Non Hip-Hop Rumors: Obama Nixes The Jay-Z Cuba Stuff

“You know, this is not something the White House was involved with. We’ve got better things to do.”

The reporter on this one really sucked. I mean, we already know that Obama didn’t have anything to do with the trip to Cuba. But, she could have at least asked a dope follow up question that would have gotten us something interesting. Anyway. Obama handled it with grace. But why are we talking about Jay-Z and B anyway with the looming “threat” of South Korea out there? I guess America’s got different priorities.

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Jay-Z got some power somewhere.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.]

Illseed, Out.


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  • Eman

    Threat from North Korea not South.

    • BossBeaux

      Does it really surprise you that Illseed got it wrong they dont even proofread the site so doing actually research although a part of good journalism is more than a stretch for this dude thanks for pointing out the real threat!

      • plsDontreply

        United States aint worried about them lil niggaz…We just ramping up to rape and pillage as usual

      • Celz

        Niccas gotta take a lil break from last time.. Shyt is tiring

    • Celz

      South Korean Samsung is threatening to smack the shyt out of Apple when that Galaxy S4 drops.. That’s about it..

      • kristin


  • I Think the spelling has improved since I wrote this.

    Dear all hip hop,

    I am one of the fans of your site, but lately I’ve been having a lot of
    problems making sense of many of the articles. This is mainly because
    of the inappropriate use of the English language; this includes punctuation
    errors and spelling errors.

    I’m sure that you go through reader’s comments and feedback
    and must have read numerous complaints about this on-going problem.
    It seems as if our feedback has been futile.

    You need to understand the importance of your readers and the value that we
    add to your site. If it was not for us you’ll not get the traffic that you’re
    getting. Please bear in mind, traffic = more revenue.

    Since we are helping you build the site and generate revenue all we ask is for you
    to produce quality articles that make sense. I’m sure you cannot please everyone,
    but articles in plain English is not too much to ask for.

    Based on what I know about you guys, you are intelligent enough to understand how
    important listening to your readers is.

    We also understand how much pressure you’re under to meet deadlines and get
    the stories to press before others. But if you get a story to press that readers
    cannot understand due to these errors then you have failed to do your job as a writer / journalist.

    As readers of the site we are aware that these errors do occasionally occur but when
    it becomes a ritual then that’s a different ball game in itself.

    My suggestion and I’m sure other people will agree with this is to proof read the
    articles before they go live.

    It may just be a case that these errors are because you’re using voice recognition
    software which is something that I also use when writing articles, but it’s important
    that you realise that they too are not immune to errors and proof reading helps
    eliminate errors.

    To conclude this, please can you kindly proof read future articles before publishing
    it saves us wasting each other’s time.

    I am writing this on behalf of myself and other readers that have helped you build
    the site / revenue.

    I and others look forward to seeing the improvement.

    PS don’t take this as a diss I am not a rapper 🙂 but please take it as constructive

    Long live all hip hop.

    • Much respect….

    • AK

      LMAO yes

    • Tony G.

      The only problem is that the ignorance in their writing reflects the ignorance of many of their readers…don’t expect a change..

      • LOL, I’m just wondering how an ignorant reader could even make sense of some of the articles I’ve read lately. Anyone who can unravel those kind of reports is classed as intelligent, its like cracking a morse code at times.

        But I hope they do begin to see our displeasure and act upon our feedback.

  • Guest

    ITS NORTH KOREA!!! south korea is our friends!! wow i used to defend this website and say shit to ppl dissin ‘illseed’ everyday but i cant no more..who ever writes these rumors are straight fuckin morons..every single day theres a spelling error or incorrect info.. how the fuckkkk do you get paid for this shit seriously.. this is your job. if i was as bad at my job as this writer is everyday in the rumors i woulda been fired..fer real.

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  • thisisafakename

    You are so f*cking dumb man. Looming threat from south Korea? How could you not know its North Korea? I mean read a god damn book or pay attention to the news. Ill you are so stupid and ignorant its tough to believe you arent doing this on purpose.

  • Johnny Sanchez


  • Dwayne Nvo


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  • sakiru oresanwo

    My take is if whoever is behind this farce (illseed) hasnt been fired then its either 1)they are intentionally writing garbage 2)this is not the real illseed 3)they just dont give a flying toss

  • Eli Pinilla

    South korea homie?!?!?!?!

  • jondubock

    Somebody shoot this dude Illseed….Seems like he writes while he’s drunk….Threats from South Korea???…really???…It’s one thing to question the priorities of the President, but to not even get the suggested priority correct, is just ridiculous….

  • MrNoName2K

    Im sure the President can give 2 sh*ts about what Jay’s got going on with all this foreign and domestic nonsense poppin off..LMAO!!! Man yall be sounding off on ol Illseed…

  • FREEfromslavery

    illseed it seems like everyone thinks your an idiot when it comes to this hip-hop thing. buddy it seems like you need some real help. swallow your pride and let one of these bright individuals that visit your website daily help you out with the actuals and factuals. if not, i’ll have to continually sift through the fed up comments about your lack of hip-hopness. being lost is never a good thing bruh.

  • FREEfromslavery

    oh yeah, best believe amerikkka aint worried at all about punk ass jay-z. he’s nothing but small fish in water full of killer sharks. jay-z just been on his period lately because of how white amerikkka treated his broad over milli vanilli lip sync and the power outage his broad caused during the super bowl.

  • even if he did . . . who he gonna tell they topping the totem pole …

  • digitallife

    In simpleton terms:

    “I used him and others to gain popularity with young urban voters, but I do not have a relationship of any sort with Jay-z. He is someone who pays to attend my expensive 100k per plate dinners and I pose for pictures with. If you notice I have the same set up with George Clooney, Ashley Judd and many other celebrities”.