Graphic Photos From R. Prophet’s Altercation With Police Surface

(AllHipHop News) Over the weekend R. Prophet, former member of rap group Nappy Roots, was involved in a violent altercation with Kentucky State Police. On April 20th a vehicle Prophet was traveling in was pulled over at a DUI checkpoint. He was then told to exit the car and wait for someone else to come and pick him up.

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Police say that Prophet showed signs of being inebriated and began walking on the roadway into moving traffic. Officers decided to arrest him for public intoxication.

The troopers claim that Prophet began kicking the officers, and they had to use force to restrain him. Apparently, at some point he told the police, “I’m R. Prophet” which officers mistook as “I’m a prophet.”

The situation escalated to Prophet being pepper sprayed and tased numerous times by officers. The 35-year-old emcee also sustained serious injuries to his face, head, and legs.

Prophet spoke with TMZ. He says the entire incident was unnecessary and that he feared for his life.

But Prophet tells TMZ, it’s all BS … he was fully cooperative and cops repeatedly tased him for no reason as he laid helpless on the ground and handcuffed, adding, “I felt they were doing me like a slave.  I thought I was dead.”  He also says when he was thrown in the back of the cruiser he was pepper sprayed and tased again. Prophet says it got so bad in the car he thought they were going to drive him somewhere and kill him. In a panic, he says he gashed his head on the window.

Prophet was admitted to Hardin County Memorial Hospital and was later charged with alcohol intoxication, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, criminal mischief, menacing, and assault of a police officer. He is currently out on $5,000 bond.

Prophet sent photos of his injuries to TMZ. View the pics in the slideshow below.

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  • chevy_weight_champ

    Man not all but alot of cops are some dirty ass game players when it comes to justice, but when cuzzo got caught up with alcohol intoxication, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, criminal mischief, menacing, and assault of a police officer, shit he opened the door wide open 4 them to have the oppertunity 2 have a free 4 all smh cuzz !!!

    • Troll_E_G

      Did you see all this on camera, if not stfu….they did that man dirty…..if he drunk walking in the road then he a be real light on his fight as most drunks are, they beat his ass end of story……I hope dash cam footage surfaces and he sue they ass

      • ZUBU

        I agree I would like to see the dash cam, of course we know it will disappear. It appears a bit excessive. Dirty cops (not all cops) beat your ass then they charge you with assualting them. Reasons why I have no mercy for dirty cops when they get dumped on.

  • johnblacksad

    “Prophet began kicking the officers…” cops usually don’t even need this much to start beatin a ninja’s azz…

  • NexGin

    Ryan was always a cool dude. Not justifying his intoxication, but..knowing the KY cops like I do…I wouldn’t doubt that they did everything he said they did. Bruh probably thought to himself…..”well if Reese Weatherspoon can get away w/ it………..”. Son had a momentary “color-lapse” and forgot who he was and where he was.

    • anemia716

      haha right?


    Damn near the same shit happened to me in march smh…..

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  • Dhz30

    did that nigga dirty

  • Where’s the dash-cam, and the cam that shows him in the patrol car? Where is the reasoning to pepper-spraying and tasing a man who is already handcuffed AND in the back of a patrol car (detained)? Beyond cruel and unusual punishment. Many officers let their authority and emotions impair their judgement. There will be justice, but likely not through the judicial system.

  • Mike Swiff

    Niggas face look like he got chicken Pox/scabs…yo dude WAS intoxicated, you could’ve KILLED ANYONE! and this “The 35-year-old emcee also sustained seri…” is a issue also 35 yrs old still trying to make it in the RAP GAME…SMH!

  • Damn, the guy looks like he had a fight with a Pit bull.
    Looks like excessive force to me if that was a police
    ass whipping.

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