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Hip-Hop Rumors: The Afrika Bambaataa Rumors May Not Cease, Kerry Rhodes OUTTED!

Recently, some hideous comments and false incident accounts of Afrika Bambaata and an all alleged stabbing rumor surfaced on hot 97fm on the segment ‘Star Buc Wile’ show with talk show host JoJo Simmons. Not only was this an assassination of character not to be taken lately but these falsified accounts were unprofessional, vulgar, untrue and slanderous in nature. A ‘so called’ Hip Hop writer named Khalil Amani claims to have heard the rumors from ‘reliable sources’ and then help spread the ugly rumor via the internet. The fact that Khalil Amani would assume these sources as reliable indicates an ulterior- motive. Furthermore, these rumors surfaced around Afrika Bambaataa’s birthday of all days. The fact remains in a media driven world rumors are always ready to circulate to discredit good people and their positive works.


Anyone who knows Afrika Bambaataa personally knows his commitment to humanity has always been bigger than just Hip Hop. Thru teaching, community building, and volunteering countless hours to help people globally, Afrika Bambaataa’s resume to humanity outweighs even his great iconic founding father status in Hip Hop. Afrika Bambaataa has always been an example of a drug free, crime free, positive human being.


In addition, the reference to the use of a date-rape drug by Khalil Amani and the rumor infested radio show Jojo Simmons has greatly offended the Universal Zulu Nation (many female members) who publicly speak out against rape-drugs and other substances as well as conducts work shops to reduce violence to women on ever level. Hot 97 could have used better judgment than to have that type of low-level poisonous gossip on the airwaves. Khalil Amani should have truly investigated his so-called sources and he would have found it to be a completely untrue rumor.  Afrika Bambaataa regards women and children as sacred and the essential building blocks of any community.


Its no surprise that whispering devils would say such wicked things. Devils come in every shape, size, creed, class so called ‘color’, nationality etc,. There is no need to waste time and energy on assassination of character thru rumors and slander by these devils. There are too many positive things that need to be done thru the culture of Hip Hop.

There are many agent provocateurs that are artists, radio show hosts, record industry employees, reporters, writers, photographers, security, street informants and many other positions. Afrika Bambaataa does in no way form or fashion part take in drugs, crime or any negative deviate behavior. This is not the first time they tried to slander a great human being and it won’t be the last. For those that do not know the meaning of what an agent provocateur is we will provide you with a definition:


‘The infiltrator/agent provocateur. This is someone (often a professional) who is inserted into a group for an active purpose, such as disrupting the group, or worst, talking formerly innocent people into committing crimes in order to bust them. Agents provocateurs may, among other things, try to turn non-violent protest into violent action, thus discrediting movements, giving excuses for crackdowns, and giving more publicity and power to government agencies.’

‘The informer/informant. This snitch is often a legitimate member of a group or social circle who continues to be active while giving information to the police. This person may be acting under duress (to save his own skin after being arrested, for instance). This person may be hoping the cops will pay with money, drugs, or ongoing criminal immunity for their dubious ‘services.’


The irony of these allegations is that the same things that Afrika Bambaataa is accussed of are the same things he has spoke out and fought against thru music and culture his whole life. Christ brought them Christianity and they tried to crucify him. Prophet Muhammad brought them Islam and they tried no persecute him.  Marcus Garvey tried to unify people worldwide and they slandered and falsely imprisoned him. Afrika Bambaataa gave you Hip Hop culture and this is how some would slander him. To bare false witness and falsely accuse someone is a crime in of itself. There will be no more energy devoted to any more false accusations. Afrika Bambaataa urges every man, woman and child on planet so called Earth to Uplift, Upraise and Uphold truth, love, peace, justice, freedom and equality.

                International Spokesman (Universal Zulu Nation)

                Minister El Kamonzi Heru Bey


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I’m just not cut from the cloth that would propagate the universe with crazy rumors about a founding father of Hip-Hop, especially with the track record like Afrika Bambaataa. For those that don’t know, Bam is the former gang leader that turned Hip-Hop into a positive force of good rooted in “unity, love, peace and having fun” (if I am not mistaken). Anyway, he’s got a massive, international crew called the Zulu Nation and they are definitely official and mob deep. But, after the rumors and subsequent dissolution of those rumors by his peer, a LOT has come up. First of all, it seems that there is a theory that the rumors of Bam are the result of a Rick Ross-affiliated blogger on a vendetta because of some cryptic unclear link to the date rape lyric situation? Makes no sense to me. But, I’ve been getting quite a lot of email traffic from people that purport to have stories to tell and are ready to tell them. NOW, that said…I believe there is just reason to say that this may not be the end of the road for the rumors. I believe that somebody is going to come forward. I guess how remains to be seen, but if the correspondence I have received is any indication, s**ts about to get THICK.

Hopefully, this doesn’t get too messy.

Bam has a lot of official people that have his back, but why the hate? Who hates Afrika Bambaataa? And why?


I have not been covering this, but the dude Kerry Rhodes got played trying to deny that he was gay. BallerAlert put him on 100% Full BLAST.



They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.]

Illseed, Out.


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  • Dead wrong

    Being a bull queer? That’s a serious accusation Huey. The whole situation makes me sad for duke because what’s been said can never be unsaid. Once you get tagged as a pedo, a homo, or a rapist it stays lodged in the back of people’s minds no matter if it’s true or not. Somebody claimed you were a pedo back in 2003? …can’t hang around my kids. Somebody DID say it once .. I cant take chances like that.

    To K Rhodes … dayuuum homie. Only the truth can set you free on this one. You can’t let anybody hold the truth over your head like that. smh at those pics… them m’fers is rainbow stamped. My advice is to call Oprah, drop a few tears on stage to get the lgtb community behind you and make that endorsement money off of it

  • RMfag

    Thats whats up Kerry.

  • Eli Pinilla

    Bambaataa gotta sue. Thats the only way u kill this. U put out a formal statement of denial and u sue for libel…..the fact that its not going away speaks volumes…and if its connected to rick ross, then why they aint do the same to talib who was the most outspoken one?? Why not any other rapper who took a stand?

    NFL dudes been gay…my homie played for the dolphins and he said it was like a iner circle of gayness. And not just nfl players. Nba, mlb, mls. All them dudes man.

    • Bizness Mane


  • brotha_man

    crazy. i wish dudes would just come out as gay. this brotha prolly be diggin females out trying to hide his homosexuality……SMH at Down low brothas.

  • My ears started to bleed from listening to this dude talk.

  • Two_guns_Billy

    This nigga know damn well he’s gay..I’m not homophobic but I wouldn’t take pics like this with a guy period…

  • mike malarkey

    great article illsissy…. lol too bad you didnt write that first part of the rumor faggot… stop covering up 4 your gay lover

  • Eli Pinilla

    Good shit zulu, that was quick!!!! I was just sayin they needed to put out a formal statement of denial….

    2 things though that u need to change asap

    1) star and buckwild show is NOT on hot 97. Hasnt been for years. They are actually at war with them.

    2) the host who made the claims is star. Jojo simmons is the son of Rev Run. His name was in the heading cuz he was a topic on the show…

    Please change these things, the hiphop community is gonna be laghing at the fact that u guys are saying jojo simmons made up these rumors when he himself is a rumor for getting checked by some street dudes

    • Bam statement might be coming, sent iLLseed the X Clan hook up.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Paradise gray put out a statement on the other thread….he responded to my comment yesterday… the refute thread

      • >>Checking it

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      thanks for clearing that up cause i was reading that like, no that cant be right lol ….. but 1 thing i watch stars shot97 show and he didnt out this rumor he spoke on it … but he never said it was truth …. but he also said something about he got some phone calls about the situation from some real street dudes so star might of got pressed to fall back on this one …. but star did get a phone call from a caller confirming that one of thier relatives were approach by dude for sexual activities …. but thats the only thing i seen on his show and i actually missed the show from the day before ……. but thats how he put it out on this past fridays show

      • Eli Pinilla

        Yea, star just said it was a rumor. Didnt confirm it. When he said he had oficial dudes call him, it was to confirm that the rumors were true…. he himself said he had respect for zulu and bam and didnt wanna beleive it….

  • therealest1

    Didn’t Kerry Rhodes date that annoying former fat bitch Jennifer Hudson years ago?

  • gomer_1

    Bambaatta is a faggot

  • Bizness Mane

    Bam is a old fuckin homo.. end of story

    New name: Afrika Bam-botty

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    this guy just compared Africa bam to Jesus and Muhammad.

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    illseed loves the gay rumors. hmmmmmm i wonder why? f u cking fagg ot

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    They “tried” to crucify Jesus???? NO, they DID crucify Jesus, yet He is risen & alive today. Please don’t ever place an everyday sinner on the same platform as the ONE and ONLY MESSIAH!!!!!

  • $18592567

    So does this mean that hip hop has gay roots???

  • plus37

    This was the worst article i have ever read.

  • hoeyuno

    Zulu has spoken. Why would u put that gay shit under it seed?? Show some respect.

  • The truth always comes out in the end.

  • MildManneredReporter

    i couldnt listen to that faggot talk for more than two secs. jesus christ no matter how you try to dress no matter how you try to change your face you wont ever be a woman fag

  • churchboy2

    How is it that an “International Spokesman” can have so many grammatical errors in an official statement?

    ~”not to be taken lately” instead of lightly
    ~”and then help spread the ugly rumor” instead of helped & rumors
    And that is just the first paragraph.

  • Booqueesha Johnson

    The question that Afrika Bambaataa and the Zulu Nation should be asking is, “Why are so many people saying this event took place?” As a hip-hop blogger, it took a lot of thought to post my blog. In fact, I wrote it and DID NOT post it for over a week! I received several calls further confirming this story and how street niggas were talking about Bam’s stabbing. And then a few industry niggas contacted me cosigning the street niggas rumor.

    Whomever wrote this post has his facts all messed up! Star & Bucwild ARE NOT on Hot97! JoJo Simmons IS NOT his cohost. He was the subject of another Star rant. Star’s show is on YOUTUBE, not HOT97.

    These inaccurate and false statements further lead those who are following this story to the conclusion that the ZULU NATION is out of the mainstream and just slapped something together without FACT CHECKING themselves. Yes! I, Khalil Amani was the first blogger to put this story on paper (Internet), and the ZULU NATION would probably like nothing more than to see me face-to-face, but that will do nothing for the many, many, many people still confirming my blog.

    On the Star & Bucwild show a ZULU NATION member called in and confirmed Bam’s homosexuality! A ZULU MEMBER? Star even asked him, “So you’re Zulu?” He replied, “Yes!” And then another brotha called in and said Bam tried to get at his brother on some sexual ish FOR A RECORD DEAL.

    Again, “Why are people shitting on the god, Afrika Bambaataa?” He is hip-hop royality. No doubt! There is no hate or conspiracy or Rick Ross-affliated shit going down. It is pure coincidence that Ross and I grew up in the same neighborhood and went to the same high school (albeit, I went years earlier. I’m more closer to Bam’s age than Rick Ross’s.)

    So Bam was in the hospital for “Chest pains?” And no one in hip-hop felt the need to report that the founding father of hiphop had a health scare? My God! If this be true, all Bam has to do is take off his shirt (on video with a dated newspaper) and show the world his UNSCARRED body) and deaden this rumor.

    Rumors come and go. Niggas stay calling me faggot because I rep for gay rappers. I accept that! Perhaps now it is time for Afrika Bambaataa to speak for himself, because, clearly, the writer of this post has his “facts” all messed up. Yours in hip-hop love, Khalil Amani.

    • Eli Pinilla

      And the plot thickens!!!!

    • Where is the alleged victim coming forward with the accusation, saying he stabbed Bam?

    • Even though Khalil Amani is reppin for gay rappers, i know he wouldn’t put some one on blast like that unless there was some messed up scandal behind it. I think if he were to write and blog every gay rumour he’d need an extra set of arms, i read loads of his blogs and he’s not about outing people for no reason… if you slippin people mollys just to cop some dick then you deserve to be outed…

  • blackie_chan

    “a false incident”? so what about the OLDER rumors? I think the Zulu shook Illseed.

  • jcextra

    HE IS NOT GAY. He’s BISEXUAL DAMNIT. There is a difference. If he can still bring his little average size dick to get an erection while in front of a woman then he is not FULLY GAY, but he likes having his ass licked by a QUEEN ASS FAG and stickin that same QUEEN in the BOOTYHOLE, lol

  • Come on, it’s not new news that Bam’s gay ! Big up Eli Pinilla for dropping science

  • D_Ably

    Theres no smoke without fire is all i’m sayin. People tryin hard to deny all this. Suspect.

    • Leon “The professional”

      you was right lol

  • “Christ brought them Christianity and they tried to crucify him.” Actually, Christ was AGAINST the religion of the day & it was the state/religious leaders who had him crucified. With him representing “the way the truth & the life”, he basically told ppl they didn’t need priests, sacrifices, or religion.

  • Please go back to school,mr.blogger. Its free for you.

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  • Keith Banks

    Lord, who cares if he’s gay..?!

    • J Maniac

      The little boys he raped care a little bit I guess.