Gucci Mane

Hip-Hop Rumors: Gucci Pleads Guilty In Bottle-Smashing Incident?

Did Gucci Mane plead guilty?

I’m only getting a sliver of this rumor, but it all started with a bottle to the head. It seems that the Gucci bottle situation has spawned some new rumors. The first of which has already died a quick death. The rumor is that Gucci admitted to guilt in the situation and is off to jail for a long time. Well, this just ain’t true. Seems that somebody got their fat fingers and did a crap Photoshop job that tricked idiots. But, the fact of the matter is, Gucci is still looking at jail time. I think he’s in the bing still after violating his parole or probation. Whatever he’s on. But, he’s not doing a stretch yet.

Gucci’s mugshots make me wanna get a haircut.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.]

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  • MrNoName2K

    im not surprised…Gucci stay getting caught up

  • Dadon850

    This is when people confuse somebody acting crazy and somebody being crazy for real. Ice Cream tat on the face sealed the deal. He probably want help but don’t know to go about getting it. He’s damn near screaming for help.

    • thisisafakename

      Yeah hes not acting, hes certifiably nuts. Dude needs anti psychotics.

  • Dead wrong

    Sad truth: Some brothers WANT to be locked. They can’t bring order and discipline to their own lives so they seek out either a drill sergeant or prison warden to tell them when to eat, sleep … Life outside is scarier than life inside for some cats, less variables on the inside

  • oxsign

    Throw the book at the wack ass fool…….

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    free gucci mane i wouda hit that guy to

  • What happened was, the judge asked Gucci how does he plead & Gucci replied ” I might be guilty B3tch!”


    • Lamar Star

      LMAO, yeah I heard that shit too

    • Weedras

      lol! that was hilarious but it was a joke that started on Reddit…

      • Really? We had it up on 4UMF as an actual news story…..gonna have to get that checked out!

  • Michael Thompson II

    He forgot to take his medicine..

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    Where is the Ice cream cone?

  • Man he actually looked like a descent human being without the face tats.

  • Synista

    Bubba gump shyt

  • sakiru oresanwo

    this fool and OJ are similar, they both caught bodies (or OJ allegedly did for those who believe he didnt do it) and yet still act like fools forgetting eyes were on them the moment they were acquitted of those cases. Those eyes only need the smallest excuse like farting loud in a library to get them arraigned and locked up yet they stay acting up and drawing negative attention to themselves.