French Montana Confirms Miley Cyrus Collaboration, Says Reebok Should Have “Taken It Light” On Rick Ross

(AllHipHop News) It seems that Miley Cyrus’ New Years resolution was to enter Hip Hop. In his interview with MTV Hive, the Moroccan rapper confirms that the two have been in the studio together.

According to the rapper, the pair linked up at Clive Davis’ Grammy party back in February and united over shared inebriation:

That’s my dog. That’s my peoples. We became friends at the Clive Davis Grammy party. I was sitting there with Puff. She was sitting there with Wiz [Khalifa]. She just kept looking at me laughing, I kept on looking at her laughing. I said, “What you laughing at?” She said, “I know you high like me.” After that, we became mad cool. I went over to the studio, just kicking it.

Montana also reveals that the video for his upcoming collaboration with The Weeknd, entitled “Lifted” will begin shooting next week. His collaboration with Wale, “Back to Ballin” off Wale’s Folarin mixtape will be released soon and is reportedly shot by comedy collective Funny or Die.

The MMG-affiliated MC also spoke on Reebok’s recent decision to remove Ross as their spokesman:

I feel like a lot of people did worse than that and people didn’t judge them. They could’ve taken it light on him, understanding that it was a mistake. People make mistakes; we all human. That’s about it. As far as Ross, I know him personally. I know he’s a great guy. He’s like a big brother to me and I’m a big fan of Reebok. I can’t wait for them to cut me one of them big checks.

French Montana’s Bad Boy debut album, Excuse My French is set to be released on May 21st.

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Check the Excuse My French tracklist below:

1. Once In a While (Feat. Max B)
2. Trap House (Feat. Birdman & Rick Ross)
3. Ain’t Worried About Nothin
4. Paranoid (Feat. C.A.S.H.)
5. When I Want
6. F**k What Happens Tonight (Feat. DJ Khaled, Mavado, Ace Hood, Snoop Dogg & Scarface)
7. Gifted (Feat. The Weeknd)
8. Ballin Out (Feat. Jeremih & Diddy)
9. I Told Em
10. Pop That (Feat. Rick Ross, Drake & Lil Wayne)
11. Freaks (Feat. Nicki Minaj)
12. We Go Where Ever We Want (Feat. Ne-Yo & Raekwon)
13. Bust It Open
14. Drink Freely (Feat. Rico Love)
15. Throw It In the Bag (Feat. Chinx Drugz)
16. Marble Floors (Feat. Rick Ross, Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz)
17. Ocho Cinco (Feat. MGK, Los, Red Cafe & Diddy)
18. If I Die

  • mosestobymcgeethree

    French and Hannah MONTANA!!!!

  • Escobar

    Heard they’re dropping an album together. Best of Both Montana’s.

    • Lol

    • ibbierussell47cj

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  • MrNoName2K

    haha wow

  • Dointer

    5 solo songs out of 18 , French is improving,

  • Jared

    This nigga dropping a compilation, damn son.

  • Severe Thebeneficent

    Anybody notice how every new age urban… “artist”…is name dropping miley cyrus on songs or are trying to be seen with her all of a sudden? wtf is that?

    • Illuminati. For real. They try to cross over those who would not normally appeal to an urban audience like Timberlake. It is to produce oneness to prepare for a new world order, one world government under Jews/Germanic tribes.

      • PliggaNease


  • Jeff Active Reynolds

    French Montana is straight garbage. that man can’t spit a 16 to save his life.

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  • Lyve Wire

    hate time

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  • When is this a-rab going to call himself a black man? Until he does, he should get fucked up every time he calls us a nigga. Anyone who does not agree are Uncle Toms.

    • Dwayne Nvo

      he has somalian ancestry

      • That’s what bios say, but I never heard that out of HIS mouth, he only acknowledged being African or Moroccan, which is code for “i’m not black.” If he felt that he was black (I mean, he obviously has black in him, but many of those in North Africa won’t call themselves black) he would say it without delay. Instead, he uses the word “African” to trick the feeble mind of the African-American…

      • Sa Go

        so is saying nigga cause your black ok?

      • It’s not OK, but it is more OK for blacks to say it but for others, it is not and they should use it at their own risk because you never know who may NOT like it. Now this excludes PR’s and DR’s who think that they are not black.

      • Sa Go

        thats just being a hypocrite, the word nigga has evolved and now means the same thing as friend to a lot of different culters (have you watched tv lately?). The day you agree no one should use the word nigga is the day you should really use the name “knowledgeiswhatsup” cause you lack it. Real knowledge is knowing what that word represents to begin with so it should never be “more ok” for black person to use it, no one should! So as long as black people use it then everyone should be able to use it period, the day black people wake up if that ever happens then he should not use it!!

      • I have real knowledge which is why you know when you are not black and you say it to black people you don’t know – you know not to do that because you never know when that ass whoopin will come along with it. The only reason others use it is because they like the rap music and the rap music say sit. When the whites start calling each other crackas and people start calling people kykes without objection, then you might have me.

      • Sa Go

        you just answered your own question, like you said its because its in rap. rap isn’t just for black ppl anymore, you know that right its mainstream you hear nigga everywhere. If rap would say cracka or any other racist term in the song everyone would be saying that. You shouldnt be mad at ppl saying it in rap songs you should be mad at the music industry making it normal. As long as you say it, everyone else will say it. Be the bigger person and stop saying it, be a leader not a follower and maybe one day everyone will stop.

      • I am mad at the Jews who allow it to be said. I am mad at the rappers who say it knowing they are looking for white audiences. I am mad at people who accept that but do not understand that the Jews do not push rappers saying cracka or kyke. They would never allow that and whites (controlled by Jews) would call it a problem, but the only problem they have with nigga is not being able to call us one freely.

      • Sa Go

        man more then half of these rappers were underground (no jews) before they blew up mainstream, they were saying nigga then too. Only ppl you should be mad at are the “blacks” who fall for this ish. Don’t be a victim, be part of the solution. Stop listening, downloading to this music if you feel so strongly, maybe you already are. Stop sayin nigga yourself, stop saying other racist things…like always change starts with you. I’m tired of people complaining about a subject and they do that same thing they’re complaining about, not saying you are but if you are…. that’s being a hypocrite, straight up!!!

      • I get tired of people assuming that anyone who brings up issues does not do what he speaks against. Never assume with a person like me. If I don’t like it, I don’t do it.

  • GOD forgives… Reebok don’t lol

    • dre8791


  • BigHomie337

    This nigga is sure garbage. His album looking like a compilation. His hit wouldn’t even go gold if they counted how many ppl illegally download his shit. Nobody checking for his wack ass

  • milkey looks mollied in the pic . . .

  • PliggaNease

    ill smash miley in the poop shoot

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