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Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Soulja Boy Threaten To Murder Chief Keef?

I can’t remember the last Soulja Boy song, but he stays keeping us talking. I guess there really must be some trouble with these dudes, because SB allegedly threatened to murder Chief Keef on Facebook! Remember, somebody snatched Soulja Boy’s chain, and then somebody from Keef’s came was relieved of their watch out in Los Angeles. Well, seems like the beef is on. SB just dropped a gem.

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Nowm Soulja Boy said he was hacked. But, he’s also in Chi-Town, as seen on his Instagram.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.]

Illseed, Out.


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  • Herb_Bane

    When did SB become a gangsta? Comical.

    • When he paid his way into the blood gang like baby & Wayne and all these other fake ass gang bangin rappers. Them niggas really disgust me cause gang bangin is real shit. People are born into it, and if a real blood or crip never told you that you was one then chances are your not.

      • Jason Omar Battles

        how is gang bagin real shit

      • thisisafakename

        Its real shit if you’re real stupid

      • Because that’s how some people really live, it’s a way of life for them. I’m from the bay & we don’t do that shit but niggas lose they life in L.A every day behind gang banging. My bad brah this was for Jason battles sucka ass

      • thisisafakename

        No problem and i feel your message. I hope people get that im not saying its dumb as in its all just people choosing to live like that, its not a choice for most people. I just meant that in a perfect situation its something no sane person would want for themselves or their family, but nothing is perfect and most people caught in gang banging are born into it or forced into it just because of where they happen to have grown up. I think most gang bangers would even say they wish they could leave it all behind and hustle hard to give their children the chance to have a better life than they had. Rappers, of which 99% aren’t banging keep up this bullshit image of it being real. That thats the way to live, yet dont mention the death and destruction and trap that goes along with it. I agree with you about Jason, its real because people are stuck in the trap, and its not as easy as hey i want to stop or i dont want to do this. The very talented and lucky can make it out while the rest end up dead or in jail in skyrocketing numbers. Fuckheads like Lil Wayne are irresponsible bitches. I have nothing but respect for people who grow up around that toxic type of situation and are able to do something positive with their life, those are truely great people, you sound to be cut from that cloth.

      • greenhouse records

        Its gets no realer than being six feet under.

      • The consequences of it are VERY real, but you’ll never hear these fake ass rappers say that anymore.

      • RMfag

        Because people can really die from that. I know, a thug I sucked off told me.

      • Herb_Bane

        Bangin’ must be dead if commercial rappers can buy into it.

      • If u pay enough u could have dinner with the president. So it’s the same shit niggas gotta eat.

      • dee

        and i dont understand that its no way u can rep my gang and u wasnt in field with me

      • RMfag

        Like gangs steal credit and symbols, fake rappers can do the same thing. I know, a thug I sucked off told me that.

      • dee

        dont disrespect me with that gay shit

      • RMfag

        The disrespect is in your own head or were you the thug I sucked off.
        You seem quite sensitive for a gang member.
        I dont get down with gay stuff btw

      • Bizness Mane

        Homo ass bitch..

      • RMfag

        Yeah thats you. I only like women.

    • NYG20

      Umm, I think people forget SB got bodies… 2nd, anyone can be a “gangster” we’re all humans. Still in our DNA to kill.

      • thisisafakename

        also killing people isnt gangsta. Do people look at serial killers and go, that guy is gangsta? F*ck no.

      • greenhouse records

        Historically speaking killing people is apart of being a gangster.

      • thisisafakename

        Sure, no doubt. But we could go in circles with this. Soldiers kill more than any gang banger in the world. Are they gangster? Killing goes along with the job description i agree but i think therers more to it than killing. Also i feel like theirs a weird distinction from gangster and gang bangers. i think gangster, or maybe Gangsta is more about being real or organic. Like you stand behind what you say, you stand up for what you believe in, your no bullshitter, you’re “real”. Where gang banger is, well i dont gotta describe that you know what that is. I think the phrase gangsta has taken on a broader description and doesn’t necessarily mean part of a street gang or even a criminal.

      • Herb_Bane

        SB got bodies? who? when? gimmie somethin to google..

      • NYG20

        Yea dudes tryed to break in his house back when SB first had that song…

      • Herb_Bane

        Say word.. had no idea..

      • Lamar Star

        Not aying that you think he’s gangsta, but my mom could catch a body if someone broke in her house, and that wouldnt make her gangsta. This clown has never put in any work a day in his life

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        that would make ya mom pretty gangster … stop foolin yaself …

      • RMfag

        Downvote, all 3 of them survived….
        I dont suck off liars or men who can finish a task.

      • He has killed many ears with his music!

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        U can’t be serious bodies why bcuz he got tear drop tats. LOL u c how many fake ass rappers got them tats. U a fool 4 that comment.

  • michael

    a girl

  • $18592567

    Y’all crazy if u thinkin’ Soulja Boy gonna let somebody take his stuff… Y’all must’ve missed the Vibe interview when he talked about clappin’ everythang movin, but the po po forgot to arrest him…foh

    • Pedro Matos Jr.

      Riiiiiight 4got 2 arrest him. SMFH

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    why are all these little guys trying to act tough?

    • thisisafakename

      Napoleon complex.

      • RMfag

        Big Black Penis envy, found out I wouldnt suck those cocktail weenies off.

      • thisisafakename

        Hah you the weirdest poster RMfag

    • RMfag

      Why dont they stop is a bigger question.

  • $35129287

    isn’t soulghs boy a wannabe fake gangster disciples?
    he should know better then to mess with them chi-town cats black disciples 10,000 deep in chicago

    • son of nigraseed lives

      Broke Dudes ain’t bout sh*t, MOETOWN…All is Well!! Stone Luv

    • thisisafakename

      SB is a wannabe wannabe. Hes a fake person, and obviously a liar claiming someone gives enough of a shit to hack his twitter. Bitch please no one cares about you SB go apologize to Keef like a man.

  • ok Hov, did alot… made time magazine, heard my time, influenced everyone to be a drug dealer to make it in white america and end up locked up or dead, listen to roc boys song said he shot me up, ” I tore you out the frame, talking to me ” I am still here and will be forever ” cops also had something in on this, Jay z know, from a man who been shot 23 times in new york, now on the cover of times magazine as 100 influential people in america, a real Ghandie, Martin Luther King, Dahlia Lamia, yea right, Gates, Bloomberg, Buffet, And yea Rockafellers, the idea of keeping black america in hell with mandigo as their leader, a killer on the front of time magazine, only in America, Keep the n – word alive…, all about money who care’s about my race, didn’t help Africa in their plight of water, and have not help Africa in nothing, but is influential, name his daughter after an old girl friend, this guy is pure heartless, King ho, u said it… all the rappers is drug dealers now, real influential, America is a fraud… why r ya’ll all scared to help your country ( Africa ) everyone else help there’s… wait forever on the white man, so he can take it over and you have nothing… ya’ll got real leaders,,, yeah right… lets see how for this go…. one read and the truth should go for…. but the high up keeps it hid, and everyone is afraid of them… that’s why they sell their souls… Keep the fakes in and the real’s out… ( excuse the spellings, I’m like media take out and allhiphop now… )

  • This nigga went from Superman dancing to toting choppas within 5 years? We dont believe u, u need more people

    • Doe Boy

      niggaz get big heads whan everybody around them telling thm that the shit…

  • Dointer

    “somebody from Keef’s came was relieved of their watch” . Seriously, who is proof reading this website, in every single article there are the most elementary grammatical mistakes. SMH

  • hoeyuno

    Threatening the lil homie keef while in chi!! Even if keef is in Europe right now I’m sure the chief has a lot of lil homies who would love to ride for him at the moment. sb could get capped just for some sick riding shit… soulja probably shitted himself when he woke up today and saw what he wrote all fucced up the night before haha

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  • Synista

    Is that ni99a wearing PEARLS around his neck in the first pic?

    And come on people soulja boy might be high on drugs and bath salts but he ain’t dumb enough to post shyt like that about chief queef.

  • Telling someone that your going to do them harm on social media is
    like begging for the police to come arrest you.

    • $11625525

      Syrup anyone?

      • RMfag

        Or cream

    • RMfag

      What about a surprise sucking off?

  • all them mf do is snort and drink syrup and they favorite alibi is i got hacked.and how he know all them phone numbers

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  • chiboi773

    When did Landing at O’hareor Midway airport then driving to Indiana mean soulja boy is in Chicago? I mean he WAS here, but for what? 10 mins? Lmao. Its all type of lil dumb niggas who would have robbed if not killed soulja boy for GBE in chicago, and I aint just talkin BDs.

  • People tend to forget that anybody can be a killer. What we seen in his previous years is an image that doesn’t portray him as he has changed. All it takes is enough time and the right situation. Things will get worse before they get better.

  • TheBigCheeFa

    these niggaz be lying about someone hacking they shit

    • RMfag

      Like when they tweet me to suck them off.
      Always about being hacked.

    • thisisafakename

      Yeah its the biggest piece of shit. Just dont run your f*cking mouth and you wont have to lie about your shit getting hacked. Nobody gives a f*ck about Soulja Boy enough to hack him. If he wasnt a bitch he would just apologize like a man, i doubt keef cares about a midget threatening him enough to do anything. People are terrified of Keef it seems like, dunno what SB was thinking, 50 aint gonna back you up on this one you on your own.

  • Jason Omar Battles

    Just another black man killing another black man….wake up people its better thing to do and talk about,

    • RMfag

      Or sucking each other to mend fences.

      • RMfag

        Seriously, let them do what they do. The longer they have an influence, the more they ruin it for upstanding black men.

  • Hilarious

    • RMfag

      I dont see how.

  • 86Jordan

    Yeah gang banging on Facebook, and dry snitching about a pre-conceived murder or just carrying a chopper in Chi town. Yeah do it loser, if you still have any real money Soulja Dumb you will lose it and be a crews bitch in the Illinois correctional system. Does Soulja have a brain?

    • RMfag

      Do you have to lose all of your money to be a crews bitch? I sent a sucking application, I dont think it was accepted.

      • 86Jordan

        Just go to jail with 1000’s of men RMfag, enjoy sucking and more without freedom and women.

      • RMfag

        Thats whats up

  • chippc

    Hulk Hogan um I mean Chief Keef we comin for you niggaaaa!

  • Gs move in silence

  • casanova

    gbe gon kill 1 of dem niggaz yal seen it happen before!

  • biafra

    why do you jack article from other sites without adding anything to it? this is super lame. No credit given. wow!

  • George Harper

    birdman told him to say dat