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On April 20th 2013 Snoop Lion aka Snoop Dogg will be hosting the star studded mansion party entitled “Snoop Lion 420 Festival.“  The event will be held at a private exclusive mansion in the Hollywood Hills.  This event will be the hottest party in Los Angeles!

This 420 Festival will be one of a kind experience. Guest will be able to party the entire day and at night. The mansion will begin entering guest at 11 AM. There will be food, drinks vendors, contest and surprise live music performances all day!!

The 420 Festival will be live streamed via the Internet exclusively on

Click below to pre-purchase your access to the live stream!

[ustream id=12049428 live=1 hwaccel=1 version=3 width=600 height=384]

The fun begins on 4/20/2013 at 11AM so Log back Here to this page (Link: ).  so YOU can join in and be apart of this Party. You will be able to purchase your party pass for $4.20. If your buying number has “420” in it, you receive a FREE Snoop Lion T-shirt.


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  • RMfag

    Its supposed to be a (illegal) VIP mansion party yet he’s charging 4$ 4 tix and offering a shuttle ride?
    He should have charged 42.00 for the tickets, 14.20 for the RSVP, and 4.20 for the shuttle. The would have “weeded” out the “bluntheads” at the same time offering an esteemed environment.

  • freddyabderrazzaq45js

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    • RMfag

      Is she paying alimony?

    • piercekrichmar

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  • disqus_XFLMIVdOlD

    I can’t seem to find the link for live streaming the snoop lion’s 420 on the hiphop website

    there isn’t a link to click that takes me there can someone direct me. thnkx

  • higher

    why didnt it stream i paid for this shit

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  • Mistahman

    No stream. We’ve been had!

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  • Audrey Randall

    shyttt .. i missd it….do dat shytt again
    i got five on it..