Is There A Conspiracy Against Hip-Hop?

Without question, Hip-Hop is one of the most revolutionary art forms created. But, in 2013 the music has become void of the political promise it once held in the Golden 80’s and 90’s. Some, with an almost violent fervor, have maintained that there is an over, concerted conspiracy against Hip-Hop.

Enter: Scarface, the legendary rapper from the Geto Boys.

Check out what he has to say where he name checks Jewish people, old people and says Whites will soon take over the culture.

  • alchemist85

    So true

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  • Media Anarchist/Guerilla Blog

    Its no conspiracy or mystery. The fact is that the culture was born in the streets and controlled in corporate America. One of the reasons why is because most artists fail at making the transition to business. Hip-Hop has no one to blame but themselves.

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