Hip-Hop Rumors: What 90’s Legend Is looking At Jail Time?

The era known as the 90’s was a helluva ride! And there were groups and artists that took the game to the next leveel. One of those crews was The Beatnuts, Psycho Les and JuJu. Well, guess what? Les has some issues and may be facing time!

A judge said:

“Psycho Les, will be held in contempt of court and an arrest warrant will be issued if he doesn’t appear.”

Here’s what happened. Les and JuJu did a show and he implored some woman to get on stage with them. I guess she didn’t really want to get on stage. But, was allegedly yanked up. When she was pulled, she sliced her leg on something. She already won a judgement and was awarded $25,000.

The woman’s lawyer said:

”During the show Fernandez and his band The Beatnuts were playing at the Belly Up, the lawsuit said he made repeated overtures to get her on stage, which she declined. He then forcibly pulled her up, slicing her leg on a sharp edge of the stage in the process. If Fernandez is arrested, I will request a cash-only bond of no less than the current running balance of the judgment, which was $24,769 as of Feb. 15.”

Now, Les needs to come to court and handle that business. Or else.

The Beatnuts – “Reign Of The Tec”

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.]

Illseed, Out.


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  • Bizness Mane

    One leg up Records logo printed on a piece of paper and the logo is a dog pissing? FOH.. Lame ass rap niggas i tell u

    • water_ur_seeds

      ‘one leg up records’ are super dope… they are like ‘slice of spice’, ‘no sleep’ ‘neva stop diggin’ records… they release projects on cd/vinyl, they done rare showbiz & ag, big l, ll cool j, phill most chill etc ‘one leg up’ did an ‘intoxicated demos ep’ on the beatnuts, which i copped…

      • This is the whole DITC era, Lord Finesse, etc.

        Lord Finesse put Big L on.

        Forrest Projects ( *Not Big L or Big Pun) is where Finesse, Fat Joe, Diamond D? and their crews are from. Not to far from Morris High School? where KRS-ONE’s “My Philosophy” video was filmed.

        The logo on paper, means they weren’t getting money like that, but most artist during that era were getting jerked.

        Keep in mind….Diddy been jerking Ninjaz since Heavy D days.
        Diddy = Don King of RAP

        In the 90’z, MC’s had to relied on skills, not marketing & promotion.

        Chris Lighty?

        AHH did a list of the 5 wealthiest rappers :
        Jay Z, 50?, Diddy?, and????<<<*?

        None of them made their most money from actually "RAPPING".

      • water_ur_seeds

        nah all these projects are new, but they release stuff from the volt (which is old lol) like ‘showbiz presents big l and silky black forrest projects’ which was on one of them labels, or maybe ‘freestyle professors’ label, which again, is a label like ‘one leg up’ and them that does these projects…

        ‘one leg up’ is a new label, the one off ‘intoxicated demos’ ep they dropped only came out about 2years ago… beatnutz arnt signed to them or anything, its just a one off project they collaborated together with… its was limited edition real hip hop schitt, stuff lil wayne fans like dude dissing the label has no idea about…

      • churchboy2


        (Took me a minute to figure out what you meant…)

      • water_ur_seeds

        haha yeah, thats what meant…

      • Good look on the clarification!

    • Celz

      How bout $wag Dollar Pimp Record$.. Or some lame ass young nicca shyt with diamonds and dollar signs in the logo..

      • Bizness Mane

        would be 10x betta den one leg up wit a dog pissin on some cheap old nigga shit…

  • Ty

    For the record that bitch came to the show with a cast on her leg and at the end of the show they always invite people on stage to dance she wanted to get up there, all he did was give her a hand. I don’t know how she sleeps at night lying on him like that… Smh

    • brotha_man

      mutha fuckas just be out to sue no matter where they go. I remember walking downtown and this woman was going off about how the janitor was sweeping and something flew in her eye. when I was coaching AAU Basketball one of the kids dads was an attorney on the case and said that the woman was suing for like 50,000 they gave her 10,000 to go away, she took it. he said in most case its cheaper to pay, so more then likely they will pay no matter what.

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        U ain’t neva lie 1 of my n*ggas told me a story bout 1 of his fellow gang members. He said da n*gga was in a Mcdonalds drive thru wit his girl when a car rolled up & popped him a few times. He survived & sued MCDONALDS bcuz it happened on there property & won. Took his money moved out the city & even left the mob. Now ain’t dat some shit. True Story.

      • Indeed, McDonald’s responsibility, security, etc.

        That’s like you coming to my crib for dinner, and getting jumped in my living room, wouldn’t you be mad at me? Feel I was responsible for your safety while you were my guest?

        Tupac / BIG Beef started over Quad, and Pac feeling like he should have been good with BIG & Stretch, coming to see Big & Stretch, etc.

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        I kinda c where u comin from but yo crib is a private residence makin u responsible 4 it McDonalds is a public restaurant & who knows what kinda dirt dat n*gga did 2 bring dat on himself. I feel like dat’s some loophole type sh*t. Aye more power 2 him if u can pull it off tho no hate.

      • I’m less responsible in my crib, in the sense that the dude didn’t have my permission and was an intruder….whereas McDonald’s is a business that is open to the public (Inviting them essentially & legally) so they are responsible for all of their guest.

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        Nah my n*gga u said if I came 2 ur crib 4 dinner which means u invited me dat makes u responsible if Imma intruder I already know what it is or at least I should.

      • TheGreatGazoo2012

        He’s saying the people who came to jump you are the intruders

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        I gotchu but if I get jumped by intruders in his crib do u think it would b right 2 sue him just cuz it’s his crib?

      • TheGreatGazoo2012

        I don’t think it’s right especially if its your boy but would you win in court? In this crazy country probably

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        Dat’s what I’m sayin is f*cked up is that in these times u can win a lawsuit 4 all types of bullsh*t. SMDH even petty ass sh*t.

      • N0, but I have a defense if they were intruders, but if I invited them……it’s a wrap for me.

      • Exactly, a commercial / advertisement, legally speaking, is an invitation to do business.

        As my crib, if I didn’t invite the intruder, it’s different, than if I did….In this case, McDonald’s did invite both parties.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        serious loop hole

      • The lethal

        Naw Pac was going to record with Lil Shawn. BIG was recording with Jr Mafia in Quad studios too. Pac was with Stretch, but I felt your point!

      • should a gardener w/ a leaf-blower stop when you walk by or blow it in your face? ijs.. I was in a laundromat one time & the man was mopping…the owner mopped over my shoes—the place was still open, wadn’t like I was there after closing. He stopped short when he came to the man next to me though. If i’da slipped & fell, I’d b owning a laundromat. Ppl do women any kinda way, real talk

  • Eli Pinilla

    “My beautiful wife, all the time cookin precise/When there aint no meat, she bless me with the eggs and the rice/Never think twice, I love you for the rest of my life” – juju

    Love these nggz!!!! They production was crazy

    • PMB = Poor Man’s Breakfast

      With a little $$$? ad some beans to the rice, a slice of tomato, with salt & corn beef hash, toast & coffee!

      Toast = Grilled Cheese

  • hoeyuno

    Stoned crazy still sick!! I thiught beatnuts and tha liks were doing a album together??.


    I miss this joint. 90s was crazy.

    • Pedro Matos Jr.

      Yessirrr 90’s was on a different level.

      • RMfag

        All that juicy thug dick, yum.

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        U a damn fool.

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  • Sadat X, I remember bumping into him outside the Radio one station in the 90’s in the UK.

    That was when hip hop was really hip hop. Now peeps are He Pop.

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    talk about a tuff break sheesh im sure he didnt mean for that to happen to her leg