ESPN’s Chris Broussard Says Hip-Hop Is The Symptom Of Social Problems Not The Cause

(AllHipHop News) ESPN basketball analyst Chris Broussard spoke with The Daily Caller about Hip-Hop’s relationship with social issues like poverty, crime, and injustice.

“Hip-Hop is a symptom of the problem,” said Broussard . “It’s not the root cause of the problem.”

As the president of the Christian Men’s Movement K.I.N.G., Broussard has taken on the duty of fulfilling the organization”s mission of healing and empowering men of African descent through the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Part of that objective includes bringing light to systematic racism that still affects the black family and the Hip-Hop community.

“You’ll literally have black people going to prison for crimes that white people are not going to prison for,” said Broussard. “This impacts the family.”

Broussard points to two recent respective studies done by the Sentencing Commission and Brandeis University’s Institute on Assets and Social Policy that revealed that there are significant racial gaps in both prison sentencing and household wealth in the United States.

The Sentencing Commission analysis found that black men were sentenced to nearly 20% longer sentences than white men for similar crimes. The gap increased after 2005 when the Supreme Court ruled that federal district judges can use “judicial discretion” in sentencing.

The Brandeis study found a 30% difference in the relative wealth growth between black and white families between 1984 and 2009. With home ownership being the biggest contributor to net worth, the collapse of the housing bubble and the Great Recession of 2008 caused a black-white divide of $85,070 in median net worth in 1984 to skyrocket to a difference of $236,500 in 2009.

White Americans also tend to start off in society at a better financial status than African-Americans. Whites are 5 times more likely to receive a family inheritance than blacks, and 80% of black students graduate from college with debt as opposed to only 64% of white students.

Broussard offers a defense of rap artists as being the voice of those individuals being affected by these government policies and economic inequalities.

“[Young rappers] are writing about the things that they see and may, in some cases, experience in their neighborhoods,” said Broussard. “Poverty, injustice, crime, fatherlessness, family breakdown — because all this exists in their community.”

On the other hand, Broussard also believes that rappers are responsible for the themes and images they display to young listeners who may not have experienced that lifestyle.

“Music that [some rappers] are putting out is reaching people who don’t live in that neighborhood and reality,” said Broussard. “You have young kids who are from nice, two-parent households… and they may be dumbing themselves down to act like the rapper that they idolize.”

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  • Guest

    the problem with blacks today is welfare – it doesn’t help anymore – it used to get families on their feet or send their children to colleges using their status as poor with financial aid – they used to send their children for educating in the military – now, and since about the last coupla generations – welfare is made for generations to live free and become criminials because of no educated way of making income. – meanwhile the jails and cemetaries are waiting for them to herd themselves in – welfare has become black’s enemy – we should stop welfare – it does not help anymore, it hurts morale – then blacks will turn around for the better.

    • Tony G.

      I gotta agree with u there

      • TALK_BOSS

        I can’t believe u consigned that bullshit

    • Chris

      I understand what you’re saying, but welfare is just one of many issues. I agree, though. Welfare has never been anything but a problem for Black people.

      • Daquan Miller


      • Chris

        This article pertains to the problems affecting Black people, hence the comment I made.


      Man fukk welfare….u sound white….the playing field aint even from the start…..they should have left things segregated like it was cuz we would of had our own lane by now…tryna mesh with white society fukked us up cuz they never wanted to accept us anyway

      • thisisafakename

        Cant put all white people in the same category, same way you cant put all black people in the same category. I agree there are dumb white people who still think black people are all criminals. Those people who think like that dont represent me as a white person, it bothers me being around racists. Its the media, whenever you see a black person on the news/tv its 90% about crime of some type. And same with white people, you see morons like Mitt Romney and other dumb asses who talk out there ass and speak about minorities like they are a problem or that they know what minorities are going through on a daily basis. I dont assume i know anything about anyone unless i know them and walked in their shoes so to speak. Thats black and white people. The scariest thing to me is young white kids seem more racist then they were when i was growing up and im only 27. Anybody who thinks racism is gone and all races are on the same level as far as employment or opportunities is ignorant or just racist. Every race has ignorant stupid people and it seems like they get the most attention so they make us look like we cosign that ignorant shit. Only hope is the older racist white people die off and the younger generation is hopefully less ignorant. Shit aint about welfare, people act like just black people are on welfare. I guarantee white people make up the largest group of welfare recipients by a large margin. We cant go back to segregation, we all just gotta grow up and stop hating and stereotyping people based on what you see on the news or other tv shows. Also old ass racist just have to die, with the current group of leaders we wont see any changes in race relations. Anybody who tried to bring us together got f*cking killed. MLK Jr, Malcom X, JFK, even Jesus. Theres a minority of white people who are straight up crazy, dumb as hell, violent and racist. Sad shit is alot of them are police.

      • TALK_BOSS

        U long winded as hell lol…..well put tho….I should have left segregation alone cuz I don’t wanna come off as a racist but its hard not to be considering the circumstances. ..hopefully all the multiracial youth will assist in making things a little more fair for future generations

      • thisisafakename

        Yeah i notice i write way to long of shit. Its cause of my college degree, they turn you into a robot when it comes to writing. Being able to get your point across in a short/quick way is much more important than droning on and on which i seem to be stuck doing. Brevity is a blessing.

      • Fugg that ‘Ole House Negropean, Gary Noble sounding @$$ Nugga!

    • thisisafakename

      Welfare is a trap. Once you are on that system it ruins your chances to get work/follow your dreams. Its not enough to live on, and it shouldnt be unless you absolutely cannot work. You are on the money about welfare killing your chance of education or even learning skills that you could apply to a job. Its a way to trap people so that the government can completely control them. The US government wants poor people in jail, its free labor, its the lobbiest for the prisons that make up a large interest group with huge power. They feed the prisoners food that should not be given to dogs, much less a human being. Its disgusting, people act like keeping people in prison is a huge cost. They make them do free labor, they are making money thats why we have this stupid war on drugs and giving drug dealers and users huge jail sentances, any person with a brain would look at how long a drug dealer gets put in prison and realize its unfair, does not match the crime (as far as the time given), and that the prisons needs workers. Welfare also makes you feel useless, like you are lesser or cant figure out how to work. Its bullcrap on every level. If they wanted to help people they would help pay for furter education to train them in a skill which they could appply to a job, I like your post i think you are completly on point i dunno why people would vote it down, you just speaking the truth.

      • Ya’ll bugging, you call it welfare, others call it reparations, either way, once on it, you become eligible for free job training, schooling, employment assistance, vocational rehabilitation, & even a free vehicle & drivers license, etc., as well as food & housing to help you get on your feet.

      • Bizness Mane

        so u co-sign welfare?

      • Welfare like what the U.S. gives Israel yearly?

        The “WELFARE” for poor people is like 18day$ of what we give Israel….start hating there.

      • Bizness Mane

        It was a yes or no question

        So u think its ok for people to be on welfare?

      • Yes

        It isn’t for me to decide if it’s ok or not, I’ll leave that up to the person on it!

        >>Not the moral po-po or republican.

      • Bizness Mane


    • “We should stop welfare”. Just strip the only thing standing between life and death for many Americans that can’t afford insurance, food, or shelter, huh? Soooo, what do you replace it with? What will happen to those Americans that have a skills gap, an education gap, an economic gap, and an unemployment that is 2x’s the national average? Sloppy analysis.

    • Q.

      I see you’re still on your Herman Cain sh!t. LOL

      Now, is the ultimate black problem public assistance aka “welfare” or is it…



    • greenhouse records

      There is more white people on welfare than black people. Dont believe the hype.

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  • Dead wrong

    Genetics … Why is that never mentioned? If you ever watch discovery channel, you’ll see animals gang up to pursue their prey. If you’ve seen a gorilla beat it’s chest to ward off opposition, you’ll understand what a country like North Korea is doing in front of the US. We’re territorial, evil beings by nature. We have a long way to go to escape the selfish genes,

    • thisisafakename

      Because we are all identical on a genetic based level. You cant change genes fast, evolution takes a long ass time. Social evolution on the other hand is out pacing genetic evolution by a huge amount. We gonna be the same for hundreds of thousands of years, and by then we will be wiped out by some horrible war.

      • Dead wrong

        My point is that we’re inherently evil.. genetically speaking. I don’t blame cats for going all ‘cat’ and killing birds, raping other cats, and sneaking around to survive. In the same way I don’t blame human beings … or should I say animals for doing animal shyt in order to survive. I think we throw that term ‘human’ around too much fam. I trust no man because very few men can escape their genetic inclinations with the exception of a few, ie, Ghandi. You trust your boy around your wife? Millions of years of genetics is telling him to chase after her ass. You trust niggas not to take what’s your for their own? It’s ingrained by millions of years of DNA. People keep talking about change but never address the BEAST WITHIN….

      • Guest

        welfare produce stupid undignified mothers that hate their children after getting their apartment – you look back at the beginning of blacks way back in 1590 – one constant thru the years were strong women in family, communities, churches, activistm, neighbors – blacks are unique because the black race is only as strong as it’s women – the last coupla generations of black girls becoming welfare mothers without black history to pass on – or dignity in herself, and guiding their children is the reason welfare is the black race’s biggist enemy.

      • Dead wrong

        Fam. I’m breaking it down to a micro level. I cosign your opinion about welfare but fear, aggression, and instinct keep us down. You ever seen brothers on the corner, mobbing like a pack of lions looking for an antelope with a limp (frail old lady) to pounce on? That;s a beast mentality to prey on the weakest among us, and to only respect those that we fear within the black community. The revolution has to be spiritual to overcome our natural inclinations. The sphinx needs it’s face. We’re just animals at this point until we prove otherwise. Watch discovery and tell me we’re not ganging up in packs to eat together, killing each other mercilessly, and mean mugging one another(growling, hissing), Look at how all of the black organizations fell, i.e. black panthers, NOI, all because of the infighting, competition for dominancy among males and the inability to control our own selves. Nobody ever addresses the beast

      • Daquan Miller


      • Dead wrong

        …that’s another bad dna trait that many of us can’t shake: we hate taking responsibility for our own selves.

      • thisisafakename

        Okay i see your point. I dont know if we are inherently evil, but we certainly are pre deposed to do certain things based on genetics and essentially how evolution trained us. Like for instance being scared of snakes and spiders but not a butterfly. Its cause we need to be scared of things that can kill us (poisonous snakes/spiders), and dont need to be scared of things that cant (butterflies). It becomes much more complex when we are talking about humans, cause its evolution/genetics/instincts but also social and cultural learning. But everything you just wrote i completely agree with, it takes an exceptional person with discipline to be able to fight instinct. I thought you were saying races were genetically different but you cleared up your point in a well written way. We all gotta remember we are animals, well unless you dont believe in evolution and if you dont then we dont got much to talk about cause im not gonna listen to adam and eve shit.

      • Dead wrong

        Jay-z said it best, “We don’t even know why we do the things we do.” It’s eye opening and kind of sad when you compare our behavior to common animals. Birds have dance-offs (mating dance offs) the same way we do. When you enter a club full of men and women there is an unspoken game that ensues using mostly non-verbal language to establish the hierarchy in the room(alpha, beta, etc). DNA is like a program that controls our behavior. It’s what I consider the matrix. Nothing will change until that’s addressed. Blacks in particular have programming that is highly unsuccessful for a white man’s world (the need for instant gratification, impulsiveness). Based on results, I’d say we’re having a hard time fighting against millions of years of hard wiring.

  • Hip-hop is not the cause, but hip-hop is part of the medication that keeps crime and other forms of filthy living alive and it gives approval to these ways of living (killing, stripping, drugging, robbing, drugging, crime) via the music. The Jews know exactly what they are doing by endorsing and making this type of rap be practically the only rap you hear.
    I know, some will say “why the Jews?” Why not? They own the labels, the outlets and everything related to the music and they decide if something should be released or not. If a rapper wanted to uplift, they would tell him people are not listening to this type or it’s too soft. Now if rappers were rapping about killing Jews and burning them in ovens and calling them kykes on every song – or even if a Jew rapped about that, do you really thinking that they would release songs like those? Of course not, so why do they pay these people to do it to us? The answer is, the fake white Jews are blacks BIGGEST enemy, even if we don’t know it.


      Thank you

    • Q.

      You were on point right up until the final sentence. The TRUTH is…

      Black people, especially now, are Black people’s BIGGEST enemies:

      The Boulé, black Republicans, corrupt Democrats, agent provocateurs, naysayers, cultural pimps, house n!ggers, greedy ministers, sellouts, drug dealers, rap coons, minstrels, self-hating entertainers and ignorant people in general in and outside of our communities have done a tremendous job of maintaining your condition over the past 250+ years.

      All other combatant parties (including Jew-ish/Zionist opportunists) have been assisting our suppression.

      • You are half-way there. You just have the roles reversed. The Jews are our BIGGEST enemy and all of the others you mentioned have been assisting them! Do blacks pimp Jews? Do blacks own anything? Jews own it all and pay negroes to do what you described. If you don’t know what the Jews do, you need to research. Now all of the Jews are named “Bernstein” you know. Many are named “Ford,” “Lopez,” or a “DePaul.”

      • Q.

        No, bro. YOU need to research world history. And dig as deep as you can. Don’t limit your scope to the 20th century.

        Everyone I listed has been a complexion of brown. You’re giving Jew-ish people a bit too much credit for our present condition. Find out who ENABLED these folks to take root. I know what the Jew-ish role is, but they didn’t civilize us, we civilized them. There’s a bigger picture. #knowyourhistory

      • Q.

        History isn’t always pleasant or comfortable, but is does lend perspective.

      • See, now you are trying to get off-topic and divert attention from the heart of the matter – the Jews are black peoples worst enemy, only most of use don’t know it. YOU need to research world history then you would understand. Blacks (if you are black), love to run away from the present reality and then travel way back in time. You do this because when you acknowledge what I am telling you, then you must act. Blacks are too scared to act so you would rather talk about what we taught them. Well, they have the knowledge now and are teaching and controlling us.
        You don’t know what the Jewish role is if you are changing the subject. There is no bigger picture because blacks would have been independent a long time ago if it were not for the Jews.

      • Blacks would be independent if it were not for Blacks.

        “There are millions of Black people, and we are holding ourselves back”…Chuck D on why Public Enemies classic album was named :

        “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold us Back”

        Still, the Israelis / RothChilds have definitely mind fugged us into accepting slavery….Black & White

      • CHuck D is an invalid source. The valid sources are Jewish Hollywood from the start to now and it’s racism against blacks. Jews own everything and create the conditions for blacks to fail by setting things up to make blacks make the likely choices that they want them to make. Jews control entertainment, porn, crime, drugs, gays and anything else that makes money or controls people’s lives. When you realize the depth of it, then you will see it. It is clear that you do not know, or you may not be black. I know the Jew is powerful because he makes blacks blame themselves before they would blame the Jew. Not knowing the games of the Jews is why you do not see them. You are busy thinking white is white.

      • So that Ethiopian Jew baby, with the belly swollen from hunger, and flies biting his grill, because he doesn’t have the energy to shoo it away is bringing down the ghetto?

        Try the “Israeli’s”…sounds more realistic.

      • Where is this taking place at? It certainly is not in Ethiopia! Besides, this has nothing to do with the topic, you just want to divert. If your point is that they (whites) are not the real Jews, cool. I call them Jews because they are the ones people recognize first when you say Jew – and they do have a conspiracy going. I won’t say Israeli because they only deals with those peoples. I say Jew because it’s all of them together! This is why a formal education helps. It stop people from entertainment nonsensical arguments.

      • Q.

        “you are trying to get off-topic and divert attention from the heart of the matter” <–How? I thought the topic was Black people's biggest enemy.

        "There is no bigger picture…" <–Oh, really? History is irrelevant, huh?

        "they have the knowledge now and are teaching and controlling us"
        <–What knowledge are they teaching us, exactly? (scratching head)

        "Blacks (if you are black), love to run away from the present reality and then travel way back in time." <–One must look at the past to understand the present. WTF are you saying?

        Fuggit. It's not worth my time debating this level of foolishness…too much nonsense to sift through. LOL I'll just have to assume you're a troll, because what you're saying here is too ridiculous to be taken seriously from anybody, let alone an American Black person. Carry on, dog. LOL

      • Why did you reply then? Don’t get frustrated because you don’t know the facts. Learn something new instead of holding onto what you thought was right.

      • Q.

        “Don’t get frustrated because you don’t know the facts. Learn something new instead of holding onto what you thought was right.”

        ^ Ironic Statement of the Year…reverse psychology smokescreen. LOL I thought I was addressing a serious person with common sense. My fault. Do carry on. #bewaretrollprovocateurs

    • Israelis….not Jews, or if anything, AshkeNazi……RothChild’s, Vatican, etc……..when you say “JEWS”, you include starving Ethiopians & people like $hyne!

      • Once again, you keep trying to dilute what I am saying. I am talking white Jews, no one else. This is the problem when ghetto scholars like to over-think – you have no focus.

      • The problem with you “Part – Time ” scholars is you don’t think enough!

      • At least I can admit that I am part-time! At least I am right with mine instead of the ghetto scholars who refuse to look past what they think they know.

      • You on some “The World is Flat” X “Victim Mentality”

        “Some times I believe the hype man, we mess it up for ourselves & blame the white man, but don’t point the finger you JiggaBoo, take a look at yourself you dumb Ni99a you! Pretty soon Hip Hop won’t be so nice, No Ice Cube, Just Vanilla Ice, and you’ll sit & scream & fuss, but there’s no one to blame..But US!” …ICE Cube – US

        *Not any more reliable than Chuck D?

        You spot the trap & still walk into it & blame the trapper?
        The trapper is just doing his job & trapping you.

        He would be negligent if he didn’t. We are negligent for walking into them….repeatedly.

      • You must be a white boy – quoting rappers like their word is law. You’re quoting rappers while I am talking about real shit. No wonder you can’t see it.

      • troof

        when your points are moot, call someone white to discredit them. I see you doggy

      • LOL~N
        See my comment below.

      • Q.

        Funny thing is, this kid is the one who’s probably white.

        Troll provocateurs © 2013 (new term) are on their grind!

      • So, calling him white is a way to discredit? How about if a guy comes on here telling you “it’s not the Jew or the white man, it is the black man’s fault,” would you consider him black or white?

      • Dig this, the “WHITE” Jews, as you say, aren’t even JEWS.

        You know this, and we know this, so there is no need to dumb it down to the level of incorrectness for us.

        (Those of us building in this discussion. )

        Do you even know who the Rothchild’s are?

      • Come on man, i’m way above your level on these things man. Of course I know who the Rothschild’s are. Do you? Again, you are getting into the realm of the unnecessary. I talk pizza, you talk lasagna or subs. I saw mozzarella is good, you talk about provolone being similar. Stay on topic and don’t assume that you are right and don’t need to learn anymore.
        Watching videos ALONE is not good enough. Are you researching to make sure the info is correct? Rothschild’s are just one piece of the puzzle. If you even know a little about them, then this topic of the Jew being the worst enemy of the black man should not even be up for discussion, unless you are unsure about who they are and their motives.

      • You’re painting with too broad a brush.

        Zionist? Illuminati? Israel?

        A persons skin color & personal relationship with GOD is nothing to judge them by……..base judgement on their actions.

      • Fool, their actions are all I am going by, just watch any movie – or porno. Don’t tell me how to judge the situation or who to blame. I was once brainwashed like a lot of people and thought that too many were picking on them for no good reason – then I read and saw who was behind everything wicked. I won’t go on with this because it is clear that you are a Jew.

      • You keep shooting yourself in the foot….likely on purpose, so I have no choice but to watch….& laugh at you.

      • No, you are just cooned out and have no real understanding of what you are trying to talk about.

      • Those rappers saw it over 20yrs ago & rapped about it, while you still don’t see it.

        Matthew 13:13 This is why I speak to them in parables: “Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand.”

        You can spend the next twenty 5 years blaming the whiteman, and it will do you less good than spending the next 25 months improving your condition. ( College Degree? )

        The first step to being free is recognizing slavery, the next step is preparing for freedom, you have done neither, IMHO.

        Do you make toilet paper? If not, think about how you would be wiping your @$$ if it wasn’t for some “WhiteMan.”


      • You clearly learn whatever you learn from rappers. I learn from history and studying culture and the human mind. I don’t need a rapper to know history or about who the enemy is. I don’t blame the general white man (which he IS to blame), but the specific white man – the JEW, is the main one who keeps us (black people) down. If you notice, poor whites in this country are not Jews or even Germanic related, they are usually Irish.
        You sound like a total idiot. How is the first step to being free ‘recognizing slavery?’ You also say don’t blame the white man, so why recognize slavery, he wants us to forget about it and only worry about the holocaust. Then you say ‘prepare for freedom?’ You are retarded and trying to act like you have knowledge but you have the knowledge or a crack addict on a heroin high!

      • There are Jews that aren’t White.
        Maybe you missed that point the first few times you were stuck with it.

        You are against preparing for freedom? That means you might not be prepared for Freedom….or even deserve it.

        While I appreciate your online revolutionary persona, it’s going to take a whole lot more than “Hate Whitey” to be free….or even to want to be free.

        Infrastructure is #1, then manufacturing….or even Vice versa. but both are top two.

        Study the intrinsic & extrinsic basics of running a municipality before pretending to be qualified to run one.

      • Maybe you missed my response when I pointed out WHITE Jews, although others try to side with them. I do not try to dilute the topic, I stay on it.
        You don’t know what freedom is and you don’t know what trying to get free is. I also do not have a ‘revolutionary’ persona. See, I know that you use words and phrases you heard others use but you have no clue as to what they mean. Therefore you really cannot argue with me with any substance. You are arguing to just to please yourself and to get away from the WHITE Jew being our biggest enemy. You sound like ‘brother’ Polight.

      • Thank you, since Bro. Polight mashed up Sara Seti in the debate.

        Polight made some good points, economic stability is the key to freedom. Manufacturing, infrastructure, currency, etc.

        Blaming the Israeli or whoever, isn’t going to accomplish that, moves have to actually be made. Before Seti starts killing off white people, etc., He should first decide what to do with Lightskinned Blacks that have white blood in them… himself.


      • “Thank you?” That was not a compliment and Polight got his assed whooped in that debate. That’s why he had to come with that BS about the pictures and try to punk Seti down to draw attention away from the fact that he was getting his ass kicked and a narcissist Uncle Tom agent does not like to lose credibility.
        The problem with Polight is not about his financial and other slick angles, it’s his trying to tell people to forget about the white man. HE should forget about the white man and do his thing. When he keeps telling us that, that is the clear indicator of a stipend, Uncle Tom house negro agent. Why can’t people blame the white man and still use his ideas (that he stole)?
        You may be right – blacks are our own worst enemy – when Uncle Tom House Niggas are out and about trying to make our lives hell for white power! You Toms need your head bust, for real.

      • It’s not just “US” Toms that need are head bust & are our worst enemies for telling you pretentious, know nothing but think they know it all, backazzward, cry me a river, B’ishMade, simpleton MuddaChuckaz like yourself that need to be taken out back & beaten with a rubber hose, filled with sand, until you decide to man up, stop looking to place blame & start accepting responsibility & making moves to rectify the situation, instead of whining about getting your rectum stretched by the “MAN”….& take steps to prevent “anyone”, Black or white…from stretching it more.

        >>In Marcus Garvey’s voice: “Do for self”
        >>In My Voice: “And stop acting like a B’ish!”

      • You Toms are gonna learn. In order for us to progress we need to eliminate one of the prime barriers of success – the Uncle Tom house negro! You people serve an Uncle Tom agenda and you bow down to the white man which is why you are his agent trying to get us to do the same, instead of JUST teaching your BS, slick economics. That is the problem I have. If you want to be Toms – do it on your own, don’t try to preach that crap to us. Try moving in with the white man if you love him that much. You Toms might find yourselves missing if you keep it up…

      • LOL~N @ U

        What makes you think another is your prime barrier to success when your dumb@$$ isn’t even considering an infrastructure to maintain success?

        How you gonna wipe your @$$? Have your homeboy lick it & while you lick his, in some pseudo – Hygienic, perverted form of #69?

        Transportation, economy, food, protection….look at Black Wall street, and they had everything but PROTECTION, while you refuse to expand your world view.

        Look at revolutions in the past, and see what the winners dealt with after winning, plan for it…then try & win. otherwise, the victory will be hollow if you can’t consolidate & exploit it.

        Stop being divisive, find your own lane & stay in it….and study the next lane before you move into it…& get smashed.

      • You have no protection. You and your sucka niggas are nothing but Toms. You should only preach about your slick economics and leave anything that has to do with blackness out of it. Toms are the enemy of the black man and can be more dangerous.,

      • So can dumb Ni99az!

        No protection? Agreed…so what’s the point of your Hate whitey rant?

        You can worry about Chuck until you have bags under your eyes from loss of sleep, but he doesn’t have to do anything to hold you back…when you’re crying victim as an excuse to hold yourself back.

      • You go hard for the white man – Tom.

      • No where near as hard as you go for pu$$afied stupidity – B’ish!

  • Real talk CB

  • I think it works both ways… You can’t even lie if you were young like HS or some sh*t and you ever got in the car to straight goon or go whoop someone’s ass. You probably had some sh*t like Lil Jon and the Eastside boys or some other crunk sh*t like that playing in the whip to amp up your mood. Take a second to think deeply about it…

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  • Dead wrong

    What came first … the chicken or the egg? I know for damned sure as a counselor that the lyrics of Chief Keef and others have a negative influence on this younger generation. I also know that when you grow up with a mother on crack you won’t sound like Frankie Lymon, The Temptations, or any previous black musician singing about love, especially after it became welcome and then popular to be negative on the mic. No matter how it started its now a beast that recycles pain and feeds it’s own self destruction. Rap influences the streets and increases the amount of blood that flows in the streets… the streets in turn produce more cats expressing pain, false bravado, and insanity on the mic

  • The sad thing from hip hop is they always tell the same storie just different words.They dont talk about things like in this article.Even Lupe doesnt tell much knowledge in his songs our nas.

  • if you want to learn something read a book

    • dre8791

      TRUE! You will learn a whole lot more that you will ever on television.

  • Yuk Boo

    So how does counseling young African males through Jesus Christ help? Jesus Christ is a Roman mythical figure, modeled after Michael Angelo’s family, Caesar Borgia and The Vatican while under the Papcy of Pope Alexander. Their society was rampant with violence, corruption and the acceptance that homosexuality and pedophilia were acceptable. I’ve been to the Vatican the imagery of pedophilia and homosexuality is all over the place. The same thing is happening here in the west. Psychological conditioning to accept homosexuality is extremely dangerous, it basically means anything goes in society, it’s the very last step to complete collapse and destruction. When the model of the family structure is corrupted by sick man hating feminist and pedophiles, traditional families have no chance. Obviously, disproportionate sentencing is done by design. But he fails to mention why it must be done. Take all of the young black men out of society during their reproductive years and all you have are homes with no men. If a man cannot teach boys to behave like men what will they become? And when you have a society of young black unemployed males who are angry the way society has done them who are they going to lash out at but the people that are in their community. Stop worshiping other peoples idol figures, stop believing other people’s false history. Start studying your own history it builds self esteem. No one wants to talk about Slavery but they always want to talk about the Holocaust of Jews, why? White people don’t feel guilty about the Holocaust they do feel guilty about slavery. Stop making them feel comfortable, they have no problem with making everyone else uncomfortable, WTFU

  • The Black Fist


  • The Black Fist

    1st, Us blacks need to stop the jealously among each other n become a lot more stronger, independent individuals & put the blame game to rest already. Hip Hop is not at fault, we know right from wrong and we make choices. Ultimately, you gotta stand up on your own feet and make mature decisions and not let rappers like chief keef and Gucci influence your actions, those young wannabe ballin thugs in society never been forced to listen to that shit. I don’t care what age you are, if you stay strapped, go out & bust heads & hug the block everyday all because a rapper said that’s the only way then blame yourself. Every Lil ghetto boy feels hopeless, trapped and a product of their environment but survival and success will always be possible if blacks get extremely focus & relentless!! achieving set goals and just make shit happen, do it the right way and you can’t be stopped, relying on some racist white man to pay your bills every month & allowing him to dictate your every move is not only digging ur own grave but you’re accepting the systems set up that’s design for you and our future generations to fail.

  • Isaac Hayes

    Some good points made on this subject I’m spent 30 mins of my life on this article and comments. Glad my 30 mins was not wasted good job AHH

  • Negro Peligro

    If you think HipHop is anything more than music and a Business in 2013 then you’re an idiot. The vast majority of rap has nothing to do with the hood and more to do with basic human animalistic mysogony.

  • I BEEN SAYING THIS 4 MONTHS..BUT I DONT GET HEARD CAUSE I AINT FAMOUS.but im still pushing my message hard and strong i had a 20 min video saying pretty much the same thing bout judges discreation..but ppl wasnt hitin the page we took it down..but im bout 2 put out GUN FREE MUSIC…i was only put a gun in my music if im reciting a true life story…I WILL NEVER GLORIFY THEM…check my u tube page (MALIKHI888)..some of us trying 2 wake fools up…GZUNITED.1000

  • Catch22

    I don’t believe he was saying hip hop is to blame but rather that hip hop is more of a tool being used in the wrong way to create the wrong environments amongst the black and latino youth. I think it goes both ways because most brothers feel like this is all they know. They were raised in these hell holes and make the best they can to overcome them. We still gotta be smarter in how we look at it to determine if we are possibly being manipulated to further hurt our lineage down the line. The father is the head of the family. Lose that and the body just doesn’t function the same. No this is not a sob story about how things are unfair its the unearthed truth through statistics. Ooops I’m probably wasting my breathe on some people because they just don’t get it. We need to start being owners. How many black people do you know that own a company? I know a lot, but it doesn’t compare in numbers to those that are not black. This article touched on a lot of things and I think its unwise to focus on just the Hip Hop’s portion of this article. What about home ownership being important, the higher incarceration rate for committing the same crimes, and the disproportion of wealth. Lets address those details and figure out a way to fix them instead of worrying about if hip hop is being attacked. Hip hop will stand the test of time. We just have to figure out what way will it help build and cut the cancerous limb off that causes a systematic cycle of incarceration and death. I’m not here to offend anyone I’m just here to have a good discussion since it seems like I’m one of the only ones that found the seriously important topics this touched on.

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