, I better not run my mouth coz I can catch an instagram picture yo.

  • I like what he did to JoJo. He didn’t hurt him, just ad to teach him a lil lesson. I love how people are acting like he bullied JoJo or something to score points. JoJo was the one tryna score cheap points off Juelz and it backfired.

    • RMfag

      Juelz started it.

  • puppet_master718


  • YungKizz

    lol waaaaaaaaaaaaaack hynief a clown str8 up clown

  • TFLO

    lol wow jojo, be a business man like your father,stay out of the streets lol.. hiphopmedialive. com

  • acapwn

    Can’t really run your mouth and expect to never have to deal with it but at the same time….you can’t catch props for snatchin up a weak ass dude neither…

  • Matt Swan

    When keeping it real goes wrong…………….

  • $31339281

    HAHAHA When i first saw this nga Jojo face all hemmed up, i was in! That nga look like he could recite the bible backwards if he had to.

  • $31339281

    HAHAHA When i first saw this nga Jojo face all hemmed up, i was in! That nga look like he could recite the bible backwards if he had to.

  • $11625525

    What a P ssy! A lot of bad ass men and women have been taken out of this world by people who just didn’t give a f ck about the reputation they had, so why do these stupid goons who think they’re rappers even bother with all of their internet gangsterism?

    Man, everytime I see one of these stories I think of a line from Jeru the Damaja’s “Ya playin’ yaself” – “I never knew hustla’s confess in stereo”. It’s not just stereo, it’s the internet, BBM, MTV, magazine’s, anyone who will listen to their corny ass.

    Man, I will torrent that fools work, if it’s any good, just out of principle.

  • Ronlg1

    This cat is talking about “yall can suck my d*%k”….nigga, you can suck ya own d$%k with that fag s#!t you just did. Did running up on a lil nigga like Jo-Jo make Juelz let you suck him off or something? Cause this was a “Hoe” move ALL around!!! You do this s#!t when it’s REAL beef, with REAL gangstas…not no radio beef that aint even important AND with a lil nigga that doesn’t pose a threat to you and yours. Get the hell outta here. Hope them crips run up on you instagram they foot in yo ass, p^$$y

    • RMfag

      I can suck his suck his d**k for him…..very into the fag s**ts and whatnot…..

  • Mike Swiff

    This pu$$y Nief jacks JOJO and were supposed to think of you as what a thug or a BULLY? JOJO?? yo?? smh Juelz? the same thing these dudes are not thugs man..smh no more comments I dont want to reveal anymore! Nief wheew were all scared yo!

    • Dick Pimples


  • Dick Pimples

    GTFOH, nigga. Go suck Juelz’s dick, ya flunky. Picking on lil’ niggas and shit. Bwahahahahahaha.

    • RMfag

      He can suck Juelz after me of course.
      Did you hear Juelz cd got shelved?

  • Herb_Bane

    i say good for him .. cuz if you heard jo jo’s “track” he was talkin REAL GREASY!! now There’s a video floatin around of Jo Jo sayin he’s “non – violent” and don’t want the beef.. If you not built don’t go runnin ya mouth.. simple