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Rapper Caught With Five Pounds of Marijuana For Marijuana Shop Operation

(AllHipHop News) You can not judge a book by its cover but you can make a pretty good attempt based off a rapper’s name. Brett Scipio, better known as New Orleans rapper Weedy was arrested on April 3rd for possession of five pounds of marijuana.

The massive mount of marijuana was discovered by St. Bernard police after it was delivered from Oakland, California to a home in Chalmette , Louisiana. Weedy was one of five people arrested in connection to the drug bust.

Weedy was arrested after the police requested he pull over his vehicle. His two children and a handgun were also present at the time of his arrest.

The head of the St. Bernard Police Sheriff’s Special Investigations Division Chad Clark says the five men were preparing to run a marijuana shop out of the Chalmette home.

The unemployed Weedy was released on a $37,000 bond St. Bernard Parish Prison. He is charged with possession with intent to distribute, possession of a firearm while in possession of the marijuana and possession of a controlled, dangerous substance in the presence of juveniles.

Check out a video of Weedy’s concert at Club Republic in New Orleans with his Stick Tight Entertainment:

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  • TruthSerum

    Ya’ll be reporting on the most irrelevant people. There are kids in my neighborhood who rap at the bus stop I’m surprised you dont do a breaking news story everytime one of them gets suspended.

    • Keith Brickz


    • Fatalhp

      I like the fact that your comment is exactly the point of your statement….. Pointless!

    • morAL


  • Keith Brickz

    5 pounds isnt a massive amount

    • True but his ass goin down for having the pistol with the weed

    • Dick Pimples

      5 pounds is alot to his arresting officer. Hahahaha

  • WillVetterGoodin


    • when you get caught up and nobody cares, don’t feel bad


    Brett Scipio is a better rap name than weedy

    • obamanator

      he should a added the lil’ before weedy, he could a reached the top

    • True indeed….I thought that was his rap name!

  • He thought he was in Colorado lmao

  • Dick Pimples

    The judicial system is balling of these dumb ass rap niggas. LMAO!

  • bigmarz

    its ok to have unregistered guns in louisiana but not grass?

  • MrNoName2K

    roody poo ass rappers doin dirt…

  • TimeWillTellu1

    hahha @ rap not making any money anymore !

  • BlakAzHell

    This dumb ass dude sent the weed to my brother in law house with out him knowing, and was outside of the house waiting for Fed Ex to deliver the package.

  • Sydewayz Soundz

    5 pounds massive?? GTFO

  • Who? Co-Sign TruthSerum.

  • Loud or Reggie?

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    5 pounds?? when you find a topic about 50 pounds, i’ll be back. TIBS!!

  • BernardPerez

    He look like cannabis and kardinal offishall

  • Jiohdee El-Amin

    5 pounds is a lot if its from OAKLAND. It’s most likely indoor kush. This aint that $200/lb texas crap we’re talkin about. While not a MASSIVE amount, That’s more than I bet most commentin have seen.