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2 Chainz Found Not Guilty Of Drug Charges

(AllHipHop News) “I’m riding around my side of town, boxing gloves, I beat the trial.”-2 Chainz on “Spend It”

Tauheed Epps is a happy man. The Atlanta native better known as 2 Chainz was acquitted Wednesday of possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia stemming from a February 14th incident.

On Valentine’s Day, 2 Chainz and six others had their 2013 Ford E-350 van stopped en route to a performance at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore on U.S. Route 50 and Hiners Lane, for speeding. After smelling burned marijuana in the car the police searched the vehicle and found a metal grinder in a gray bag that was inside a camouflage-colored bag. 2 Chainz later admitted to owning the bag, however witness accounts state that he was seen asking his entourage who was the owner of the metal grinder.

The Talbot County District Court Judge William H. Adkins III. deeming the case a paraphernalia case found 2 Chainz not guilty on possession of less than 10 grams of marijuana.

Less then three weeks ago (April 5th) 2 Chainz sent tweet out claiming to be working on his new album. He also recently released the video for his The Weeknd-sampled “Like Me” song off of his debut album Based On A True Story.

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Check the video below:

  • Mike9130

    2 Chainzz

    • RMfag

      has a tasty dicc

  • I remember being on stage in Palmetto, Florida with 2 Chainz. We both had them extendos. “I put two blunts together like an extension cord.” -2 Chainz #HyeLyfe #TeamFlorida #MoneyMakersENT #GetRightOrGetLeft

    • RMfag

      WHAT A STORY. Can’t wait to tell ALL my famz thorough out ALL the lands this history-changing discovery.
      #ThatsWhatsUp #ForrealTho #True$hit #GettingPaid #FOH

      • I felt this story was appropriate. It was a TRU story, part of MINE and 2 CHAINZ history, about a HIP-HOP memory left on an article about 2 CHAINZ and MARIJUANA SMOKING. I see you constantly trolling this site, so it’s ok. At least someone’s reading.

      • RMfag

        Sorry if I was rude, wit is never kind to anyone.

  • Mike Swiff


    • The Black Fist

      LMAO! I swear i was thinking the same, You instantly think of Whoopi when u see
      2 chainz in a pic. lol…

      • RMfag

        I wouldnt suck Whoopi off though…………….then again, I would.

    • RMfag

      Can I hold your dickens? You can hold mine with no more than 2 fingers.


    Paraphernalia “stemming” from…..that’s funny

  • atlantahiphopshop

    Is it me or is every song like one big nightmare today over and over. Dude took 2 verses and spread them over 35 songs.

  • solo0ne

    Of course he’s not guilty..he’s got money duhhhhhh

  • * >>In TheRealest1’s Voice : “Kingpin ‘Chet!”

  • NutzInaHoeMouth

    2 stainz look like a fuckin woman in that pic

    • RMfag

      i dont see an issue.
      does your nuts taste salty?

  • But guilty of so much more like impersonating a rapper-he should get life!

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    • RMfag



    man 2chainz was on twitter back when this happened talking bout they charged him with some dumb shit and that the police who was arrested him wanted a picture taken with him, and now this shit SMDH he taking a pic with the pig lol damn Chainz u my boy but don’t be fronting kid, u gave him the pic in return get the minor charge dropped

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