Lauryn Hill Says “Very Real Threats” Kept Her From Paying Taxes

(AllHipHop News) Today (April 15) is tax day in the United States. As some citizens were getting prepared to file last-minute tax forms over the last several days, one Grammy winning performer was filing legal documents to prevent her conviction on three counts of tax evasion from sending her to jail.

According to TMZ, former Fugees member Lauryn Hill is asking a judge for probation for her guilty plea to owing federal taxes on over $1.8 million in income from the years 2005, 2006, and 2007. Hill earned $818,000 in ’05, $222,000 in ’06, and $761,000 in ’07.

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Reportedly, Hill’s documentation explained that the “Killing Me Softly” singer avoided paying taxes in those years because she had to protect her family.

“She withdrew from society at large due to what she perceived as manipulation and very real threats to herself and her family,” TMZ quotes the papers to read. There were no specific mention of the type of threats Hill or her family members allegedly faced.

Hill is also requesting that the court take into consideration that it would be much easier for her to pay back the taxes she owes if she is placed on probation and allowed to continue to work as oppose to being sent to jail.

Hill was originally released on $150,000 bail in June of 2012 which allowed the rapper/singer to tour internationally. Lauryn joined Nas on their joint “Life Is Good/Black Rage” Tour late last year.

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The judge in the case is expected to rule on Hill’s sentence on April 22. Each count carries a maximum penalty of one year in prison and a $100,000 fine.

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  • Swaggout

    They might try and give her that Wesley! But hopefully the judge don’t play Lost Ones and Lauryn can get out with a a lil’ Doo Wop. Alas, Everything Is Everything and at the end of the day, the joy of her world is still in Zion.

    • Don’t discount her X Factor!


  • RealityInc

    I have been following Lauryn closingly. Don’t laugh her off. I think the threats she faced were very real. If you noticed her troubles started around the time she was forced back into working with the Fugees in 2005. She stated as much in a Essence magazine article. When she decided to walk away from that deal she changed drastically after that. Here is were it gets interesting. When she decided to do a few concerts on her own Wyclef and Pras did a media coordinated effort to call her crazy in the media. They were obsessed. Also, it became known that Wyclef and Pras were facing financial problems dated back to this the same time period. I think they were banking on her. Wyclef had a house foreclosed on along with tax problems, and Pras was confronted by a news reporter about studio debt he owed all documented.

    Also, right before Jimmy Henchman was indicted Wyclef, Jimmy Henchman and Pras had put out press release stating that Lauryn would be performing in Haiti with the Fugees. Lauryn was pregnant and on tour and had not spoken to Wyclef and Pras in years. Lauryn’s spokeperson finally released a statement saying this was not the case. It was very odd like they were trying to intimidate her. Also, during Wyclef’s performance in Haiti in the dark of night the same night he claimed to have been shot, he called Lauryn out for not coming to Haiti (video on youtube). The next week Jimmy Henchman was indicted and Wyclef was named.

    As the case of James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond continues to heat up, yesterday (May 23) in Brooklyn Federal Court a new piece of evidence was introduced to his file.

    According to a Proffer Agreement from October of last year, Jimmy revealed to prosecutors he loaned Wyclef Jean 60,000 dollars in drug money.

    While the Haitian-American artist did not have any knowledge of the origin of the funds, Rosemond supported Jean’s 2010 bid as Haitian president as well as helped organize a concert for President Michel Martelly last year. The Haitian government began keeping a close watch on the pair after several checks totaling to $80 thousand were sent to Rosemond from business properties of Jean’s.

    So, do not blow Lauryn off as crazy. I very much believe she has faced some very real threats over the years. You only need to look at Wyclef for the answers. He is a dirty dog that started abusing this women when she was still a teen and has continued up until this day with his book.

    • Vinsanity

      This treat she speaks of is called Crack.

      • RealityInc

        Call it what you want, but the question remains what happen to this beautiful young women. Wyclef needs to be investigated. The things I mention are documented, and that is just what is known publically. His behavior toward her has been far from normal.

      • Bobby Jones

        She deserves everything she gets. One of the most racist people. That’s documented too.

    • Spirit Equality

      But what does paying taxes have to do with that? She could use TurboTax to pay the IRS from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. What, she thinks the IRS would leak her home address to Jimmy? Even if that were the case, she could live with the Marleys in Jamaica while listing her US address on her tax forms. Makes no sense. Now if she says she couldn’t file jointly with Rohan because she was hiding from him or something, maybe that could be a theory…stil, she could file as an individual…her lawyers must be terrible…

  • hoeyuno

    I don’t know what Lauren is all about. I copped the first fugees album but that’s where my knowledge ends.. but I know one thing about American justice. you can beat a murder charge but you are gonna do hard time if you don’t pay uncle Sam.

    • Spirit Equality

      Nah, a lot of people plea bargain to pay a fine and back taxes. Not everyone does jail time for failure to pay taxes.

      • hoeyuno

        If you owe a couple mil in taxes you are gonna do time and start paying that shit back the day you get out. Unless you can pay that shit and it really was just a misunderstanding. Why didn’t Wesley take a plea??

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  • bobwhite11

    I see. Threats like “you need to pay your taxes?” Silly–pay up, honey, and quitchurbitchin.

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  • AfricanSoul

    We can only theorize about her state of mind…but, in the end, I hope this talented and beautiful woman beats this and raised his children in peace.