Signs The World Is Coming To An End: Bombing At Boston Marathon!

This is a true sign, I believe. Man, this world – as we know it – is coming to an end. Martial Law is right around the corner. The World is like, “Its not over for me. I’m going to keep revolving around the sun regardless of what you idiots do.”

Here is a recent report by The New York Times:

BOSTON — A series of explosions was reported near the finish line at the Boston Marathon on Monday, leaving two people dead and at least two dozen injured, according to the Boston Police Department.

A third explosion was heard just before 4 p.m., about an hour after the first two blasts. The police were apparently aware of that device before the explosion occurred.

The blasts took place about four hours after the start of the men’s race, which meant that there were still several thousand runners yet to finish the race. One senior counterterrorism official said it was too soon to tell whether the explosions were related to terrorism.

The Boston police confirmed they were looking into the explosions, but made no further comment. Another senior United States government official said that the Boston police and the F.B.I. said they had received no reports in recent days about a threat of an attack on the marathon and that there was no warning on Monday.

Several news outlets reported that a loud explosion was heard on the north side of Boylston Street, near a photo bridge that marks the finish line. Another explosion was heard several seconds later.

The Associated Press reported that authorities were helping injured runners leave the scene and that bloodied spectators were being carried to a medical tent that was being used for runners.

Bruce Mendelsohn, who works in a building near the explosion, said on Twitter that he saw blood on the sidewalks and about a dozen casualties.

Authorities in large cities are typically on the highest level of alert for events like a marathon, said Anthony Roman, a security expert.

“It is quite the counterterrorism effort,” said Mr. Roman, who runs Roman & Associates, a New York firm.

For major events in New York and other large cities, Mr. Roman said the police would typically weld manhole covers shut and examine the entire route just before the race. They would also place snipers on rooftops, with helicopters overhead, and analytic cameras in the city would be used, he said.

“They have all the analytic cameras in the city focusing on the race with their advanced software network, reading license plates,” Mr. Roman said.

The Boston Marathon is one of running’s most storied events, established in 1897 and one of the six World Marathon Majors. The event typically attracts an estimated 500,000 spectators and requires certain qualifying times for runners to compete.

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Terrorism or somebody in our backyard?

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.]

Illseed, Out.


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  • Communist Russia.

    Korea Here we COME!

  • Trahnyr315

    Sounds like white ppls problem lol

    • fabbidavisjr

      And the ignorant comment of the day award goes to.

    • DollasTX


  • Q.

    Damn, Obama pulled a Bush. Condolences to the victims.

    Let’s see how many sheeple fall for the fear bait… #fukctheNWO

  • emre iren

    Oh no !! few white people died quick declare war on someone black brown or muslim immediately!!!

    • fthij2

      You sir, quite simply, are an idiot. Even if it had been black people, or “brown” people, or Muslim, we would have been upset. It’s not a black thing, or a white thing, it’s an human thing. If you hate white people so much, go back to Africa. Or Asia. Or Islam. Just get out of the country, yeah? Much better than spewing racist comments. Think of the people who were hurt, who lost limbs, the child who died, and their families, instead of being a racist bastard.

      • emre iren

        Yea ill do that soon as you start thinking about the 70 killed in iraq today in a bombing and 300 injured, also i am not in the country dip$hit i am watching it unfold from an ocean away. Where is your bleeding heart for the thousands killed this year alone all over the world from “racist” agenda of your government??? Yea i forgot you dont really care about that,oh and by the way ISLAM is not a country man, go back to grade school. Freaking moron

      • fthij2

        If you are not American, you really have no business attacking us. You can deal with your own problems, and at least I have the proper grammar required to pass grade school. I’m not the only one attacking you, either — apparently, I’m not the only one who has a problem with your insensitive comment. We don’t troll your country and say “oh let’s start war on the white people because black people got hurt har har har” . So back off and deal with your own country — and before you begin insulting my intelligence, why don’t you attend some classes first?

      • emre iren

        Yea your immense intellect is shown with your super smart geographical knowledge, which continent is Islam located on by the way ? Is it on Islamabania? Also anyone can be an American, i got a US passport lived in the states for 25 years, but thanks for playing the role of immigration and customs and quickly deducting who is American and who is not, you should be heading the investigation into this whole Boston bombing bs, with you at the helm how could it fail? Ill attend some classes if you can name which continent America is on, here is a clue for you it starts with north.

      • fthij2

        You know what’s so very sad about this, sir? You aren’t even in the states, you appear middle-aged, and I am still in high school. So not only are you trying to prove your point though you are not in North America, but you’re attempting to prove it to a high schooler. You are immature, insensitive, and looking at your comment, it’s not a wonder the whole world really does not appreciate your country. While there are good people in those countries, you are apparently not one, and this is none of your business. Focus on your own little people – who kill themselves by the way – and not our people, who consistently show your countries mercy and try to help, even though you kill us in the thousands. I’ll say it here: there’s a reason people want to come to our country, and escape yours.

      • emre iren

        Quick question which country is my country ? Since you know so much with your 14 to 17 years on this earth. You sound like a typical dip$hit teenager talking about issues you couldn’t possibly begin to understand. You contradict yourself with each sentence one minute you are all about unity next minute you put down the other person because they are not from US. Maybe your high school teacher didn’t teach you this yet but that would be called a hypocrite, which SIR, would be you! Plus i wouldn’t be so sure about people dying to come to US, maybe 20-30 years ago sure, now? not so much. But keep thinking that you fit the mold very well already. Now go do your homework kid or better yet go listen to some gucci mane sounds right up your alley.

      • DJ 7

        You got a lot of learning to do little peckerwood…Somebody already got you thinking sideways

      • DollasTX

        dude said ISLAMABANIA lol

      • Yeah, that ‘chet was funny! LOL~N

      • DJ 7


      • Body Blow, Left Hook!

      • DollasTX

        go back to africa, or asia, or ISLAM? (WTF)


      • DJ 7

        Go back to Africa? Why do saltines still say that knowing full well their white asses are already there too? Why don’t yall go back to the caves?

    • Guest

      you throw black in there like white ppl even think black ppl did that.. brown/muslim ppl are the new black. get over yourselves lmao americans not even thinking black right now.

    • Guest

      ps black n brown ppl got hurt to..idiot

      • emre iren

        Yea there is this thing called the bigger picture, but you are too stupid to see it, usually happens when you are too busy trying to be something you are not in your case it would be…..well figure it out moron dont need to spell it out for you do i? We are talking about an agenda that uses anything and everything to make a global impact. Of course there are probably some non white people hurt, the point is the end result of what happens after this. Point is to get lemmings like you to come out in droves to achieve something and when you live in a country full of sheep its not really that hard. Yea now go back to schooling me with your immense knowledge of geo-politics and share some of your infinite wisdom on the military industrial complex or better yet do what you do best and be the uncle tom that you are

      • Guest

        sheep? just look at your word use.. bombs got set off.. we dont even know who it is.. but EVERY station is reporting dark skinned person or black guy there goes your white theory..uncle white moron? you are just an all around ignorant person easy to tell that

      • emre iren

        Says the guy supporting global terrorism ha ha ha. Are you asking me if you are white with the question mark? if so, i don’t know, ARE YOU? I am ignorant, yet you cant even form coherent sentences, another fine product of American education system, kicking some true knowledge to a 3rd world immigrant like myself right? Shouldn’t you be at the Fox news website with rest of your brethren?

      • Guest

        no i was stating im white so i cant be an uncle tom. this is a hiphop site why do i need to spell coherently lmao like i care what you guys think of my spelling and you never met me ever… and yes you are a moron. we dont even know who bombed boston.. and you say im supporting global terrorism WHEN I DONT KNOW WHO BOMBED BOSTON.. until we do everything is speculation and non-facts. so leave your racist comments / judge mental comments to the side UNTIL you find out who it is. even then its not a white or black thing its an american thing. being racist doesnt put money in noones pocket thats how i look at it. ill break bread with anyone as long as it benefits me without hurting people

      • emre iren

        It was a guy with a detonator.

  • somebody ate too many boston baked beans….

  • Illuminati

  • Black Exodus

    Sad day…Rip in to fallen. My prayers to those fighting for their lives. To all the innocent people injured and the child that lost their life my sincere condolences. America is at war…we have a lot of enemies at home and abroad. We the people will always protect the home front, but our government must do right by the people…Fore warn us of the dangers that we are facing…that you know about and that is lurking around the corner. It is not the time to take our arms away! Lets brace ourselves for the rocky road ahead. Love to the people…first and foremost!

  • Guest

    ppl who make this about race without even knowing who did it are just scumbags whose prob just broke and bitter at the world. over n out

  • The defecation has hit the oscillating air machine! (SHTF )

    • DollasTX

      lol say this shyt right here was funny (defecation/oscillating air machine)

      • Wonder who it was…or who will get the blame?

      • DollasTX

        im wondering the same thang – cant wait til that info comes out
        i pretty much ruled out international terrorism already – so it will be real interesting to find out who was really behind, the person behind this lol

      • My vote = Whitefolks!

      • DollasTX

        yeah its looking that way –

  • hoeyuno

    Condolences to through ppls who lost there lives….

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  • son of nigraseed lives

    The Patriot Act (wiretapping) will be back in full effect. The pusherman will have to go back to using beepers and code

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  • Antonio Diaz

    Oh a racewar going on , on Ahh? Nothing new there. Look. As someone here In Boston. This is all coming off like they’re covering the fact they knew this was going to happen and they did a shitty job protecting people. This isn’t NYC,where it’s happened multiple times. The town and law enforcement were in diss array , things were crazy. those 2 fools def. did that shit. But the authorities did the worst job possible in being proactive, and protecting the public