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Hip-Hop Rumors: Is YMCMB Ripping Off Tyga? Lil Wayne Laughs!

Another “rumor” left on the cutting board. To me this was a case of “is water wet” and just leave it alone. But the other day, Tyga did an interview where he revealed that he has never, ever gotten a royalty check from Cash Money. This is crazy, but its out there. And this a complaint that many others have had in the past.

Tyga told Power 105’s Breakfast Club:

“I never got a check from Young Money/Cash Money, But by me saying that, I’ve always treated my career like independent and everything that I got is because of myself, my own endorsements, me touring, myself. I think I got a signing bonus when I first signed but that was it.”

Tyga has sold over 350,000 records…uhhhh…get ya paper! He just had a kid! I did peep that Tyga never visited Wayne in the hospital. Did you?


TMZ…meanwhile is laughing about the recent assertion that QD3 and his lawyer are going to take his s**t!


Lil Wayne is laughing at reports that he’s about to lose his mansion and fancy cars to satisfy a $3.4 million judgment against him — because he says that kind of jack is pocket change to him.
Wayne had sued Quincy Jones III over a documentary about the rapper’s life. QJIII countersued … claiming Wayne screwed him out of profits by acting so unreasonably.

The California jury saw it Quincy’s way and slapped Wayne with the multi-million dollar judgment.

Now we find out … Quincy’s lawyer has moved the judgment to Florida … where Wayne has lots of assets, including an $11 million mansion and a Bugatti that’s worth more than a mil. There’s a report out that the lawyer is taking aim at these goodies to satisfy the judgment.

But our Wayne sources say no one is going to sell any of Wayne’s assets to satisfy any judgment, because he’s worth as much as $100 million and can easily pay off the judgment.

It’s interesting … Wayne has thumbed his nose at everyone connected to the case — remember his epic deposition (below)? So it’s a little surprising Wayne is saying he’ll pay the piper.

Tyga: “Pay me.”

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.]

Illseed, Out.


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  • 1 Mic

    he wouldn’t be shit without Cash Money

    • Dick Pimples

      Yeah, really. And, he still aint shit, lyrically. This nigga better go join the gyn class heroes or something. LOL. Why he wait until now to bitch about not getting paid? GTFOH!

      • dayleedumped

        hes not bitching about anything… hes just answering their questions.. you seem like the one bitching and crying

      • RMfag

        And riding, add riding.

    • Bman22

      He’s young and need guidance like any other n*gga just getting in the game. Doesn’t mean they should jerk him. This isnthe same sh*t all over again. If you go to work and just because someone is training you, they don’t owe you anything for your services to the company? Outside of Drake and Nicki, he’s YMCMBs most successful artist.

  • brotha_man

    “I think I got a signing bonus when I first signed but that was it” c’mon son pay attention to ya paper, you may not care now, but when those endorsements dry up, them royalities will come in handy

    • Dick Pimples

      Seriously, dogg. It’s way too late in the game to be bitchin’ and moanin’ about a check. Looks like his baby momma gonna be leavin’ his ass for a nigga actually gettin’ paid to rap here soon. LMAO!

    • RMfag

      So he’s up **** creek is what youre saying?

  • JerZeBoy

    He wack besides when Wayne and them was beefing and not doing the hot97 thing he was so he has no loyalty – no loyalty=no check lol

    • Calico Joe

      That’s probably why he did the show. No check=no loyalty.

  • BulldogCG

    normal Cash Money business. I don’t even like this dude, but I feel like he did do his own thing. He created a little lane in the strip club set and parlayed that to some porn deal, I think he even won some kind of award. Little bit a hustle there. Cash Money put him on, but at the same time they put him on for a reason, he earned, you dont just put someone on for no reason, with no following, especially these days. At this point I think people sign with Cash money knowing the paperwork is slanted,lol. I mean how many people have said this about cash money? but they hot now and the artist can use their name like they using the artist.

    • RMfag

      What porn? *yum*

  • Oknas

    no loyalty=no royalty? lol

    • Calico Joe

      Or the other way around. No royalty=No loyalty.

  • He can use Tyga’s royalties!

    • kpman80


    • Escobar


      Cold. Real cold, but hilarious.

  • Damn

  • RatchetBlackWoman

    he better off not getting any of his royalty checks now, cuz after a while he gon need them shits to keep his shit from getting repo’d..

    • thisisafakename

      Sounds like hes never getting a royalty check as long as hes on Cash Money. But agree’d his ass is gonna be broke and all his independently made money is gonna be dried up in 1-2 years. Maybe they being nice to him and putting his money into investments for him so he cant waste it and has some money when his career fizzles.

    • Negro Peligro

      The longevity of some rappers today compared with the quality and skill of rappers that live shorter career lives is amazing.

  • thisisafakename

    I agree without cash money he wouldnt of made anything, but regardless of that you should obviously get paid for the work you do. If tyga worked at mcdonalds dont you think he would be expecting a pay check for the work he did? Why would rap be different? Im sure he didnt want to pay a lawyer so he used the record labels lawyers which doesnt take a rocket scientist to understand that the lawyer is going to look out for the person who pays their salary, aka the record label. Unless his advance was several million hes a f*cking moron and getting raped. Hes a dumbass, his explanation for not caring is hes making money independently. Stupid ass that money should be extra, you should still be getting money from your record label if you sell records. Incredibly stupid individual whos gonna be driving taxis in 3 years.

    • Pedro Matos Jr.

      No doubt how can u be in the game this long put out 2 albums plus a group album, mixtapes & features & not have gotten a check yet & be walkin around like everythings all good hollerin YMCMB. SMDH

      • thisisafakename

        Absolutely. He still biggin them up, WHY? I wish i could get in his brain and clear that dumb shit out.


    Lmfao $ funny been jerking niggas 2 ways since 94 ha !


    N I forgot baby dirty ass got the boy b g hooked n paid him in dope

  • restless

    illseed late all this was on tmz and worldstar yesterday..step yo game up son!

  • You should always read the fine print. No one knows what type of claus was in his contract. Ymcmb put him on and maybe he just got tired of getting high…lol……. For real he isn’t as great as he believes and neither is anyone who is with ymcmb…..bwahhhhhhhhhhh

    • thisisafakename

      I guarantee he cheaped out and used the record label lawyers. They are being paid by the label, thus they are looking out for the labels best interests and not the artist. I agree with you that in the fine print this is basically laid out. I doubt they would risk a huge lawsuit/their label by doing illegal stuff or breaking the contract. The contract im sure makes this legal, and his stance is dumb. Hes okay cause hes making money through endorsements, who cares you still working for free you dumb f*cker. And if your YMCMB why pay an artist who is totally fine with you not paying him. Hes just dumb on every level possible, hes making his own bed. They aint death row they arent intimidating him into not accepting cash. If they are get a f*cking lawyer to do your contract agreements and/or leave cash money. Hes so stupid he prolly signed into a long term contract where hes gonna make zero dollars for selling albums. Why waste time recording music if you get no reward.

  • dee

    not a fan of tyga but when u think about it hes been the most active as of music then drake and nikki

  • eldoradored

    Its possible he hasn’t gotten a “Check” (royalty) yet because he hasn’t RECOUPED. He’s sold 350k total albums. I personally dont know how much it cost to make Tygas album.. But I can imagine those Wayne and Drizzy features aint cheap! LOL.. But the co-sign ALONE allows him to get money in other places. It’s BECAUSE he’s “YOUNG MONEY” that his fee goes up! (touring, appearances, endorsements.. etc).. It’s all about perspective I guess, just depends on which way you choose to look at it.

    • thisisafakename

      Yeah we all agree his cache goes up by being in Young Money, and thus makes more money doing tours and other things like that. But still in America you get paid for the work you did. Im thinking the only thing that makes sense is they gave him an insanely high advance, and he hasnt made enough money through album sales so that he isnt owed money yet. I dont know why a record label would give anyone a giant advance to a unknown artist, but maybe they did. I dont know how it works but if he sold 350 k albums it would seem that he is owed money. I mean advances are usually like 50-100 k (thats being crazy and overestimating but im gonna assume its on the high end just for arguments sake). Lets say its 15 dollars an album, which we know isnt true its more but lets go with 15. Thats 5250000 dollars. Now assuming he gets paid 20% of thats still slightly over 1 mil. Even if its 10% thats still half a mil (before taxes and paying agents/lawyers/pr) but still i cant fathom them giving him an advance so large that he hasnt recouped that money unless hes lying and hes gotten multiple advances or owes them money for other reasons like using the lawyers for personal cases. Seems like they know they got a stupid sucker on the line that they essentially dont have to pay and hes fine with it. If you had someone making money for you and he was essentially fine with not getting paid for that why pay him? Maybe im off maybe artists get paid like 3% of album sales, god id hope its atleast 10% but i know most artists make money off touring.

      • Negro Peligro

        Dawg no artist like Tyga gets paid that much. KANYE don’t get paid 20% off an album. Try 7%.

  • OnlyFaDaReal

    Maybe he hasn’t sold enough records to pay back that advance…ijs!

    • Negro Peligro

      and you right.

      • OnlyFaDaReal

        Real talk!

  • BoldSpice

    Them’s the breaks.

  • Trujudah

    has he sold enough to even recoup? its possible he mentioned that and it was not reported. they might not owe him shit. them videos and per diem and extra shit aint free.

    • thisisafakename

      How large of an advance could they possibly have given him? The videos and such make sense, those things cost a crap load so i could see that. But whats a average advance for a (basically) unknown rapper? Couldnt be over 100k right? Cause if all goes down the toliet they cant recoup that advance and i doubt they would give out 100k to a scrub like Tyga. You do make a good point about videos, studio time, and other things that go into making an album. All that adds up incredibly fast its just shocking that hes received zero dollars for selling records. I mean i doubt cash money/young money is doing something illegal (breaking the contract), i think its more likely Tyga didnt read the fine print. Seems like going independent makes more sense these days unless you can push 1 mil units in the first week.


    • thisisafakename

      I thought the independent part was just him saying hes made his money off independent projects, meaning endorsements not that hes independent And if they just promote him why the hell would they give him an advance? You get an advance from a record label, you pay a promotion agency, they certainly dont give advances. How could he be signed to a record label and also be on an independent label? Plus it says young money on his album, they dont put promotion agencies on albums. They put the record label. Shit just dont add up to him being just promoted by young money.

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  • I see a lot of peeps arguing about Tyga not getting a check but NO one KNOWS the terms of his contract that he signed with Young Money / Cash Money.

  • don king

    his chick looks like a retarded version of nicki minaj (i know nicki herself is already retarded)

  • YungKizz

    tyga the best outta YOUNG MONEY CASH MONEY PERIOD

    • GregSki86

      nigga stfu

      • YungKizz

        lol bro stop hatin

  • Guest

    I have a question. Is he saying that he never got paid for the albums he sold and is the label supposed to pay him for the albums sold, i always thought he would get royalties paid directly to him not the label.

  • SWAZEY718


  • SouthSidechaleyDotNet

    No matter what, he made them money. Just like the niggaz before him. Somebody gone pull Birdman’s card and that nigga gone pay one way or another……….

  • if he could pay it off easy then why did he take long 2 pay dem in the 1st place

  • James Powell

    Its YMCMB are we really surprised they aren’t paying its what they do

  • the man

    well they did pay for all his videos and promo+marketing+recording. Thats all you really need if you are a go getter. Now all the money he gets from everything else is good enough and he doesnt have to pay for all the other crap. only way you getting a royalty check is if you do gold or higher. Too many cats too dependent on the label are not really hustlers.

    • Negro Peligro

      Dude only sold 370,000. Do the point system you gone be like what royalties dude you owe.

  • suge380

    LOL, sorry have no simpathy for Tyga or anyone that signs to GMB or YGMB (on purpose) at this point. Them Niccaz been screwing niccaz from the gate. When B.G. left you could say it was Ego or bad biz (1st incident). When Juve left you could call it a coincedence (2nd incident). But when Manny Fresh left, its out the bag (str8 fraud). Baby doing shady biz. There is no other way to look at it. Hell Wayne ain’t even got the money he suppose to have cuz Baby and Co. get a cut off all Wayne muzic and any muzic from any artist on Waynes so called label put out, and dude if you got it like that, PAY YOUR BILLS/JUDGEMENTS THEN. Cuz at the end of the day, if they got to go through all that to get that money with fee’s and all, he gonna probably pay double. smh just dumb.

  • philly

    lol if wayne dont even get paid why would tyga? *baby in the background rubbing his hands together with wayne twerkin for him* lol

  • quentin

    Cash money rips off everyone its been like that since the hot boys days. Hench juvie, mannie, bg leaving the label

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