EXCLUSIVE: Amalgam Digital CEO Claims Dame Grease Illegally Used Max B’s Image, Refutes Grease’s Claims

(AllHipHop News) Things are certainly not wavy in the Max B camp. In an interview with AllHipHop, Dame Grease’s claimed that Amalgam Digital sent a court order to stop the Max B-inspired clothing he attempted to sell. Amalgam Digital’s CEO, Anyextee claims Dame Greaese categorically lied and has illegally used Max B’s image, which Amalgam Digital owns.

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In a statement given exclusively to AllHipHop from Anyextee, the CEO and manager of Max B responds to Dame Grease’s interview with AllHipHop yesterday (April 17th) in an attempt to clear a few misconceptions. According to Anyextee, he spoke to Dame Grease about the Max B inspired clothing and asserts that while Dame was illegally using Max B’s image Amalgam Digital never took legal action:

Dame Grease is asserting false claims in that Amalgam Digital put out a  “court order”. This is not true. It’s an exaggeration and it’s a bit dramatic on Dame Grease’s part. I had called Dame Grease earlier today after becoming of this clothing line and website that is illegally selling T Shirts and sunglasses using Max B’s name and image without securing the proper license to do so and discovered that it is being promoted by Dame Grease.

While Dame has assured that the revenue from the funds would go to Max B and his family, Anyextee states that “Max B had no idea there was a clothing line and website selling t-shirts and sunglasses using his image that was promoted by Dame Grease.” In addition, Anyextee called Dame about the discrepancy after talking with Max B’s mother whom he claims is upset at constant misuse of her son’s image. Apparently, Dame Grease did no go through the proper legal channels:

I reminded Dame Grease that Max B is still signed with Amalgam Digital and that I manage Max B as an artist and represent his best interests. I asked Dame why it’s being marketed as a portion of the proceeds going to Max B and his family yet Max B and his mother had no idea Dame Grease and this site was selling merchandise with his image on it. There is no contract in place. No license. No payment.  Max didn’t even get a chance to approve any of these images. As his manager I wasn’t aware of it and the label didn’t know about it.

DeadLine LTD’s “Free Max B” tee “is the only street wear company that properly obtained a license from Amalgam to release a shirt using Max B’s image on it and made payments toward Max B’s account,” according to Anyextee.

Max B is currently still a signed artist with Amalgam Digital.

Anyextee also revealed that unreleased Max B music will be featured in the film “Charly Rambo: The Max B Story” which is slated for a summer 2013 release. The verbose CEO also engaged in a Twitter fight with Dame Grease himself:

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  1. hoeyuno

    Grease is frenchs ppl. They just trying to keepmaxs family fed. This label needs to beat it… max was doing shows for 2 gs before he went in.. shit ain’t all that wavy.

  2. digitallife

    This is bullshhh…Amalgam only has the right to distribute studio albums of Max B and nothing more..hell they don’t even own his publishing. Ask this idiot who has been paying for Max B’s appeals? Certainly hasn’t been him…Glad Dame aired him out on twitter. These Ceo’s take any opportunity to make others come off as villains when their products don’t sell. Pure hatred that the mixtape series has sold and been marketed better than Amalgam’s products. When was the last time you saw this a-hole advertise Max B? Oh wait that’s right now it’s all about Max B because he’s the only relevant person still under contract there.

  3. Black

    Jason aka Next is a straight up BITCH. This dude called the feds on French Montana after French went at him street. Jason tries to act hard but then he runs to the police and legal system every time he feels scared. Hip hop leech. Dude is a ignorant broke faggot. I shit on these fakers all day everyday. All tha real niggas stay gettin $$!!

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